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  1. That anemone crab I picked up found his new home 😃
  2. About a foot out here by Bonneville Dam
  3. Thanks again Bret, Really enjoyed visiting your shop. Hope i can make it out again soon. Loving the stuff i got, especially the Dendro!
  4. Greatly looking forward to a new vancouver location. As much as i love all the shops down south, its a really long drive for me, so a nice Vancouver location would be fantastic.
  5. Well thats just awesome Thanks so much!
  6. I am interested, would love to see some pictures.
  7. Dunno what it is, but id name it "Through the wormhole"
  8. Was a fun season! Championship came down to the wire and was intense! Hope we can do it again next year!
  9. Probably wise to blur the faces to avoid any possible legal action. When i watched it though i did wonder if the first one was fake.
  10. Went in for grab bags and left with a fish. Couldn't pass it up though! Colors are so vibrant.
  11. Is that Nuvo just the tank? Its not the tank w/light version right?
  12. Interested if Previous falls through.
  13. I think my emerald helped with my green bubble algae, its all gone, but i still have some red bubble that he doesnt touch apparently 😛
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