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  1. I saw this monti posted by bigR and i have the same peice minus the extremely overly saturated picture... like ultra ultra maxed out saturation. Heres mine and heres said picture....like really? I made mine look identical almost but ran out of saturation...lol
  2. Taking notes.... monkey boy should knowyou need a certified 6500k light though.....
  3. 503reefland

    Recommendations for 180 gallon aquarium lighting

    I thought you were telling me White flashlights?
  4. 503reefland

    Hollywood Stunner growth

    Things are nasty and grew like weeds when i had a few
  5. Glad the spectrum police left and we can share a few pics of this awsome peice! Looks good btw rudy!
  6. I love mine no photochop needed!👍🏻 Very hardy peice i almost lost it a few months ago cause i had moved it up a bit and didnt take well to more light. Bounced back in a week! (Shitty i phone pic) much more vibrant orange than the pic shows the green polys are crazy
  7. 503reefland

    Sad day

    I gave up on clams awhile ago. They are great until there not then theres no hope its a done deal. No frags no fun lol
  8. 503reefland

    FS: frags and more frags...👍🏻

    Ok...ok you got me im cheating....
  9. Decided to take down my nuvo 8 and clean some frags out of my display. Heres a list i will be adding to it a few times im sure as i remember things i forgot i have. Lol also will be adding more pictures aswell so bare with me. You can pm on here but texting is deffinatly much more efficient text any time 971-344-8982 asd rainbow monti healed and encurusting plug-$130 Rainbow monti-$30 orange monti cap-$20 pc rainbow frags-$30 sunset millie-35 Rainbow eclectus-$70 Green w/red eclectus mushroom-$65 bright red/orange eclectus-$20 2 baby green ricordias-$10 1 duncan mini coloney -35 assorted zoas-$10-30 rastas 10 polyps-$25 Neon green candy canes-$15-25 to be continued..... thanks!
  10. 503reefland

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    Xr15 pro? 🙃 maybe gyre , fancy frag packs... apex.... hannah checkers maybe a quantum 130 skimmer. Pretty much my christmas list!
  11. Support your local coral farmer! Lol
  12. Once again this wasnt posted to say the specific monti isnt badass. I actually have it and my point was why do some hack job over saturated edit on a picture of a peice that is beautiful under blues and whites. Personally i dont understand the “12k picture police” saying that corals are misrepresented shot under a blue dominant spectrum that is imo rediculous. Didnt intend this to turn into a r2r Walt disney type debate thead. 😏🤦🏻‍♂️ And i agree i wouldnt recomend keeping corals under a white flash light either.....
  13. Yes i agree i perfer blues over whites thats not what my point was its the excessive photo-chopping.... btw @Jorge i have never bought online
  14. I get that there are a million factors with that specific monti my main point is its nice enough theres no need to photo chop it.... lol
  15. You know i do! lol
  16. 503reefland

    Sps grow out contest?

    Deffinatly could do a weigh in combined with coloration you cant miss a crazy color popping at your eyes...lol maybe polyp extension to depending on the type of acro...cough cough.....rainbow tenuis!;). Also to photograph each peice should have a specific like temp like 18 or 20k and habe everyone use there mobile phone camera with like the snapseed app with a specific setting. Just a few thoughts
  17. 503reefland

    Sps grow out contest?

    Make a poll on what kind of tenuis everyone wants? 😉🙃
  18. I just look for distorted color its not the first time ive seen it just the fact that a pretty known and reputable seller is doing is what suprizes me.
  19. 503reefland

    Growth update

    Lookin good!
  20. Yeah i get what your saying but if a peice is nice you can capture it with butchering the pictures wheather its under all blue 20k, 18k, 16k ect
  21. But this monti is that nice the pic i posted of mine is on my iphone camera no editing and like 16k lol mike bigr is a pretty reputable seller seems stupid.... lol
  22. If i paid 300 for that peice unkowingly for any peice this badly photochopped id be pissed. The peice is no doubt worth it imo it disbt need to be photochopped is all... thoughts?
  23. 503reefland

    503reeflands RSR 250 build

    So ive had this tank up for about 2 months its a read sea reefer 250, previously had a 55gal petco special and while it did its purpose for a year it was leaking just a few drops a day. I wish i really knew how amaizingly smooth these type of tanks are to set up and how stupidly smooth they run. And honestly are cheaper than piecing together a system in the long run and re sell value. Anyways heres a list of equipment its a mixed reef but my sps additction has deffinatly taken over, and my picture skills are not great wish i could figure out how to acuratly display the true colors! tank: rsr 250 lighting: hydra 52, 2 kessil a160we run off apex return pump:vectra m1 flow: gyre xf130, gyre 1k skimmer: vertex omega 130 tank controller: apex classic with wxm module, atk, pm1 with salinity probe, breakout box. these pics were right after setting up tank ill post current when later on thanks for following along!