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  1. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    Alright, I am just going to make a bulk post, I'm looking for anything I can get my hands on that's free/ cheap. I just set up my first Reef Display tank so I'm looking for Easy corals, LSP, SPS, softies, it doesn't matter. Don't have any corals to trade, so I figure I'll bring some yummy treats. Also planning on bringing some petty cash for a few purchased frags.
  2. Frag Swap for March Meeting???

    Would love a piece of orange cap, and german blue digi. However not picky, I've got an "Ill take anything policy" with the new display tank soon to be cycled.
  3. Desperately need some help

    I've got a 35MM glass bit which is just about a perfect fit for 3/4" lifeguard aquatic 3/4" ABS Bulkheads. Drilling glass sounds scary (to me) but its really easy, and done correctly pretty much foolproof. (unless it's tempered). When I drill glass I normally do the following: #1 Get a scrap piece of 2x4, or plywood and cut in the length of the glass you are wanting to cut. #2 Figure out the center points for your holes on your tank, do the measurements, account for a radius of the holes and don't go to close to the edge. #3 Line up your piece of wood on your tank. Youll needs 1 straight edge along the tank and get it roughly aligned. Redraw the center points on the wood. And make sure your wood was cut accurately enough so you can put it back on the tank with minimal error. 4# Drill the wood with a wood bit the same size as the glass bit, so the holes in the wood will line up with the desired holes in the tank. 5# Reattach the wood to the tank, silicone the wood to the tank is the most foolproof way, not letting it cure, but letting it set for an hour~ to let it at least set and create a watertight seal. You can skip the silicone and clamp it, but the drill area will need to stay wet. 6# Drill the tank. The wood holes will guide the bit so all you need to do is press the button.
  4. Stuff to rehome

    Have any wavemakers in that "will add more stuff" list. Just started looking for one.
  5. Bean and Animal is the way to go if you have the space. Just installed a DIY setup on my new build and done properly it will eliminate all of the sound. I have around 1100 GPH moving through my pipes and if you stick your ear next to the overflow you literally cant hear a sound. Super easy to setup, however one thing I learned last week was not to buy a standard PVC ball valve. The ones you can buy at homedepot just dont have the adjustability range to properly dial in your siphon. In short when you adjust standard pvc valves theres no way your turning it less than 10 to 15 degrees at a time. Found a valve on amazon that was way more adjustable. That fine tuning is difference between a quiet overflow and a silent overflow.
  6. Paratore's 75 Gallon Display

    [language filter] Not Bad. 10/10
  7. Anyone within 25~ miles or Independence have some Chaeto they can spare? Thanks
  8. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Its a 150W "UFO LED" bought it on ebay for 32 bucks. Hard to beat the price and its definetly pretty powerful. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. BT's 75Gallon Build

    The living room just got that much saltier today.That's right! It finally is an aquarium. Obviously not finished yet, but at least it's cycling. Picture of the sump and the "overflow closet".
  10. BT's 75Gallon Build

    The V2 is a gorgeous light, therea literally nothing to complain about. Excited to see what it can do with the tank full of water. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Been messing around with rocks for the past hour or so. Not sure if I will stick with this layout, but here is an option for the hardscape.
  12. BT's 75Gallon Build

    Big day today. Movin day (for my tank at-least). Anyway, I was able to stage the tank today, the hood isn't finished but that's no big deal, my priority is to get water in the tank then finish the hood at my leisure while it's cycling. First had to move the old 55-gallon freshwater out of the room. And then the new tank, its definitely looks bigger than I expected in this room. Oh well... priorities. Heres a shot with the unfinished hood staged on top. And then with the doors open. (Plumbing / Wire management / Electrical isn't finished) Tomorrow: -Finish Plumbing -Build hardscape -Finish Electrical / Wire management -Flood this thing.
  13. Budget pico contest. Who's in?

    Would be very down. I also would be down to throw in some petty cash, 5-10~ to create a pole for first, second and third prizes.
  14. The Reef Room Has Started... sort of...

    Looking even better. My dad has a big work bench in the garage thats on a simple pully system so he can easily lift it up vertically towards the ceilng to park a car underneath. Would be cool if you did something simular to your work bench over the sump, so it could go stright up a few feet towards the cieling in a uniform fashion so you can access the sump without moving anything / the table.
  15. The Reef Room Has Started... sort of...

    Really liking this build, something like this room is the dream. What are you putting underneath the right frag tank? Depending on how tall your planning on having that tank, couldn't you put a QT tank underneath it. Perhaps putting it up against the end of the tank near the door and frame it in so you can look through a window in the stand. Or even better have it half recessed under the right frag tank and half sticking out. (Still having the cabinet framed in around everything). You could fit a 40G~ish 1.5' sticking out just below and 1.5' under the tank. Kind of a crazy idea, but if you could pull off the stacked tank look it could be pretty sweet.