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  1. i made one like this for my new tank. I went toothless so it is quieter and easier to clean. mine is 5.5' long and has three 1.5" bulkeads.

    Bulkheads will leak through the threads on any wet side without a gasket so in this instance you only need ONE gasket that is sandwiched between the inner box and outer box. I should have put a brace in thr middle of the back box as it is now bowing..but out of sight out of mind.

    I would recommend sch. 80 bulkheads on a big tank. e8cf1e970df2518debac543c8b3b2a66.jpgf22f25c28786653f254f6261468a5289.jpg

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  2. i would just take the reactor offline and let it drop naturally. One spike is enough stress, but a spike followed by a large drop b/c of a water change.. maybe a small water change?

    regular IO is about 8.5 dkh for what it is worth.

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  3. uggghh. moving nems not fun. I had to literally drill and bust the rock around some of mine to gain access to the foot.

    I tried every trick i heard about. tapping on the rock, ice on the foot (news flash.. an ice cube lasts about 45 seconds in a tank) holding the rock out of the water, cussing vigourously, and talking sweetly.

    you need to find the edge of the foot and rup it a little with your finger..back and forth back and forth. after a minute or two of this the edge of the foot curled up just a little bit. Then i just cut my fingernail under there and again just slowly worked it back and forth with a nice even pressure. All three of mine eventually got the idea and let go when aboit half of the foot was exposed.

    I killed my largest one doing this but my two smaller ones are alive and well in their new tank.

    good luck!.

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  4. Thanks i can get to you but not in the current condition im going to order weld on 4 cause i dont have none.



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    cool. It may be a smart play to squirt a littlr weld-on onto both parts first and wait a minute. then join then together and give it a good soaking. dont worry about getting weldon all over it, it will just evaporate.



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  5. I have several used 250 watt metal halide bulbs that I want to part with.  They are mainly Radiums but there are a few others mixed in as well.  If you can pick them up on Sunday they are yours, otherwise they are going to be recycled.  
    I could certainly use some backups. How used are they? One year.. great. two...not soo much.
    I will shoot you a PM.

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  6. Are you ready for next level reef keeping? Do you want the best in security for your family and livesock? Let me ask you this.. how much is your piece of mind worth?


    Well, rest easy because you can grab one of these.. the ultralife relay float switch.


    This switch can pass through up to 8 amps of current and can be used for any number of applications. Just plug one end into the wall and your appliance into the other end and mount the float switch. Most use it for skimmers, return pumps, ATO etc. But you could use it to shut anything off in an emergency.




    They sell for around $70 which is pretty stupid.


    $30 cash.



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  7. guys, guys ,guys, its not about making the plumbing look clean, its about wrecking your $160 jeans and carpeting.

    While I am sure a clear primer and glue combo could still wreck your clothing, you won't get the same DIY satisfaction that comes with going out to dinner with blue glue all over your hands.

    If they made a spill proof can of PVC... now that would be an improvement. Not that i have ever in my life spilled a whole can of pvc glue in my life.

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  8. i think that a shop vac with a floor water attachment would likely work better. The water bug isnt going to pick up anything shallower than about 3/4".

    We had one for awhile (we flood a lot of things) it is currently residing in the landfill.

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