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  1. Flarph

    New, with questions.

    I decided to return the weir and ordered in a eshops eclipse, that way I only have to drill one hole and I can save some space in the tank while having a Herbie overflow. Thanks for the suggestions. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  2. Flarph

    New, with questions.

    Fishmanmike01, I already purchased the tank/stand/weir/ and bulkheads so ill probably stick with my current tank. Acropora, I will try to size everything up. The single bulkhead i purchased is a bit of a monster with about 2" ID and a 2.5" recommended hole size. It looks like i might be able to get two 1"ID 1.5 inch hole sized bulkheads in there however they would need a 90° bend to point up because everything is coming in through the rear glass. Would this bend effect the herbie system?
  3. Flarph

    New, with questions.

    Any suggestion on bulkhead size if i were to try to fit two for a herbie in the weir i have?
  4. Flarph

    New, with questions.

    New from Lafayette I have a Oceanic 57 i am starting to prep for saltwater and have a few questions along with some gear to trade. Overflow: I will be drilling the tank for both overflow and returns, i have picked up a 7"h x 5"d x 5.5"w weir and am planning on doing a durso style overflow setup with a 1.5" bulkhead and two 3/4" returns. I should have enough room for a 90° street to get the downward facing intake. Should this stay relatively quiet? I am planning on a flow rate around 5-700 GPH. Gear: I have an acrylic 20lx16hx10d sump that i would like to trade for a 20l so that i can build a sump with a refugium I also have a HOB overflow up for grabs. Any advice on the overflow setup would be appreciated. Thanks