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  1. Krux I sent you a PM. I’d be interested in the shield if you can find it. If not let me know and I’ll order one from the 3D reef print. All the extra time inside has heightened my awareness of how much light it leeks into the living room (where I’ve spent 50% of the last month.)
  2. Pic taken from fresh made saltwater. Nearly 50% visibility of the water pump at the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket.
  3. Well this months meeting is cancelled. I’m in Salem and you are lake Oswego, so not sure how to meet up. I could maybe make a trip up there when I get bored enough in social isolation. Also have a $25 golden basket gift card I might be willing to part with.
  4. Lamp shade or a 3D printed one?
  5. Nano Cube 29 gallon AI Prime HD alternating 165GPH pump water fan Aquamaxx 1.5 HOB skimmer I use an 11 watt sterilizer spot feed mysis or brine shrimp about 2x per week frag plug is on magnetic frag rack on side of tank. It has 2 full polyps and a half polyp. The half was mostly full, but the skeleton beneath has had a couple pieces fall off, so it’s losing flesh.
  6. Is this an AI Prime light with cover? Looks good
  7. I’ve been using my AI Prime HD on my nano cube for several years now. With the extra time at home it has come to higher priority of notice that the light tends to fill my living room. My daughter is under a year old, so spends most of her time on the floor or in her walker. Most of my living room is able to directly see the light from the side view. Without switching to a different style of light, is there a way to retrofit this one to prevent light from getting into our eyes from the side? I don’t want to void the warranty or safety features of the light. I considered making a veil or skirt to cover the bottom of the light, but figured that would affect the heat transfer and pose a fire risk. Anyone else have this issue and find a workaround? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. I’ll use my dollar tree super glue for my small frag projects and consider my saltwater safe to keep adding. Is the residue from the salt or the RODI? I don’t really get and film on the plain RODI water, but maybe it has particles that only bind when salt is present? So much to learn. Thanks again
  9. When I make saltwater now I notice some film and particles on the surface of the water. Is this normal or is perhaps my mix off somehow? RODI related maybe? Also, is regular super glue fine for reef use or does it need to be specific for reef? Big cost difference so just wondering if dollar tree super glue will work for holding a few frag plugs or if that’s a toxic hazard. Thanks
  10. Sold it all today. Please close thread. Thanks
  11. Orange Acan 20 mouth custom live rock stand $80 Tubipora on magnetic frag disc $25 Pink Lava Chalice $30 Magnetic frag rack with all sides completely overgrown with corals $80 make an offer on anything. Would like gone soon located in Salem Oregon
  12. I would like one of Acan A if still available.
  13. I struggle with this too. Hoping to find an inexpensive route as the Berghia might be a $50-100 fix for my little 29 gallon tank. I’ve had peppermint shrimp, but they seem to always go after the weakest corals and pick them apart. Currently I inject them with boiling water and turkey baste the carcass away as best as possible. It takes time and many rounds to make any real progress.
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