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    oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Biocube 29's are easily one of the most common tanks in this hobby, especially for nano's, so its no surprise that thats my first salty tank. i have about 30 pounds of live rock in the tank, in an arrangement that I think should do well. my current plan is to have this be a euphyllia dominated tank, with Frogspawn, Torches and maybe a Hammer. Im also considering a dedicated Zoa rock and maybe a few other things. all LPS or Softies though. my current stocking is 8 hermits, 2 turbos, one Occelaris clown, one Banggai Cardinal, one Royal Damsel, and one Lawnmower blenny. .its been setup for about two months, and im just about to get started with a few corals. starting with hopefully a frogspawn or two this weekend.while this is my first saltwater tank, it is my 4th overall tank, I have 3 others. a 29 gallon high-tech planted tropical community tank, a 20 gal low-tech planted freshwater semi-aggressive tank, and a 20 gallon tank with my first, and favorite, fish, a big ol' goldie named Jasper. so while this is my first dive into saltwater,(other than cliffjumping in cabo a few years back), I think that im on the right track, however any and all suggestions and tips are GREATLY appreciated, cause I think I know a good bit, but I probably dont. pics to come, thanks for reading!
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    Selling it all

    ive been looking for a used 55 for a while, any chance you'd be willing to sell just the tank?
  3. HighschoolReefer

    Face to the name?

    Might as well add myself to the mix, first is a random shot, second is one my annual thanksgiving football game.
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    oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    *hopefully my future pictures will be a bit better*
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    oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

  6. HighschoolReefer

    oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Well my little reboot is officially underway! and the tank is already looking quite a bit better. still a long way to go before ill be happy with it, but better than it was. I picked up a decent amount of Fern Caulerpa from work as well as a few Zoas and Palys. nothing crazy. big 'ol' green Palys and some sort of purple and orange Zoa. not sure on its name. working at a fish store is great in part cause you get an employee discount, but that can be a double edged sword, as now I get paid at the same place I spend all my money. either way, I hope to continue to make steady progress on this tank and I should have an update within the next few days! and now for the pictures!
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    oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    So over the last few weeks Ive realized something, that being that I have neither the time nor the money to maintain the fancy, hard coral tank that Id like to. so ive had a bit of a change of plan. ive always been fascinated with shallow, intertidal zones, and so Im going for an "Invasive Tank". Basically going for overlooked species that could be found in interdidal areas, im planning on using some fern caulerpa to add some green along with palythoas, some other zoanthids, and the corals I already have including some devils hand, xenia and kenya tree. im also looking into picking up a few different hammers and frogspawns for a small euphyllia garden. im excited to get started on this and hopefully make some decent progress.
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    Coral skeletons

    I do actually, may not be perfect, but would probably work, I can get a picture tonight.
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    New to pnwmas

    Ahh okay, I havent had mine as long. started January of this year. i've been keeping fish and reptiles for years, but just recently got into salt.
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    New to pnwmas

    Im a Senior at Wilsonville. You? I don't on my computer, Ill post a few current ones when I get home.
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    oh wow another 29 Biocube thread.

    Well, I haven't updated this in months, and sadly I haven't updated the tank much in that time either, its still running however, so that's at least one positive. I struggled a bit for a while getting my parameters in line after neglecting the tank for a bit. lost a few LPS, but my softies actually saw quite a bit of growth. finally getting things back in line now and trying to start adding a bit and generally be a bit more active in the community as well. definitely going to be at this months meeting at ATA. Update picture to come!
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    New to pnwmas

    Welcome! glad to see another highschooler. tank looks great!
  13. HighschoolReefer

    September Club Meeting!

    Thats right down the street from me! Ill look forward to it!
  14. HighschoolReefer

    Intervention Needed

    I wouldn't be opposed to, ahem, taking it off your hands... for a good cause of course!
  15. HighschoolReefer

    Netflix documentary "Chasing Coral"

    I just watched it. It was very sad. Not gunna lie I teared up a bit. It also had some of the best coral photography ive ever seen.
  16. HighschoolReefer

    Be a lobster!!

    That was actually really good. never thought of it that way
  17. HighschoolReefer

    Fish for Biocube?

    Im looking for a final fish for my Biocube 29, Ive got an Occelaris, a Yellow belly damsel and a Lawnmower Blenny. the Lawnmower owns the bottom of the tank so its gotta be a mid to top dweller. preferably on the larger side and more or less outgoing, Ive looked at Firefish, Bicolors, Royal Grammas, pretty much the entire Nano fish section of LiveAquaria, nothing really catching my eye. So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
  18. HighschoolReefer

    Local breeder of Ranchu or Pearl Scales

    Ive seen both at The Wet Spot in Portland a few times. Im not sure of any closer to you though.
  19. HighschoolReefer

    Toxicity Comparison

    Dang. Palytoxin in the top 5
  20. HighschoolReefer

    Fish for Biocube?

    I like the look of the Possum Wrasse, Id love a jawfish or goby/shrimp but i dont think my Lawnmower would tolerate them. I think Im between the Flasher and Possum Wrasse, Or maybe a Canary Blenny.
  21. HighschoolReefer

    Fish for Biocube?

    Yeah I think im gunna go with that, Since im making a lid here soon anyway. thanks for your help!
  22. HighschoolReefer

    Fish for Biocube?

    I like the Idea of the Flasher Wrasse,but the dwarf angels seem a bit large to me, as much as Idlove and Eiblis or BiColor. Another I had my eye on was the Lantern Bass. Semi Agressive, so should be able to hold its own with the damsel, and a bit larger, around 4 inches. It also doesnt fall into the typical beginner fish category. anyone with experience with these guys?
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    June Meeting Frag Swap!

    Ill have a little 2 headed frogspawn, wont be asking much though as it hasn't been thriving for me, I cant seem to get the lighting right.
  24. HighschoolReefer

    WTB 55 Gallon tank

    Hey, Im starting up a 55 gallon paludarium for my freshwater fish and thought Id check here before buying new. Already have an old 55 stand, so I just need the tank. thanks for looking.
  25. Title says it. looking for Sinularia, Devils hand, any large softy really. gotta fill out some space in my BC. anything appreciated.