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  1. Selling a hardly used neptune systems AFS and a breakout box. Both work perfect as i only had breakout box in use for 2 months and the afs maybe used for a month 1 time a day. Asking $60 for the AFS. And $25 for the breakout box or both for 80!;) pm or text anytime 971-291-5328 thanks
  2. 503reefland

    FS: apex automatic feeding system, break out box...

    Sold- please close it down.
  3. 503reefland

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    So ive had this tank up for about 2 months its a read sea reefer 250, previously had a 55gal petco special and while it did its purpose for a year it was leaking just a few drops a day. I wish i really knew how amaizingly smooth these type of tanks are to set up and how stupidly smooth they run. And honestly are cheaper than piecing together a system in the long run and re sell value. Anyways heres a list of equipment its a mixed reef but my sps additction has deffinatly taken over, and my picture skills are not great wish i could figure out how to acuratly display the true colors! tank: rsr 250 lighting: hydra 52, 2 kessil a160we run off apex return pump:vectra m1 flow: gyre xf130, gyre 1k skimmer: curve 7 tank controller: apex classic with wxm module, atk, pm1 with salinity probe, breakout box. these pics were right after setting up tank ill post current when later on thanks for following along!
  4. 503reefland

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    Can only give props to the one who stock the cool blastos ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜› @CuttleFishandCoral (you) haha
  5. 503reefland

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    Its ok controller is bulky for the 1k. But the 130 i got from you is doing awsome i had got the motor block warrenteed recently because the power cable sheilding had cracked and started leaking voltage! i was alerted by my salinty probe haha. I want to get another 130/230 with the new controller to be able to control both from one unit. Wish there was a cheaper option for the apex!
  6. 503reefland

    FS: pro corals rainbow frags

    have a few frags of pc rainbow both multi branching the smaller one I'm asking $25 the bigger one $35.they will need about another week to heal up. I have a bigger chunk that is recovering from a fight and doing well ill sell for $40 when its fully recovered. Pm or text me anytime 971-291-5328 thanks
  7. 503reefland

    FS: pro corals rainbow frags

    Two bigger ones spoken for.
  8. 503reefland

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    finally got around around to taking some recent pictures! to lazy to edit fyi.lol i guess i am not allowed to upload anymore content so i guess these are the 3 im allowed? Haha anyone have that issue uploading pictures on here?
  9. 503reefland

    WTB Purple Tang

    Cuttle fish had some beautiful purpletangs pretty wide variety of sizes to!
  10. 503reefland

    Tiny bit of progress

    Awsome build!
  11. 503reefland


    How much for a frag of the pink boobies?
  12. 503reefland

    FS: 60 gal cube drilled, sump, skimmer, return pump..

    Yes he contacted me thanks! Tank is pending sale!
  13. Selling a nice 60gal cube almost full set up comes with nice sump with fuge area, sturdy stand, sca 302 skimmer, and obviously the 60gallon tank, and a cheap aqeon return pump. Tank is still not cleaned up after tear down but heres a few pics while it was up and running. Asking 300obo 971-291-5328 also can throw in a heater aswell.
  14. 503reefland

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Happy birthday jorge! You and jennifer share the same day... lol
  15. 503reefland

    A few acro frags, and free green monti cap!

    Hey donโ€™t know if you got my pm? But Iโ€™m interested in the Tierra Del fuego
  16. 503reefland

    Majestic Angel in gangland

    My new mimick is getting jacked up! put it in a few days ago amd all by my valmingy which has been the most peacful fish....lol he had no problem with purple tang blue hippo ect lol
  17. 503reefland

    Despretly need a new light

    I have 2 kessil a160weโ€™s with goosenecks
  18. 503reefland

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    I dose seachem fusion 1,2 and acro power. i wish water changes were enough! Lol i am hopfully gonna decide on a triton style sump soon and go that route. I really am kinda annoyed about how limited this sump is! And the socks being an odd size i cut mine to fit but still...! It wont let me upload more pictures i got a few pretty nice ones of my favorite โ€œhighendโ€ peices. Didnt relize there was a limit on uploading pictures.
  19. 503reefland

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    Some pics taken in the last few weeks.
  20. 503reefland

    Encrusting... something question

    Btw my leptoโ€™s grow like wild fire i thought montis grew rapidly but the leptos have passed a few montis i got around same time and size ! Food for thought!
  21. 503reefland

    Encrusting... something question

    Gsp will cover that right up!๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ƒ on a serious note i guess it would come down to prefrence leptos and montis both fill in very nicley IME! Your 170 is coming together very nicley! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  22. Ok maybe not just picked a Sony a58 so I can finally capture reeftank stuff and things.lol any pointers are appreciated! My tank is not to where I want it aquascape wise as just caught the Sps bug 3-4 months ago bottom picture was when I had the euphylia and goniopora bug...lol
  23. 503reefland

    Tierra Del fuego colony fs

    bump for grade A+ seller!
  24. 503reefland

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!!
  25. 503reefland

    Rodi filter system

    I have one pmโ€™d.