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  1. Are you going to use this on the dream tank?
    That was the plan. I submitted drawings to their engineering team.. the back panel looks like Swiss cheese so we will see what they say about it.

    I'm excited about the new tank but i made the mistake of tallying up receipts for things I purchased for the new tank. Don't EVER do that.

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  2. exactly. I'm not trying to hose anyone. I paid 1k for the setup a month ago and all I am keeping is the ocean motion.

    It's a SWEET tank for sure. There are soo many opportunities for a cool aquascape.

    I'll post it this weekend if i can manage to get it on the stand to take pictures.

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  3. My first post stated that i was simply trying to gauge interest in the tank so I threw a number out there.

    I figured if i could sell this setup without taking a total bath then I would upgrade to a larger tank.

    It wasn't till I started actually working on everything that I discovered what a time suck it was so I took an honest look at everything and want to price it accordingly.

    A new 200DD is around $1500 without a stand and without a beananimal setup and schedule 80 bulkheads.

    It was never my intention to bait and switch, I apologize if it comes across like that.

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  4. So a little update as i have received quite a few emails about the 200.
    Against my better judgement I ordered a 6x3x2 from AGE so the 200 is going.
    I still have some work to do on the ghost style overflow and polish some of the glass where I removed the big gaudy corner overflows.

    I will post pictures or just start a new thread when I am done. I am likely going to list it in the $750 range after looking at the time and materials I have put into it. It will be a SWEET tank for someone.

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  5. 13 hours ago, Trailermann said:

    I am going through a similar process of getting prices from manufacturers.  Wondering where you found bad reports of Custom Aquariums and what were the details.  

    I have read a couple reports online through a couple different forums.  You have to take all this stuff into consideration though, they have been around a long time and have made many more aquariums than the others.   So when that is the case, you up the odds significantly.  I have never made my choice solely based on a single review unless it is completely horrible.  But you do see emerging trends taking place.  

    The final two in the running right now for me are AGE and Crystal Dynamic Aquariums.  There is also Oceans by Design in Bellingham.  They however don't want to build a rimless 6 foot long tank that is 3 foot deep and 24" tall.  They said their comfort limit is 22".


  6. have not tried miracles. i got a quote from coast to coast.. $1,600 shipping??!? please.. is someone delivering it with an uber? and AGE.


    the AGE is super super nice with a 1" pvc bottom. But still around $4,200 shipped.


    customaquariums.com seems really cheap but I have read a couple horror stories about customer service.



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  7. wood stand..
    At any rate, this post was to gauge interest and there has been a LOT of interest. Which is good. I am expecting quotes from custom tank builders this week. if they are not too outrageous then I'll take pics and let this tank go.


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  8. What a killer deal!! Was nice meeting you today and glad to see you're going after your dream set up.
    nice to meet you as well!!

    after much consideration I just felt like I should get the tank that will adequately house the fish I want. (great white shark) :)

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