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  1. jonas503

    Free file fish.

  2. jonas503

    Free file fish.

    I have a file fish that someone can have for free. Is eating my Aptasia but is also eating my zoas if I don’t feed enough. So he’s got to go.
  3. jonas503

    MACNA 2018 Las Vegas

    I’ll be there. Excited.
  4. jonas503

    Elephant ear mushroom coral

    Hi. I have a huge elephant ear mushroom I would like to re home. Free if you pick up in milwaukie. Must have a large tank. It’s very big. Probably the size of a dinner plate if it could stretch all the way out. Message me if interested.
  5. jonas503

    Show me your mushrooms

    Truly I don’t even know. Lol.
  6. jonas503

    Show me your mushrooms

  7. jonas503

    Show me your mushrooms

  8. jonas503

    New FB Auctions!

    They’re also broken on fb
  9. jonas503

    New FB Auctions!

    All of your links are broken.
  10. jonas503

    CNC Auction 1

  11. jonas503

    CNC Auction 1

  12. jonas503

    TFT Auction: CNC Ultra Rock Flower Anemone!

  13. No pics of the nems to make us 🤤