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  1. I’m in for 2 if possible. I’m in Salem but home to make it to the next gathering
  2. How long do those take to grow out? pics of trades? I’ll try and borrow a better camera and take some better pics today when the lighting is proper and corals are fully opened. Chalice is a bit bigger and brighter since then. It’s about palm sized
  3. What kind of clown fish? Looks like you’re in Washington. Come south towards Salem ever?
  4. My aquarium now has no fish and could use a couple clownfish. I’m pretty much out of money but can trade frags. Plenty of hammer coral and a pink chalice are my Most likely to trade. I’m in Salem.
  5. Looking good. That multi coloured damsel looks happy
  6. 47 coral species and 28 gallons...... lol its the sweeper tentacles that are the bother. The favia, favite, galaxia and hammer coral colonies get 5” tentacles that sting to death whatever they tough. Desperately want a bigger or 2nd tank. I just had my first child and my apartment lost all the “extra” space. Really hoping I can figure out how to keep a child and a reef tank at the same time. The reef tank is the last real possibility of more space in the apartment becoming free, but it may leave too big of a hole in my heart if i do.
  7. The orange is even brighter when Acan is in lower lighting, but clearly my tank is out of extra room.
  8. It’s about 5” across. New pics from today. It’s in bottom right corner of the full tank pic for color comparison to other known corals.
  9. $75 13 large mouths bright orange with white accents About 4.5” across Located in Salem Please no low ball offers.
  10. I’m eager to get a new female anthia but I only have the 28 cube with a male anthia. Probably not much help in the long run. I hope your transition goes well
  11. With such limited space I was hooked up with a proper, space efficient LPS pack, just all the same amazing colony. Pics don’t do the colors justice. Thanks ALL, write more when I can
  12. The colony is nearly 3 years old with spot feedings and it’s got a good rock branch base. Probably only an inch between branches though. My tank is crowded and I need to get a 2nd magnetic frag rack for doing this process. I agree it’s better to heal before selling. Space is super limited and I have a newborn, making things difficult. I discounted to $10 a head to make up for the difference.
  13. Not sure if this is proper category, but I’m in serious need of some smaller rocks and maybe a medium sized branch or tree of sorts from which to mount some frag plugs. I’d be willing to trade or some cash if necessary. I’m in Salem and coming to the event this Sunday.
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