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  1. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Im letting my son be in charge of most of this, but heres our tank He did the aquascape and most of the scrubbing on the glass of the dirty tank and hes going to pick the stock. Old Spec V tank Scrubbed and Cleaned! Some Dry Rock 15” Adj. Flex mount – 23.99 Cobalt Neo Therm Heater – 29.38 ABI 12w Par 38 bulb – 24.95 Quiet one pro 400 Pump 12.66 Total: 90.98
  2. I agree, i have one on my 40 and its worked perfectly and looks nice.
  3. Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Just so i understand, 100$ applies to new equipment? You can use whatever you have lying around? OR do we factor in cost of all of it?
  4. Budget pico contest. Who's in?

    Sounds fun, I might be in
  5. Hello! New (soon to be hopefully) Reefer

    So it's been about a year and overall I'm pretty happy with my tank. Thought I'd post a couple pics.
  6. To the Dump

    If Chad doesnt take it i will
  7. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Do you need my email? I tried to message you but get a "cant recieve messages error"
  8. New Fish

    Wow, so pretty!
  9. 2017 Fantasy Football

    Im in, money sent
  10. 2016 Fantasy Football

    If you do run it again this year and need another i would join.
  11. April Meeting Store Tour 3 Meetings in One!

    Kid friendly? I might be able to come to the last 2 if I bring my 11yo son with me.
  12. Hello! New (soon to be hopefully) Reefer

    Thanks! You guys had a nice group to choose from. I almost grabbed the Midnight one instead. If i could have 3 in one tank i probably would have :). Really liked that Aussie gold Torch you had too, almost walked out with it but my wallet said nooooo.
  13. Hello! New (soon to be hopefully) Reefer

    Picked up a couple Clownfish from Cuttlefish.
  14. Updates!

    Do you have any of those nice clownfish left? I see a pair in my future...
  15. Soon to be Reefer in Albany

    Bulk Reef supply has an entire series of videos on setting up a reef tank. I just recently started as well and found their videos on You Tube to be immensely helpful.