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  1. I’m sorry. Has to be very hard to give them up, but that’s great you’re making the right choice for them. Hope you find a loving home.
  2. Sorry this is a 24 inch 6 bulb.
  3. I have a dimmable ati sunpower 6 bulb for sale. Used for about 8 months. So could use new bulbs. Also has led strip attached to it. Asking $350
  4. Only pissed mine off. Now I have a epidemic.
  5. I got mine from you guys and you shipped it same day. Thank you so much!
  6. Make money and flip or never have to test again 🤔 who needs money anyway. 😂
  7. I feel like the future is finally here 😂
  8. Ordered mine on marine depot! 😃 so excited to never test again.
  9. blue spotted jaw fish to me have a awesome personality.
  10. I have a hydra 26 with goose neck for $280 used for a year.
  11. I have a hydra 26 with goose neck for $300
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