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  1. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    Alright, I am just going to make a bulk post, I'm looking for anything I can get my hands on that's free/ cheap. I just set up my first Reef Display tank so I'm looking for Easy corals, LSP, SPS, softies, it doesn't matter. Don't have any corals to trade, so I figure I'll bring some yummy treats. Also planning on bringing some petty cash for a few purchased frags.
  2. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    Would love a piece of orange cap, and german blue digi. However not picky, I've got an "Ill take anything policy" with the new display tank soon to be cycled.
  3. Desperately need some help

    I've got a 35MM glass bit which is just about a perfect fit for 3/4" lifeguard aquatic 3/4" ABS Bulkheads. Drilling glass sounds scary (to me) but its really easy, and done correctly pretty much foolproof. (unless it's tempered). When I drill glass I normally do the following: #1 Get a scrap piece of 2x4, or plywood and cut in the length of the glass you are wanting to cut. #2 Figure out the center points for your holes on your tank, do the measurements, account for a radius of the holes and don't go to close to the edge. #3 Line up your piece of wood on your tank. Youll needs 1 straight edge along the tank and get it roughly aligned. Redraw the center points on the wood. And make sure your wood was cut accurately enough so you can put it back on the tank with minimal error. 4# Drill the wood with a wood bit the same size as the glass bit, so the holes in the wood will line up with the desired holes in the tank. 5# Reattach the wood to the tank, silicone the wood to the tank is the most foolproof way, not letting it cure, but letting it set for an hour~ to let it at least set and create a watertight seal. You can skip the silicone and clamp it, but the drill area will need to stay wet. 6# Drill the tank. The wood holes will guide the bit so all you need to do is press the button.
  4. Stuff to rehome

