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  1. Snappy

    why are people flakey?

    Fish Flakes indeed! We should start a database of flagged flake users to avoid in the future. I’ve struggled with selling things on PNWMAS, even for ridiculously cheap. Of the couple frag sales I’ve made, I’ve probably gathered 15-20% return on what I paid. So if I shopped for a month, found rare amazing sales, spend $100, brought them home and grew them out to 400% original size, I would suspect I might get $20-40 total in return. My corals have been fairly entry level I’ll admit, and I try and pass the savings on to new reefers whose ambition surpasses their budget. Ive had many no call no shows. I’ve actually started to reply to the people online and via text and ask if plans changed or what gives. Never any responses though. That’s why it might be good to add their names to a fish flake database. Im in Salem and don’t have as big of a market as Portland. I went to the Christmas gathering in Salem and had better luck with buying and selling/trading than I did online.
  2. Thanks, that’s helpful. I have to pass however. My nano cube 28g is just under 3 inches long in the back. Sure makes it difficult to get proper equipment, but I’ll know for if I’m able to upgrade in the future.
  3. Alright, thanks. The website mentions how they are a perfect fit for the Nuvo aquariums and another brand or 2, but nothing about if it will fit mine. Mine happens to have an especially short length for the overflow compartment which has proved challenging when upgrading equipment.
  4. Know the footprint dimensions of it? I looked online and couldn't locate it.
  5. Any idea if those fit inside a Nano Cube 28g?
  6. Snappy

    UV Sterilization

    did the UV sterilizer help with the dinoflagellates?
  7. To make my Aquamaxx 1.5 HOB fit inside my aquarium I had to take the last elbow off the pipe. Now the water outlet sits half an inch above the same chamber it pulls from. Should I plumb it so that the outlet goes into its own chamber? Is it a problem if the outlet has a sideways pipe so that it fits? Not sure if that would affect the gravity feeding. It's a bit more challenging, but I could possibly even connect it to the left intake pump for the aquarium. Thoughts?
  8. I upgraded my Nano Cube to a Clearview top with AI Prime lighting and no longer need the stock LED lid for it. The lid is average used condition. All the lights work, but a few aren't as bright as they were when brand new I'm sure. I considered using the lid to make a custom housing for my AI Prime, but am not comfortable having my Prime in a plastic box inches above the water. Too bright. Also, I feel bad dismantling the lid as it is an upgraded LED lid to begin with and it probably $200-300 new. Can't find the exact replacement online currently as the newer models are wifi and cost $330 new. I think $100 for my lid in current condition is a fair price.
  9. Snappy

    Super awesome aussie acropora spathulata

    My frag is gaining color slowly but surely. My tank is 28g AIO, so doing well in there would likely thrive in a tank a bit bigger and more established. Thanks for the frag 😊👍
  10. I ended up purchasing an Aquamaxx 1.5 HOB. It is on the larger side for my tank, but it seemed that it was overkill or underkill with my situation. Should be here Tuesday. I'll post how it does.
  11. Snappy

    Skimmer Advice

    Got an Aquamaxx 1.5 HOB. I’ll post how it does eventually
  12. Snappy

    Skimmer Advice

    The Tunze won't fit my tank as I have aftermarket lighting and clear top lid. Lighting is out of the way, but the lid wide flush with the top of the display area. I've also heard that the best in sump skimmer is better than the worst hang on back. If this is true at all, the icecap would be the only high end model that I think will fit inside my overflow chamber. JBJ nano cube has only 2.7" width in the back in all chambers. Ive heard the Eshopps Italian pump is good, but it is over 2 feet tall. The Only Aquamaxx I can use will be HOB style.
  13. Snappy

    Skimmer Advice

    Im really considering the Aquamaxx HOB. It says its rated 60 high bioload gallons or 90 low. Will this be too much skim for my 28g? I've also considered the Icecap nano. It is rated for 30 light load gallons. Not sure if this would suffice for me. In researching, too little or too much skim is less efficient than a proper amount. Seems like all skimmers are rated with 30 at the highest possible load, or 60 being the lowest. That being said, if the icacap nano would work, it would likely fit inside the overflow and be ideal.
  14. Snappy

    Skimmer Advice

    I have a 28gallon nano cube all in one and am needing to replace the broken skimmer. With only 2.7 x 3.2" of room in my overflow compartment, Hang On Back seems to be the best bet, as I have a larger bio-load. Does anyone have experience with using a reef octopus, icecap, or eshopp HOB? Any recommendations on what to get or to avoid for my 28 gallon skimmer? I'm hoping to get something rated well over 28 gallons. My aquarium has been done on a budget, but I'm willing to spend $100-200 knowing this will be the main investment besides lighting. If anyone has a Nano Cube 28g with an upgraded skimmer I would love to see. Can't find much online. Thanks