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  1. Wtb mushrooms

    Here is the link for mine. Still have them all. Pictures don't do their vibrant colors much justice. If you are after the gold cap blue ringers, it will be a few more weeks still.
  2. Wtb mushrooms

    Im in salem and have a bunch of turquoise/purple mushrooms. Id already posted a couple months ago trying to get rid of some
  3. Getting out of the hobby

    I'm in salem and looking for a RO/DI unit if you still have it
  4. Turquoise mushrooms

    Not sure what all is in there. Tank got crowded this summer. I was injured and unable to maintain the coral reef scaping properly. I don't have many small pieces of live rock. Most of the mushrooms are alone on the sand bottom. The handful I'm wanting to move away anyhow. I'll see what is attached to rocks later.
  5. Turquoise mushrooms

    Maybe I worded that poorly. They aren't aggressively growing over anything, just very healthy growing. I got a large rock with them about a year ago. My tank is small, 28 gallon. Fills up quick.
  6. Turquoise mushrooms

    By the way, I'm in Salem. I'm open to offers or trades. I'll probably just bring all them into the local fish shop soon if there is no interest. My tank is needing extra room real soon.
  7. Turquoise mushrooms

    The single mushroom pic was color corrected a bit to get it closer to real life. The group pic can help determine color versus the other corals in my tank.
  8. Turquoise mushrooms

    My phone camera is all i have and it really does these mushrooms no justice. They are gorgeous, and not ones I generally see around. The large ones are 2-3" across. $12 is apparently more than they are worth. How about $8 for the large $4 for the small ones?
  9. Need help with ID

    Can someone tell me what kind of polyps these are? They are quite large and grow aggressively. They are growing right over the top of my favite even. It's kind of a pretty green blue, but also kind of dull and washed out in certain light. Are these just the super common polyps that travel on live rock and are basically worthless or are these considered of any value? thanks
  10. Turquoise mushrooms

    My tank is being taken over by turquoise mushrooms. They are absolutely gorgeous in the actinic light. The center is a bright turquoise/green/blue and the rim has purple. I'm needing a little help identifying them. Im also hoping to sell or trade some. I'm not sure what they would cost in the shop, but I was hoping to get $12 for the large ones and $5 for the small. Some are loose, some are attached to small rocks. Would consider trade for fish or maybe a small frag. I'm trying to make room in the aquarium though, so no large pieces.
  11. 28 Nano-Cube

    FlashyFins: Its been a while, but I've gotten rid of the wrasse and traded the cleaner shrimp out for a small cleaner shrimp. I also have a small lawnmower blenny. In looking at pictures of all the suggestions you mentioned, my favorites are the Anthias, and the wrasses. With it only being a 28 gallon cube, it is 18" across. My 6 line wrasse went crazy in it and needed removed, so I'm concerned about putting another one in. Would some of the bright colorful ones be fine in such a small tank? Are mandarin gobies a good suggestion or would their diet interfere with my current reef setup? Thanks for the help
  12. Dying corals need help

    Anyone in Salem want to hold or maybe keep some corals? Got an offer in Portland that I might take up on.
  13. Hello Tim,

    I've been watching the chiller for sale and have been wanting to get a cheap used one myself. I am relatively new on PNWMAS, but was a member years ago when it was still TheReefTank.com. Anyhow, its taking a long time to get past the 25 posts so I can do classifieds. It says I'm at 25 currently, but I still can't respond. I don't know that much about chillers, but want one for my 28 nano for these 100 degree days. Can I plug the chiller in and program it to just not let the tank go past 78 degrees? If it is reliable then I would like to come get it. I'm Brian and I'm in Salem but would make a trip to Tigard to get it. Your chiller seems about $100 closer to my price range than others. I'm a bit surprised your post is still up in fact, given the heat wave of 10 days ago. I'm writing here in hopes of getting a $150 chiller before someone else does.


    Thanks for reading

    1. timfountain


      The chiller is way too big for a 28 nano unfortunately, as much as I'd like to sell it to you! This is rated for a 120-170G (depending on the require temp reduction). The pump for this should be 1000gph, so the nano would be blown away.by a pump that size! I'd look at a much smaller peltier type chiller that sits in the tank/sump/overflow....




      - Tim

    2. Snappy


      Darn. Good to know. Cheapest I've gotten a reply back on so far has been $250 though. 

      Thanks for the reply, good luck selling 

  14. Dying corals need help

    The guy I bought the tank from 8 months ago didn't do water changes, just topped off with RODI water. I've been doing the same. I've only changed out 10% of the water with new saltwater from the store one time so far. The tank has been quite stable until the last few weeks or month maybe. I'll get my water tested today. I keep my salinity at 1.025 regularly. My bigger concerns for water could also be: Lack of proper water flow. I have a pump on each side of aquarium and a control to alternate between them, but stopped running both, as one was too powerful and was blowing corals off the rocks. I want to trade the pump out for a smaller one if anyone is interested. Temperature fluctuation. I have AC in the house, but I can't get consistent air temps, so aquarium dips between 76-79. I'm hoping to buy a used chiller for cheap soon to fix that issue. Finally, I think my corals are just too crowded. They are starting to touch others. All this being said, is there anyone out there who would want these corals before they become a lost cause? I would consider trading for some equipment or some smaller corals or possibly fish. I would love to upgrade to a bigger tank, but can't due to living situation. If I am ever able to have more reef room I would love to get some back some day. I would consider a reef babysitter if such a thing exists. If they are in fact past the point of survival, I wouldn't expect anyone to have to pay or trade for them.