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  1. reef2reef.com caution, the good deals on apex go quickly.
  2. The tank has water, and had velvet in it. Yipee!! Some fish are back in it, 5 days, no sign of velvet. We may actually be on the way!
  3. I am indebted to Scott...or I will be. Sowie.
  4. Scott, I have this absolutely giant piece of pukani.. still deciding if I want it in my scape but all things considered, I should just give it to you. It is a COOL piece
  5. Bleach is a good idea but I have found that muriatic acid is faster and more efficient. Acid bath and then rinse. The real plus is that it dissolves the outer skin of the rock and gets ALL the grime off. You add the acid to the water and the foam that rises up... yuck! Just don't get it on your skin. Many ways to skin this cat. That is just what I do.
  6. swabbie here as well. Keeps the neck clean. But prepare yourself when you decide it is a good day to clean the swabbie off.... #gag_reflex.
  7. Spectra is a solid guy for sure.
  8. Someone scored an AWESOME CHILLER!!! PLEASE NOTE THIS!!! If for some reason the pump circulating water through the chiller fails and the chiller is still running it is soo efficient that it WILL freeze all the water in the heat exchanger, it will expand and break the exchanger housing. Ask me how I know... So just be sure to NEVER turn the water off while running the chiller. Or even run the water for a couple minutes after you shut off the chiller.
  9. oooh... so tempted to buy it back. I have not turned on the halides on new tank yet.
  10. Those look like nice setups. I am not impressed with the redsea tanks.
  11. @EMeyer i have water that had velvet in it...
  12. Hmmm, a week aboard a live aboard diving vessel in Fiji or a 1" acro frag. These are the decisions that keep me up at night.
  13. Emeyer has hit the nail on the head. There is no one thing that will make you successful, it is a combination of everything. Everyone likes to throw the word stability out there but the definition of stability is somewhat left up tot he user. OK, my alk has been stable for months... so I must have stability. Your aquarium is basically one big balance scale... its kind of like one of those mobiles that you built in grade school with all these different elements balancing each other. Moving one may have less affect on the overall balance than moving the other. Corals are somewhat like plants.. their growth is a result of endothermic reactions that are based on the conditions surrounding them. Having mature biota is paramount in keeping everything in balance. You can think of your microbial populations as an example of the the artic hare/ fox population dynamic. When there are lots of hares... the fox population rises, the number of hares falls, and then the foxes starve and the numbers decrease. Your aquarium is the same way. When you start an aquarium there is a boom of nutrients and a flush of biota explodes to process them. Then the bacteria numbers shoot past available resources, their numbers crash, then nutrients spike, etc etc. You can think of your tank nutrient processing as a sign wave and the frequency or oscillation of the wave form gets smaller and smaller over time as things stabilize. Now, that waveform is subject to even more disruption with things such as light duration, temperature, adding fish, fish dying, salinity changes and water changes. In addition, the species that process different compounds grow at different rates, those that convert nitrate to nitrate gas being the slowest. You never see a new aquarium owner saying "I can't keep nitrates up" while there are two year old tanks where people are dosing nitrates into them. I realize that this may not be helpful in specific terms but it will be helpful in the long run in terms of understanding just how complex things are. So, do I think your tank can grow SPS? Maybe.. but if you walked up to me in the LFS and threw those numbers out at me my first repsonse would be... 1. what lighting and par do you have? 2. you need a new phosphate test kit because if you really had zero phosphate , everything would be dead. 3. Have you had any major outbreaks of cyano or dino? Both are tell tales signs of nutrient instability / flux. 4. How often do you do water changes? Do you test alk before you add the new water to your tank? 5. What is your plan for adding cal and alk to your tank when the sps start to grow? Water changes can work.. but you have to understand that water changes to supplement cal and alk are pretty much the antithesis of stability. "Oh, I will just add high alk new water once a week to combat my dropping alk/cal in my tank" #yoyo_numbers 6. Do you write down your measurements? THIS IS PARAMOUNT. What is killing your sps now is something that happened a week or three weeks ago... How would you know without a record of what things were and what you added or whatever. I am not trying to discourage you from collecting SPS but like most things, you can google and find the answers that sound good to you like "I never test and things look great" but what you may not know is that that tank might be 4 years old and hasn't had a new fish or coral in a year plus. It can be challenging but also very rewarding. And it can also be utterly devastating (to your wallet and feelings) to have things die when you don't know what is wrong. This may all seem like overkill, maybe it is. But after watching my wallet turn into ashes I got serious about the whole thing. Then things were going great and I got lax again... "this frag has been in QT for a week..I am sure its fine" and then I got burned again. I hope this is helpful.
  14. You guys going to fight in masks?? Just kidding, good luck man!! Kick some [language filter]!
  15. oooh... everything? All in... I am probably around 25k. 6k at BRS, probably another 6 at CF. The new tank cost me about 4.5K total. How many lap dances is that?>
  16. I could have two major vet surgeries or a bunch of reefing stuff...
  17. So I had to pull up my BRS orders for an apex work order and I made the mistake of adding up everything I have spent over the last 3 years. WOW.. Don't ever do that. Does anyone else seriously cringe when they see these numbers? I mean, I have a huge system.. but wow! this is only hardware!
  18. That is not necessarily a bad thing... Maybe I will have a bumper sticker made that says "Got cyano? I can help"
  19. Well, as the saying goes... get your kid hooked on aquariums and he will never have money for drugs. Lol
  20. I have space for lots of fish. And will take and acans or torches.
  21. huh. My achilies looks like a ghost in copper 😞 My sailfin does as well. yeah that is the bummer about CP, but then again, one dose and no testing does have its benefits. Call it faith based QT? No, don't call it that actually.
  22. I know when I am at therapeutic levels my tangs really grey out. 😞
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