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  1. mezmon

    Help identifying!

    Awesome! Thank you for the info! I already keep my kessel 360 no more then 5% but maybe ill try to move things around a bit.
  2. mezmon

    Help identifying!

    Hi Everyone! Just looking for a bit of help identifying these two. The plate I bought because the colors were so varied when it was little. Reds, orange, blues, greens were all super vibrant. As it got bigger the blues and deep reds mellowed out but its still awesome looking. Just dont know its official name. This one I have no idea. It was a little 2-3 cm thing attached to some live rock and eventually grew into this. Sways like a tree in the breeze. Pink Kenya maybe? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi! So Im looking to downsize from my nuvo 30L due to a move and was wondering if anyone has something similar to a nuvo nano 10 to trade? I would be open to an exchange of something in within a $160 price range if that makes sense. Thanks for looking!
  4. Looking to trade for AI prime HD
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