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  1. Snappy

    Spots on my clown

    Do you have a cleaner shrimp? Healthy eating fish tend to fight off ich in my tank. Clown fish are a strong survivor usually.
  2. Snappy

    Treacherous tank mates

    The local fish shop owner sold me the anthias and said the coral beauty wouldn't bother them. Should have trusted my instinct
  3. Snappy

    Cheap starter corals

    My tank is small, and corals are growing well. I've run out of room in my tank. The corals I want to get rid of aren't high end. They would be great for a starter tank or someone on a budget. There are probably 10 pinwheel mushrooms, most are loose, a few are attached to small rocks or frag plugs. I have a couple smaller frags of blue cactus coral. I also have an endless supply of large seafoam palys. For an established reef, these are a nuisance. For an entry level reef or fish only with live rock, these would be fun. They are pretty, but ultra aggressive growing. I literally pull them off of my favites coral with tweezers. Anyhow, a few bucks or trade would be appreciated, but I will also give for free for someone trying to start an entry level reef on a budget. $2 for large mushrooms, $1 for smaller. Everything else is free to a good home.
  4. I have a 28 gallon cube. Due to an unfortunate jumping death to my clown fish, my tank consisted of a watchman goby/pistol shrimp combo, a cleaner shrimp, and a coral beauty. In the last couple weeks, the goby started to remain hidden all day. I put 3 anthias in the tank on wednesday, and the coral beauty had killed one in 2 days. The local fish shop gave me one additional anthias to keep up the school and safety in numbers strategy. Within 24 hours, only one single anthias remains. He gets harrassed by the coral beauty regularly, and has a sore on each side. These sores killed one fish early on, so I'm nervous for my final fish in here. I'm also concerned about finding anything compatible with my tank anymore that the coral beauty won't destroy. Anyone have ideas on compatible fish or what to do with the coral beauty? I only have the one aquarium, and it is FULLY stocked with reef rock and coral. Its VERY difficult to get a fish out. It involves tearing down the entire reef structure and putting it in dry buckets temporarily.
  5. Snappy

    Need Nano-Cube custom lid

    I'm looking for soon if possible. The original website listed here has 6 week wait. I'm eager for a good lid so I can put some new fish in soon. Tank is not very active anymore.
  6. Snappy

    Need Nano-Cube custom lid

    I sent @wanareef a PM about lid but haven't heard back yet
  7. Snappy

    Need Nano-Cube custom lid

    I looked it up. Submitted a couple questions about lid dimensions, if it covers overflow, and if it has hinges. Cool lid, but yes $115 is steep, and $150 with a feeding door
  8. Snappy

    Need Nano-Cube custom lid

    I have a 28 gallon Nano Cube with an AI Prime HD light on top, and no lid currently. I have the original LED hood that it came with, but it is large and doesn't accommodate the light. Does anyone know of a good place to get lids for curved front aquariums or have a good suggestion on what to do? After my 2nd clownfish jumping death, I've decided I must get a lid before replacing fish. I've had ongoing health complications, making it difficult to get to Home Depot for a DIY project. I'd like to get a basic hood with net to prevent jumpers. I'm in Salem if it matters. Thanks, Brian
  9. Snappy

    Wtb mushrooms

    Here is the link for mine. Still have them all. Pictures don't do their vibrant colors much justice. If you are after the gold cap blue ringers, it will be a few more weeks still.
  10. Snappy

    Wtb mushrooms

    Im in salem and have a bunch of turquoise/purple mushrooms. Id already posted a couple months ago trying to get rid of some
  11. Snappy

    Getting out of the hobby

    I'm in salem and looking for a RO/DI unit if you still have it
  12. Snappy

    Turquoise mushrooms

    Not sure what all is in there. Tank got crowded this summer. I was injured and unable to maintain the coral reef scaping properly. I don't have many small pieces of live rock. Most of the mushrooms are alone on the sand bottom. The handful I'm wanting to move away anyhow. I'll see what is attached to rocks later.
  13. Snappy

    Turquoise mushrooms

    Maybe I worded that poorly. They aren't aggressively growing over anything, just very healthy growing. I got a large rock with them about a year ago. My tank is small, 28 gallon. Fills up quick.
  14. Snappy

    Turquoise mushrooms

    By the way, I'm in Salem. I'm open to offers or trades. I'll probably just bring all them into the local fish shop soon if there is no interest. My tank is needing extra room real soon.