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  1. Free biocube 29+stand

    Thank you to everyone!! Has been picked up already.
  2. Free biocube 29+stand

    I got this for free and am paying the favor back. Works beautifully-- although I have taken it down for a bit now as I have upgraded. Has metal halide lights if you can figure out how to use them! First come first served on this one, and preference to whoever can come and visit Johns landing to pick it up tonight! Feel free to text me at 612-481-7912 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. WTB Calcium Reactor

    Got some calcium reactin' that we want to do. Anyone have a reactor they would be willing to part with? Thanks!
  4. Did someone say seahorse?!

    Best seahorses ever!! Thank you!!!
  5. Did someone say seahorse?!

    Yes! here is to hoping! I was so impressed that Jeff was able to get all of them in exotic colors. One of the others has already changed to brown (but she is the best eater of the bunch and has already grown significantly). Fingers crossed for the others.
  6. Did someone say seahorse?!

    haha... Yay!! I am so happy for you two!! Sirena is going to love it. 60 cube is a perfect size. I totally forgot how fulfilling it is to have seahorses. Its an odd with feeling with seahorses compared other aquarium creatures-- I feel like you are always on the search for the next coral, but there is something about a seahorse tank that makes you feel so happy and content. Watching them eat and play is like having a mini family living downstairs.
  7. Could have never have done this without you and your amazing crew at the store!!
  8. I had a bubble tip in my larger downstairs tank initially. He was a bit of a pain but this fire nem has been awesome. He has tried to move a few times but I just kept putting him back on his rock and eventually he stayed. Watching the symbiotic relationship with the clowns is memorizing and one of my favorite things about the tank. Highly recommended if you have the time to watch the tank carefully for the first few weeks. Also, I'm very biased, but I adore the Picasso clowns-- especially the locally bred tank raised babies that host which you see Cuttlefish get in occasionally.
  9. Thank you! Yes, target feed all of the nems. No babies yet, but here is to hoping! I upgraded to the new tank around a month ago so I think that they are still in flux from the change. Some of them are such Chubbs though.. think it should not be too long?
  10. Well, as the epic Saga in the quest for the most beautiful nano, Jeff @ Cuttlefish has once again opened the door for what I officially consider the most alluring tank I have ever owned. In terms of a system, the Red Sea max series is so nice. Honestly the tank sort of just runs itself and I just tinker. I can't take credit for all of the curating, though. The staff at Cuttlefish just sort of tells me what looks good and I buy it [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Did someone say seahorse?!

    With all this talk of seahorses, I couldn't help but post a few pics of the amazing new additions to my "family" that Jeff from Cuttlefish ordered from me over the last few weeks. I have never seen such a beautiful group of seahorses in my life. Thought that they may have robbed one of the aquariums in Cali. The reddish orange female that is absolutely stunning. They are also the hippocampus ingens- one of the larger variety of seahorses. So far I they have also been eating more frozen selcon enriched mysis than I can almost keep up with. They also get the occasional phytoplankton enriched frozen brine. I know I am horrible about posting lately... I just have too many amazing corals to stare at and already spend so much time on research for work. However, think you will find these little guys quite attractive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Rock Nem Love Affair

    I am totally down for this!! Let's do it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Rock Nem Love Affair

    So it's true... I have never seen a color morph like that Dr Banner from cuttlefish. I hear he is getting more rock nems in soon tho... You feed only once a week? I have been feeding every other day. Hopefully that's not too crazy. Dr Banner seems to be doing well.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Rock Nem Love Affair

    So gorgeous... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Rock Nem Love Affair

    Oh man... those look so good!! [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk