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  1. Fs:golden nugget clown

    make me an offer! He needs a new home!
  2. Fs:golden nugget clown

    Really healthy and hosting golden nugget clown that’s still pearly white but getting a nice gold tint. Asking $60.00 503-954-5437
  3. Fs:Biocube 14

  4. Fs:Biocube 14

    sold please close! Thanks
  5. Selling a current reef led light 4 months old nice light works flawlessly comes with everything including remote $70.00obo
  6. FS: nuvo16 set up

    Bump price is obo!
  7. FS: nuvo16 set up

    Selling a nuvo 16 comes with light media baskets cobalt mj1200 and a t5 coralife fixture. 125obo text 503-954-5437 thanks
  8. October 14th Frag Fest Trades

    How much for #14, 15
  9. Current marine reef led light 36”

    Ok text me 971-940-5444
  10. NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!

    I’m deffinatly gonna go for the s1!
  11. Rainbow Zoa

  12. Clam sale weekend!

    That blasto I a amaizing!
  13. NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!

    Great looking forward to this event!
  14. NWfragfest Raffle Items!!!

    Where do we buy the raffle tickets at the show or can we pre pay?
  15. Looking to buy an xr30 gen 2 or 3 or hydra 52 HD! Lmk what you got and what you want for it text anytime 971-940-5444. Have cash
  16. September Picture of the Month - Corallimorphs

    Can I have this one as my entry instead 😬 Recent mushroom I got from upscale 😬😊
  17. Ocean revive brackets

    I need 1 set as well! Can't find them anywhere!
  18. The Next BIG Reefer

    Nice build! Tanks always look smaller at the store!lol welcome!
  19. New to pnwmas

    Wish I would've got into in high school! Welcome! And file fish can really destroy things especially my scolys....lol
  20. 100% new to the hobby...

  21. September Picture of the Month - Corallimorphs

    One type of mushrooms in our tank 😊😬
  22. Rimless VS Euro-braced?

    Eurobraced just seems more practical and still have the sleek look imo.
  23. Moving! How to take my critters with me

    Would love to have even 1 acre! Awesome home congrats!