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  1. I am ridiculously excited for our meeting tomorrow! I'll be bringing RagnaRØKS for everyone to check out. In case you haven't heard these are my sculpted magnetic frag racks. Made out of inert resin and calcite these are completely reef safe and help you give your corals the individual flow and lighting they need to be super pretty. But I got too thinking some off y'all might want to carpool. Call, text, FB message me 50three-7two6-six245 I'm leaving from Kent by noon but only get 12mpg...
  2. RagnaRØKS

    Hello from the north!

    Hey Nolan! I've set up a group on facebook called Bellingham Reef Aquarists. We'd love to meet you. There's a group meeting tonight. If you get this quick enough come on down! It's at Rydy's pizzeria on state st at 7pm.
  3. RagnaRØKS

    Soon To Be New To The Pacific North West

    Cuttlefish will be like a second home for you. And we'll gladly help you get up and running.
  4. RagnaRØKS

    New from Lafayette

    Good to have you Karnala. Keep us posted with how your tank is doing.
  5. Wanted to give a quick hello. My name's Shawn Rush. Thanks for welcoming me into your group. I'm pretty active on Facebook so feel free to give me a shout there. Been in the hobby for 1.5 years after doing freshwater for a couple and never looked back! I do still love my axolotl and goldfish tanks but Allllll my money goes to saltwater and building RagnaRØKS. It's my little project turned business of making the most natural looking frag racks I've ever seen. If your interested search facebook for "ragnaroksdotus" or shoot me a message. I'll gladly talk all about them.