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  1. Stugots

    Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    Very exciting. Are you going to run a DIY or store bought algae scrubber? When do you start running it? After cycle? Following.
  2. So what do we do? Is there a link on the league page? I'm not seeing it.
  3. Hi! I am making plans for the end of August/early September. Can we get a date scheduled for the draft? I don't want to miss it.
  4. Stugots

    Alert Weather "HOT"

    Not sure if "cute" is the right word for Mouse, but it's the first thing that comes to mind. Lovin' the dog photos!
  5. Stugots

    HMSC Fish Health Workshop July 2017 Pics

    Nice recap! Wish I could've made it. Hope to see you all at the next one. Congrats @danlu_gt!!
  6. Stugots

    Is the a sponge coral or eggs or?

    Um, excuse me!
  7. Stugots

    503reeflands introduction!

    Very cool!
  8. Is there a draft date and place or is this TBD?
  9. Stugots

    July Picture of the Month - Sand Bed

    What do you call that AcanLord? It's got my vote.
  10. Stugots

    New Fish

    I bet you're sitting in front of your tank watching it right now. Congrats!
  11. Stugots

    New Fish

    Unbelievably gorgeous!!!
  12. Send $$ to friends and family = no fee.
  13. When and where is the draft? Looking forward to meeting y'all.
  14. Took me a bit longer than anticipated. Paid up via PayPal. Please confirm by adding me to the list. Thanks, Frank.