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  1. Only pissed mine off. Now I have a epidemic.
  2. debunked that AptasiaX works lol.
  3. I got mine from you guys and you shipped it same day. Thank you so much!
  4. Make money and flip or never have to test again 🤔 who needs money anyway. 😂
  5. I feel like the future is finally here 😂
  6. Ordered mine on marine depot! 😃 so excited to never test again.
  7. blue spotted jaw fish to me have a awesome personality.
  8. I have a hydra 26 with goose neck for $280 used for a year.
  9. I have a hydra 26 with goose neck for $300
  10. Best store in Oregon hands down. 🙌🏻
  11. I have a infestation of aptasia if you wanna bring him bye. Lol
  12. Sold. Please close.
  13. You need the two calibration fluids then you go into the ph setting and should be a calibration button then it has you put it in each fluid to calibrate. Mine always gets stuck on the second fluid and never calibrates. Good luck
  14. I have a GHL doser for sale. $350 firm or trade for neptune doser. No other trades. Only been used for about 6 months. Only selling because I want the Neptune doser.
  15. Bought a light please remove post. Thanks.
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