    Have any wavemakers in that "will add more stuff" list. Just started looking for one.
  5. Bean and Animal is the way to go if you have the space. Just installed a DIY setup on my new build and done properly it will eliminate all of the sound. I have around 1100 GPH moving through my pipes and if you stick your ear next to the overflow you literally cant hear a sound. Super easy to setup, however one thing I learned last week was not to buy a standard PVC ball valve. The ones you can buy at homedepot just dont have the adjustability range to properly dial in your siphon. In short when you adjust standard pvc valves theres no way your turning it less than 10 to 15 degrees at a time. Found a valve on amazon that was way more adjustable. That fine tuning is difference between a quiet overflow and a silent overflow.
  6. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    [language filter] Not Bad. 10/10
  7. Anyone within 25~ miles or Independence have some Chaeto they can spare? Thanks
  8. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Hey Guys, After having an awesome Custom Built-in 60G Seahorse Tank I'm ready for a large tank where I can house more than just a few soft corals and some Macro Algae that I am limited to in my current Seahorse setup. I've started this thread a bit late since I already have the design and have already purchased about 70% of equipment and materials. But first, here a picture 3 years ago building my built in tank (The first 1.5years it was a freshwater planted).Also, the tank was built as a side project why I was remodeling my house. 1st Picture Before. 2nd Freshwater Tank built into Towel Closet. 3rd. Seahorse Tank few weeks after setup. Anyway... lets back to the current business the new 75G, let me start by saying the overall goals I would like to achieve, ranked in order of personal importance. #1: Design. Probably the most important factor in any tank is the design and attractiveness. (except for my 125G bass tank in the garage I could care less about that sucker). Not only do I want healthy colorful livestock but I want an aquascape to lay the foundation of the tank and a stand that is equally appealing and adds "beauty points" to the overall display" #2: Ecosystem / Equipment / Health. Basically, I want my tank to be able to house a variety of fish corals and maybe a few clams healthy. However, I also want it to be balanced with the second #2 below. #2: Cost Decided to tie this with the category above because I didn't want to look like a monster for putting costs in front of all my future livestock, HOWEVER, I'm not about to starve so my future tang has a better standard of living than myself. Basically, I want a nice looking tank but am also operating on a budget as a college student. I hope at the end this tank will be the best bang for my buck. #3: Maintenance Everything about my Seahorse tank is a lot of maintenance. Everything from the shape of the tank (36x20x18) down to the horses themselves makes it a fairly time-consuming tank, my hope for my 75G will be to have a low maintenance system. Maybe not the "Ultra Low Maintenance" systems the BRS crews are building but still lower than average. On the left is a brief sketch of the end goal tank design and the sump. Sorry I didn't have 10 hours to spend building a 3D model on Autodesk. Some people are in college and cont have time for that. Anyway it's not in scale or anything so the tank looks small and stand looks bulky, that won't be the case. However, it does a good job of showing my stand goals. Each "line" in the sketch represents a seem in the wood. Panels marked with a C will be able to open. All of the cabinets will be European style with hidden hinges so that stand has a modern clean look that I really love. Similar concept to the red sea systems. As you may have guessed my overflow and return plumbing will be on the left side of the tank, so the tank will be able to sit flat against the wall. But also could be used as a peninsula tank in the future. Currently, I don't have a place for a peninsula tank so I will not bother on finishing and polishing the back, however, I'll throw in a quick backer board so no light leaks out the sump and will allow me to have the option of building it into a peninsula down the road. The stand will be built in 2 structural pieces. The bottom/ left side will be a single piece. You will be able to slide the tank in from the right and nudge it against the left side 2x2 supports. Then the hood that will be built similar to most hoods in that it sits on the frame of the aquarium. One key point is that the hood will slide in from the right and lock with the main structure via the roof will be a single piece of plywood all the way across. So that will fit inside the walls of the left side and should make a seamless finish, that's strong, and will easily be taken apart in the future. Let's briefly talk sumps. I'm using a 40G Petco breeder as a cheap sump I will be installing some ABS dividers from Tap Plastics. Almost ordered some cool semi clean neon acrylic green dividers but honestly, ABS is 1/2 the cost and will block 100% of the light between the chambers. Anyway, Im using a Bean & Animal overflow design that will go directly into the sump. Literally directly since the sump will sit in the left corner of the stand that means since its offset the overflow pipes are a straight shot into the sump. The refugium is going to be roughly 15 gallons which will be 20% of MD. I'm planning on using the triton method. Everything else is pretty standard, one thing I am doing is building an in-sump small 10"x10" frag tank/nursery. It will be plumbed attached to the main return pipe so I can regulate flow but also would technically be its own little system in you close the pipe. Again part of the reason is just to have a little frag tank, but also I would like to try out raising a baby clam (2" ish). A friend has a fair amount of success with baby clams by placing them in separate chambers then the main display a few times a weak with the water full of phyto allowing them to eat a lot of phyto. This is my approach on that concept basically during normal hours of operation its apart of the main display water volume, but maybe for an hour, I can turn off the valve and poor in some phyto allowing him to eat. Any clam experts out there? Am I crazy? I'll talk more about equipment later, for now, I will through up a few more pictures of some stuff I have laying around the house ready to go. #1: Plumbing! #2: Overflow #3: 75LB MarcoRocks
  9. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Its a 150W "UFO LED" bought it on ebay for 32 bucks. Hard to beat the price and its definetly pretty powerful. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. BT's 75Gallon Build

    The living room just got that much saltier today.That's right! It finally is an aquarium. Obviously not finished yet, but at least it's cycling. Picture of the sump and the "overflow closet".
  11. BT's 75Gallon Build

    The V2 is a gorgeous light, therea literally nothing to complain about. Excited to see what it can do with the tank full of water. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Been messing around with rocks for the past hour or so. Not sure if I will stick with this layout, but here is an option for the hardscape.
  13. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Big day today. Movin day (for my tank at-least). Anyway, I was able to stage the tank today, the hood isn't finished but that's no big deal, my priority is to get water in the tank then finish the hood at my leisure while it's cycling. First had to move the old 55-gallon freshwater out of the room. And then the new tank, its definitely looks bigger than I expected in this room. Oh well... priorities. Heres a shot with the unfinished hood staged on top. And then with the doors open. (Plumbing / Wire management / Electrical isn't finished) Tomorrow: -Finish Plumbing -Build hardscape -Finish Electrical / Wire management -Flood this thing.
  14. Budget pico contest. Who's in?

    Would be very down. I also would be down to throw in some petty cash, 5-10~ to create a pole for first, second and third prizes.
  15. The Reef Room Has Started... sort of...

    Looking even better. My dad has a big work bench in the garage thats on a simple pully system so he can easily lift it up vertically towards the ceilng to park a car underneath. Would be cool if you did something simular to your work bench over the sump, so it could go stright up a few feet towards the cieling in a uniform fashion so you can access the sump without moving anything / the table.
  16. The Reef Room Has Started... sort of...

