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  1. I keep near 2 degree fluctuation. 78.2 is high end. If it hits 78.3 and the air conditioner goes on. It’s a portable AC that I can aim at the tank as necessary. As long as I have power, I can keep fairly constant temp. To note, I have a higher end heater that is rated nearly double my tank capacity. I monitor temp extensively. Only way to close the remaining 2 degree flux is with an expensive chiller and central heating/AC in my rental house, which isn’t going to happen.
  2. I got a leopard wrasse a few months ago. It lived 7 weeks. Not sure what the culprit was. After seeing other similar issues, I wonder if they just are hard to keep in tanks long term. To note, I have a watchman goby pistol shrimp combo. I wonder if they dug up a sleeping wrasse and that’s what killed him. He was just dead laying on his side one morning when I’d gone to check on him. Probably took 3 hours before the cleaner shrimp was brave enough to pick at it. Amazing fish. I was quite sad when it died. Would i assume your wrasse burrowed each night like mine did?
  3. Stomadopods are awesome. I’ve had probably 4 over my reefing career. Giant peacock one from upscales about 12 years ago was the coolest. I was legitimately worried he would one day break the glass. On occasion, a water droplet would drip down the front of the tank and the shrimp would attempt to attack it. I’ve only every gotten one mantis hitchhiking however and it was tiny.
  4. If Dennis Rodman designed the lakers mascot.....
  5. I’m leaving Salem about 12:45 if anyone is wanting to grab a ride. I’m looking forward to corals and tacos!
  6. We’re all cuttle buddies lol
  7. I’m in Salem and headed to cuttlefish and corals gathering on cinco de mayo. I head to lots of the PNWMAS gatherings and think it might be easier to carpool on some. If anyone in the Salem area is wanting to hitch a ride let me know. I’m also down to ride along this trip and drive a group to the next gathering. GO GO CAPTAIN PLANET!
  8. Sliding glass door must have been the catalyst. Too close to side of tank. Over time I’ll bet the impact loosened the sealant.
  9. I’m interested in them, but think it’s unlikely I’ll make the list. Quite the feeding frenzy up in here! Perhaps tacos and $10 Holly frags are my safe zone. Put me as an alternate to these.
  10. I concur on the watchman goby pistil shrimp. Fun to watch. Very much the “GET OFF MY LAWN” personality. They will move frags around it the substrate nearby, so that can be an obstacle. They have buried many of my corals many of times.
  11. Would you recommend your triggerfish as reef safe? Triggerfish have some of the best personality/style, but are also able to disembowel another fish of comparable...... kind of a toss up. Perhaps if you have enough tangs and larger fish it will keep it in check?
  12. I’ve only been a pnwmas member for 6 months and reefing for 2.5 years this stint. I’ve been going to each of the gatherings, but missed a month ago. I’m unfamiliar with the group buy and may 5 event. 


    So basically, it’s a generous fundraiser and great way to get High end coral frags on a budget? 


    And in order to participate, I check in on the forum when posted (not sure on post timings) and reply what I want, send $10 via PayPal, attend the gathering next Sunday and get random selected frags of the colonies listed? 


    Money is tight and I’m from Salem, so I am wanting to verify before making plans. I’d been looking for rainbow acan for a while and saw it posted, but was already full of responses when I saw. 


    Thanks for your time and generosity with this :)

    1. Emerald525


      It’s a giving back to the reefing community with great food , great chance at raffles if nice equipment  , and high end frags that many people couldn’t afford otherwise so yes you are correct ! 

      I am waiting on Jeff to know when the next Group Buy will happen but there are many more 


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