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  1. Brian Tesch

    Frag Fest photos?

    Some of my favorite pieces I picked up. There was alot of awesome corals and some great prices aswell!
  2. Starting to do some spring cleaning and I've got this Dehumidifier I'd like to get rid of. Its 1-year-old but was only used for one job for a week. The unit is a beast and can seriously suck a lot of water from the air, it also has an automatic timer and can be plumbed directly into a drain pipe. Figured someone on here with may have a use for it in a fish room. Make me an offer, would consider cash, livestock or a hybrid of the two. -Brian
  3. Brian Tesch

    June Hatfield Marine Science Center Meet 2018

    I could definitely use some rock for my existing system. Been wanting to add smaller rocks here and there and some rocks in the refugium could probably use 20-40 lbs depending on the pieces.
  4. Brian Tesch

    Welcome your 2018/2019 Board Members!

    Congrats guys!
  5. Brian Tesch

    Found fish fry in filter sock.

    In the tank I have 2 yellow tangs, 4 carbarryi anthias (all female), 1 lawnmower blenny, 2 leopard wrasse (female), yellow tale damsel. Its a new tank and all the fish are new so maybe one was shipped pregnant and I didnt notice.
  6. Brian Tesch

    Found fish fry in filter sock.

    Update- Decided to turn some rocks over today in the sump to see if either of the fry survived. To my surprise one has, and it seems to be thriving as he is now around 1 inch. Does anyone have any idea what he is? Based on the eye position and overall body profile I do not believe it is a blenny anymore.
  7. Brian Tesch

    Good Thermal CPU fan controller for the summer.

    35 On Amazon / their website. There are cheaper CPU fan controllers made for computers, however, the first one I tried out didn't allow for temperatures below 100F.. but this one will go down to 32. Good to know, thanks for the recommendation.
  8. As the weather is warming up, so is my tank! I ended up buying this "coolerguys" thermal CPU fan controller that will turn the fans on/off inside the stand/ cabinet depending on the temperature. Just wanted to do a quick shout out to anyone thinking about building some fans into you stand for ventilation and cooling, this little controller does a pretty good job! I will be adding more fans in the future, for now, I just installed 3 fans that will blow across the top of the tank/lighting and keep the hood area cool. At peak hour my T-5's are on and the LED's are running in the 75% range. Before installing the fans inside wooden cabinet door was getting into the 90-degree range. After installing only three fans (Which are rated at 60cfm each) nothing inside the hood (except for the lights itself) get above 78~.
  9. Brian Tesch

    Rainbow and rose Nems

    You may have a full inbox or something I also can't seem to send PMs, feel free to send me one. Was wondering if you would be available tomorrow evening I'll be sort of heading that direction anyway and am considering making a detour to check out the nems.
  10. Brian Tesch

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the Love!
  11. Brian Tesch

    Rainbow and rose Nems

    Im interested in a rainbow, and possibly your pair of clowns, where are you located?
  12. Brian Tesch

    May Meeting May 12

    I've got a question regarding the rough timeline of the meeting, when will the gold torch group buy / raffle happen? Will they happen earlier or later in the meeting? I am trying to weigh the opportunity cost of showing up on time, versus a little later and more time up on Timberline.
  13. Brian Tesch

    What SPS questions do you have?

    Best reactionary procedures for common problems like STN, RTN, Coral bleaching, and even color fading.
  14. Brian Tesch

    Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    Awesome! What kind of clam?? Also where did you buy these guys from?
  15. Brian Tesch

    Golden Basket LPS Group Buy !!

    Alright I've got to grab 1 frag of the Maul Acan.