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  1. Kingfisher

    Name that Zoa!

    Dunno what it is, but id name it "Through the wormhole"
  2. Kingfisher

    Mushroom naming contest

    Sunset Hulk
  3. Kingfisher

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Was a fun season! Championship came down to the wire and was intense! Hope we can do it again next year!
  4. Kingfisher

    Package thief - ultimate revenge

    Probably wise to blur the faces to avoid any possible legal action. When i watched it though i did wonder if the first one was fake.
  5. Went in for grab bags and left with a fish. Couldn't pass it up though! Colors are so vibrant.
  6. Kingfisher

    Reef Stuff For Sale

    Is that Nuvo just the tank? Its not the tank w/light version right?
  7. Kingfisher

    Free tank

    Interested if Previous falls through.
  8. Kingfisher

    Bubble algae advice

    I think my emerald helped with my green bubble algae, its all gone, but i still have some red bubble that he doesnt touch apparently 😛
  9. So i just came across mention of this place, first i have heard of it, has anyone been there? https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/article217158880.html https://www.pdza.org/ Looks like they just opened a new aquarium?
  10. My firefish disappeared weeks ago, I'm not even sure how long, maybe over a month and then just this evening came out from a Rock while I was feeding. It's only a 40gal tank too so there's not that many places to hide. I'm happy to have him back but pretty surprised lol.🤔
  11. Kingfisher

    Neptune's Coral close out sale

    Ah this is sad. Was a tiny but neat shop.
  12. Hello getting screen names to real name for FF what is yours? and have you paid yet if not please pay.. 

    1. Kingfisher


      Ben Davis - Money Sent

  13. Kingfisher

    August Picture of the Month - Hitchhikers!

    Not the greatest photo, but how about a hitchhiking hitchhiker?