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  1. What salt do you use

    Red Sea.
  2. Test kits

    Red Sea and Hanna. Hanna are definitely better but cost much more.
  3. Favorite Shops

    Cuttlefish and coral for sure.
  4. Coral browning

    I use Red Sea test kits currently but should have the Hanna reef set here today or tomorrow.
  5. Coral browning

    K will do.
  6. Coral browning

    It definitely has started to bleach. Did a water change and changed out reactors. Heater is fine. The lights on my cheato reactor went out and took me about 3 days to get new one on there. Could the cheato dying have done that?
  7. Coral browning

    Not a lot. My other corals are starting to look mad also. Like I always can tell with my torches if something is wrong because they won’t extend as much and also can tell by the tissue going down I call the trunk is starting to shrink.
  8. Coral browning

    Oh yeah pretty sure I put this in the wrong post in the wrong place.
  9. Coral browning

    Been trying to find a happy spot with my lighting would to much or to little light cause this?
  10. Coral browning

    What would the main reason for coral starting to brown? My water test as follows ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 5 phos 0.04 cal 470 alk 7 steady
  11. Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    Mine also gets slime algae in mine. Works great.
  12. Time for FTS: Full Tank Sunday!

    It is a reefer 350 and my uncle got me the ship. Thought it was a cool place for it.
  13. Fun Fish

    Looks like a basslet kind of.
  14. Well I guess I'm back... Again haha

    Were you gone long enough to say you’re back? Haha. Welcome back man.