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  1. LOL. Took me a sec to figure out what you were talking about...
    yeah.. me too. i was like, huh, wait... how??

    How did he grab that whole colony??

    i should hire him to move my annenome.

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  2. Son has some sweeeet corals. He has great prices but be warned, the numbers still add up quickly.


    If you are just starting with SPS then i would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest getting some cheap run of the mill frags first and see how they receed and die first.


    Being excited about SPS when first starting goes something like this:


    1. these are awesome!!

    2. they look great.. this isnt that hard.

    3. huh, that looks weird. does that look weird, i think that is weird

    4. no,no,no!! what is happening

    5. google, google ,google, panic.

    6. $75 desk ornament.



    ask me how i know....


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  3. plants are the same way.. well, kind of. In plants there are limiting factors for growth that increase along with temperature. Light energy, co2 concentration, and water. That is why we blast our plants with light and spend about $1500/month on CO2. We boost co2 from 400 to about 1400-1500. The result is MUCH faster growth. It pretty much continues until there is too much light and u burn leaf tissue.

    I suspect but actually have no evidence that this is the same situation. With higher disolved carbonates (alkalinity) in situations with enough light, and flow for refreshing of the boundary layer, you will see higher growth. People started latching on to this but when running ULNS ran into problems. Likely because there was not enough nutrients to sustain the reactions takiny place given the photosaturation and availability of carbonate.

    Long story short... if corals were cheaper and the science farther along i would try to "overdrive" my corals. But for me, 300par average and 8 dkh is fine for me.

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  4. Yeah, I think people are starting to realize that hey... corals can take 600 PAR but they don't need or want that much.   I remember starting out not that long ago and shaking my head when seeing all of these different par charts for SPS.  It was a little frustrating.  Pretty much all my SPS stuff is at 250-350.  If they grow higher and get more light, then they should be able to take that much light, it will just will not likely grow as fast



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  5. yeah that is the one. Even though he is a really slow talker, i liked that he had graphs and data.

    i watched a macna video from the guy who writes the skeptical reef keeper series talk about phosphates. It was really disapointing. I will sum up his entire presentation "I have high phosphates and my tank is fine and i have no idea why"

    anywho... Dana's talk was interesting. It is funny how it came out, people starting jacking their alk up to 12-14, then people where bleaching or browning out. Then people discover high numbers and low nutrients dont mix too well.

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  6. i dont know if that would work..as they are impellors mounted inside a pipe.

    there is a cheaper way to go, vernier makes flow sensors that you can plug into a TI82 calculator and use that as a data logger.

    need to research a bit. Dana riddle published some results on growth rates in different flow.

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  7. Dang - that six foot peninsula is pretty slick!
    yes!! I really wish my tank was a peninsula. I would have had to do a bunch of demo though..

    oh well, the NEXT one will be a peninsula.

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