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  1. New from Lafayette

    Hello, I'm fairly new to saltwater tanks and my boss pointed me towards your forum. So far I've just been a lurker, but I thought I'd share my tank. It has been running for about a month now, and I find it so mesmerizing to watch. I have a ton to learm, and I look forward to checking out more of the forums! My tank is a 14g biocube, and has a few different corals, 5 blue hermit crabs, a candy pistol shrimp, a purple firefish, and an emerald crab. I have plans in the future to get a yasha goby, but for now I'm going to enjoy what I have and watch things grow:)
  2. New from Lafayette

    3 month update Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  3. New from Lafayette

    I can't figure out how to get a picture small enough to post, but here is a link (I hope that is allowed) 14g biocube https://imgur.com/a/9Ywyr
  4. New from Lafayette

    Oh wow, 300 gallons. That's a huge tank. Is a tank that size a lot of maintenance? I do weekly aquarium maintenance as part of my job, but the largest tank I work on is 200 gallons, I couldn't imagine working on a tank that huge. Oh! And thank you for the offer!