    Really liking this build, something like this room is the dream. What are you putting underneath the right frag tank? Depending on how tall your planning on having that tank, couldn't you put a QT tank underneath it. Perhaps putting it up against the end of the tank near the door and frame it in so you can look through a window in the stand. Or even better have it half recessed under the right frag tank and half sticking out. (Still having the cabinet framed in around everything). You could fit a 40G~ish 1.5' sticking out just below and 1.5' under the tank. Kind of a crazy idea, but if you could pull off the stacked tank look it could be pretty sweet.
  17. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Thanks, Greg! As you know inspired by your red sea I was wanting to do an epoxy coat on this thing, however, I decided to do 2 layers of regular white paint first. (What you see in the photo) and at this point, I'm going to stick with just the painted finish. With an epoxy, you always risk going down a rabbit hole after the perfect finish (a hole I know quite well). I'm also building a new coffee table and I'm epoxyed out.
  18. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Getting closer... Planning on getting this thing wet either Saturday or Sunday. Put the final coat of paint on the bottom portion of the stand today to finish it off. I also drilled the tank and installed the overflow. I don't know about you guys, I always psych out before I drill any glass It seems. I start every glass drilling with a silent prayer, but its so easy and I've drilled so much glass with literally nothing going wrong ever. Finally, I finished off the evening with a bit of electrical. For my electrical, I ended up purchasing a standard 14 gauge 50ft extensions cord with 3 sockets on the other end. I plan to cut it in half. The male end will go straight to the main panel (in the photo) and power the first switch on the top left which will control the entire tank. From their, the switch will power the middle 2x double duplex switches and the receptacle on the top right. The 4 switches in total will power 1 of the receptacles below. The other half of the extension code will also be powered by the main switch and thread it way up into the canopy of the stand and power my lights and wavemaker. (Only need 3 sockets in the canopy so it works perfectly. ~~~~~~~~~~ I've been thinking a lot about my ATO. First of all with everything inside the cabinet (sump) I will be left with a 9.5"x18" space. I really do not want to throw the rest of the space away to an ATO reservoir, and there's a chance I'm selling my house this summer, so, for now, I will refrain from tapping a few holes in the wall for my water line. What I preliminarily decided on is two small reservoirs. One tall but skinny reservoir that will sit directly next to the sump that will measure 3.5"x18"x22" which I will make out of ABS except for the front which Ill get a clear piece so I can see into it. It'll hold about 6gallons~ For the second reservoir, I will build it horizontally underneath the tank. The tank sits on plywood which sits on vertical 2x4s (refer to early photo) so I have a lot of 3.5" unused space horizontally above the cabinet. I will build my second reservoir 24"x15"x3.5" that will fit inside the "rafters" It will connect with the bottom reservoir via a tube and a float valve. The top reservoir will also be fed by a line going over to the side of my tank to the upper door. From there it will have a quick connect fitting where I can plug in my tube coming from my RODI water. In total both the reservoirs will hold 12 gallons~
  19. Free blue polyp montipora chunks

    I'd love to take a chunk off your hands if there are any left.
  20. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    Congrats! Looking good. My tank will be getting wet as well very very soon.
  21. Free Birdsnest

    Wow, that's a lot of birds nest! I am looking for corals for my new DP and would greatly appreciate if you set a healthy peace aside and bring to the next club meeting. I don't have anything to offer in return but myself, my wallet and my tank will greatly appreciate it!
  22. 92g Oregon Reef

    Looking Good! Excited to see the sump all plumbed in and working, and the aquarium operation in this room grow! You've got a lot of space for more frag tank!
  23. Pods

    I'm down if you find another 998 people for a group buy.
  24. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Thanks! I definitely have a good amount of time in the next few days set aside to finish this thing, however, the Seafood & Wine Festival is this weekend in Newport and.. uh... I love Seafood and wine.
  25. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Finally, got around to building the bottom half of the stand yesterday/today. Originally I was planning on having the front just be 2 big doors. But I ended up scrapping that idea putting a 4-inch border on each side of the doors. Also, I originally thought I wanted the doors to go from basically floor to tank (and I built it that way) (see the first picture) but I wasn't happy with the look so I trimmed the doors and threw up a permanent board along the top of the doors the better frame the doors in. Didn't like the look above doors were too tall and didn't look finished. End Product: Still, need the build the left side of the stand and finish the hood, not to mention sanding and painting the whole thing.