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  1. Fearnofish541

    Protein Skimmer

    I really like my Eschopps hang on Im using the newer 100gal model on my 50gal right now and its really quiet I can barely hear it unless I'm right next to it. Although the drain did take awhile to quiet down.
  2. Fearnofish541

    Tide pool!

    Also think it's awesome idea to use that planter to make a little tide pool. I hope you can get your chiller fixed I want to see this running
  3. Fearnofish541

    Tide pool!

    I did not think it would be in shellfish regulations but figured you guys would know.
  4. Fearnofish541

    Tide pool!

    What are the laws for collecting from the tide pools? I have been wanting to setup a cold water tank with stuff I collect from the coast but I've never been sure about what laws and regulations there are for doing this. For example I know most sport fish you can't catch and then take home to throw in your pond without risking a huge fine. I found a website that was talking about it only be restricted in protected areas but I haven't found any actual laws or regulations though.
  5. Fearnofish541

    Smaller wooden boxes for free.

    sent a pm Ill come by and take them all off your hands today if you still have them
  6. Fearnofish541

    Smaller wooden boxes for free.

    How thick are the bottoms of them ? I was going to make a bunch of wooden boxes to carry lead from my shop to my store and these look about the size I was going to make.
  7. Fearnofish541

    The Goodwill 14 Gal Biocube.

    I love treasure hunting at good will haha. If it has any scratches Novus works great and wet sanding for the deeper scratches also I have been told mirco mesh works great. I got a 90 gal truvu at goodwill I spent a week wet sanding and polishing only to have it sit in my garage for a year n half before selling. You can get the novus at tap plastics there's a couple locations around portland but it cheapest on amazon. also the novus number one is great for just keeping the acrylic really clean.