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  1. Myreef

    Wtb bubble magus curve 5

    Upscale usually have them and Travis will take care of their members
  2. Myreef

    Can't raise magnesium

    does your tank house mainly sps? And you want to make sure that the salt you are using is for reef tank cause they do make them different, Seachem mag is always has been a good one for me.
  3. Myreef


    I have a purple tang about 4" for $120 if interested, very healthy
  4. Myreef

    How to successfully keep SPS Corals!

    As far as I see how does the reef tank work is how many different species of acropora you want to house, they will have their different demand for calcium magnesium and alk. The more different kind of acropora you have which mean they will compete against each other, at the same time alk is the what you need to keep eye on. And for color of acropora is up to you to decide what kind of additive to put in the water, the best way is water change and treat it like your baby. And for my experience I've never seen an Oregon blue tort grow so fast that it out grow a Bali green slimer.
  5. Myreef

    ID Help....

    Bro I think your system is becoming like a natural reef, thanks again brother. Tim
  6. Myreef

    Give me your ROCKS 0_o

    Does size matter?
  7. Myreef

    Dog/puppy sitter

    Beautiful french, I also have one I can babysit if you want. I'm in happy valley
  8. Myreef

    Westside Tim Acro growout

    I would love to have a frag back if anyone have one. Tim
  9. Myreef

    Want to buy Sinularia, K Tree, Devils Hand

    Upscale have some pretty nice sinularia
  10. Myreef

    Blue Hippo

    My tank is 500 gallons I'm sure he'll be happy
  11. Myreef

    Calcium Reactor - Advice Dialing In

    To raise your alk raise your bulble count and to raise your calcium raise your effluent also might want to look at your mag level too
  12. Myreef

    Blue Hippo

    Do you want to sell it?