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  1. Where’s @Kingfisher (current champ!!) and the rest of our fantasy football crew? Let’s gooooo!!!
  2. I'm in. FOOTBALL! I think we did $30 buy in last couple years, but whatever works.
  3. Hi Frank. Nick/Oregon Reefers here. I’m asking around to see if I can find one more. Will pay soon. I provided input on draft date and time preferences above, but will make it work whenever it is set, auto draft if necessary.
  4. Hello getting screen names to real name for FF what is yours?

    1. Stugots


      Nick, Oregon Reefers, Stugots

  5. @Frank looking at league settings, appears that you decided not to go with the PPR or half-point PPR scoring. I'm good either way, half, full, or none. Just wanted to confirm since we discussed it briefly above.
  6. Yeah, Friday 8/31 afternoon or evening would be great for me.
  7. Unfortunately, I cannot draft on 9/1. I could draft on 9/4 at 3:00pm, or 9/5 at or after 3:00pm. @RockChalkThe draft is online, so being out of town is only a problem if you have no internet access, right? That said, I am also available to draft 8/31 any time of day, which is probably the best day for me. @Frank I will pay in the next day or two. Sincerely, Stugots, a.k.a. Champ 😎
  8. I'm surprised we don't have more people returning. Despite the lack of trades and chat, it was a fun league. Easy for me to say, though. Sincerely, 2017 FF Champ
  9. Last year it was standard scoring (no PPR). I prefer 0.5 PPR or even full PPR, but standard is fine if you decide to keep it that way. Maybe post announcement in general forum to get more people?
  10. Hi Frank. I plan to send the entry fee to you via PayPal in early August. Looking forward to another year in this great league! Also, I noticed Yahoo has changed its default settings to 0.5 PPR (half point per reception). Is that what we're going with this year? Thanks again for your service, Commish.
  11. I'll play! Thanks Frank. Sincerely, Oregon Reefers (Nick)
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