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  1. The colony is nearly 3 years old with spot feedings and it’s got a good rock branch base. Probably only an inch between branches though. My tank is crowded and I need to get a 2nd magnetic frag rack for doing this process. I agree it’s better to heal before selling. Space is super limited and I have a newborn, making things difficult. I discounted to $10 a head to make up for the difference.
  2. Not sure if this is proper category, but I’m in serious need of some smaller rocks and maybe a medium sized branch or tree of sorts from which to mount some frag plugs. I’d be willing to trade or some cash if necessary. I’m in Salem and coming to the event this Sunday.
  3. Alright. Do you got a set of clippers to trim a head off for you? I’ll see what I have, but likely mine is used for mechanical work and has oil on it. I only have the one aquarium and no quarantine tank. I’m crowded as is, so it’s difficult to cut them in advance. Hoping to move most of it this weekend at the event.
  4. I got some hammer I’m needing to downsize too. I plan on heading to meeting this Sunday. I’m in Salem. Would do a $10 frag.
  5. Anemones tend to have an attitude of “get too close and I’ll cut you!” I kept one in my tank before and after it moving multiple times and killing half the livestock I was finally able to pry it out of its rock cave and find it a new home. If you search anemone you might find some of my old posts helpful about removal.
  6. How many tickles does it take to get an octopus to giggle? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 it takes 10 indeed, tentacles 🐙
  7. Looked like a wonderful time! Great write up, photos, and grilling badxgillen, you rock! Cephalopods have always fascinated me. Not sure if I’m missing the mollusk more or Bert’s burgers. Either way, I’m glad to have found the company of such wonderful reefer geeks 🐙🦑🐠🐡🦀🦞🦐🔬🤓☺️
  8. Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Therm Heater, 100 watt this is my main heat source. I also have a titanium heater for water changes I can use as a backup. Might be worthwhile to get the dual outlet temperature controller, the one with too high and too low. Make too high kick on the fan and too low for the backup heater.
  9. That was going to be my next question is if I get the temp probe that goes in the water or not.
  10. Anything in particular I should look into for the temperature controller? Recommended fan for a 28 gallon cube?
  11. Mine was getting too cold, so perhaps I needed a backup heater. I think my temperature swings were due to the weather not the treatment. AC running inside for the first time this season. I think the worst was probably 76/79.5°, so right about 3.5 degree change. I keep it about a 1° difference now when keeping house more consistent. I don’t have central AC, which is a challenge. My portable AC gets aimed directly at aquarium when too hot. I’ll look into that $22 fan idea. My consistent temperature control method is a high maintenance method indeed.
  12. Let me know soon please. I'm wanting to utilize the space he is in now.
  13. Appreciate the offer, but I have no extra room. In fact, it's getting more and more difficult to advocate for keeping my current tank given my spacing predicament, but I just can't seem to be able to live reef free. At least not well. I have fans and AC, just need to find the proper balance. Also may need to clean aquarium heater and possibly re-install my 2nd heater that I've been using for the water changes. I had some nitrate and phosphate show up in the testing that might be the culprit. Did water change last night.
  14. Imagitarium (Petco) Bacterial Treatment Remedy. They didn't have the Seachem brand at the store. Stresscoat mentioned on the bottle that its best for transferring and not injured fish. With being unable to properly identify it on the fish aside from rotting of side and rear fins I'm guessing its bacteria. Testing water tonight And QT would be ideal, but I have 1 and only 1 tank and its my DT. Sad story, but thats life. Sadly I consider taking the remaining anthias out and trading them in towards clownfish. My anthias have been constant trouble.
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