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  1. Kingfisher

    Algae Barn?

    I used algaebarn to seed my tank with pods for my dragonet and it seemed to work well. I also recently purchased some pods from Pod your reef and that was easy too.
  2. Kingfisher

    Rainbow Monti

    Appreciate the offer! I am not sure if i can make it out there on sunday, but if i can i will let you know, thanks!
  3. Kingfisher

    Rainbow Monti

    Its a good thought, if i was going to be near there soon i would probably have jumped on it next time maybe
  4. Kingfisher

    Rainbow Monti

    I love Rainbow montis, but the one i had just faded away, so i hesitate to buy more 😕
  5. Kingfisher

    Cuttle fish and corals

    Sounds like Jeff is branching out into the ranch and feed supply business
  6. Kingfisher

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the Love!
  7. Kingfisher

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    5pm is a bad time! it's all good tho, my tank was never going to beat the others anyways 😉
  8. Okeanos live stream with commentary right now on facebook, ocean floor around a mud volcano
  9. Kingfisher

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Still not a lot to see, added a couple mushrooms and some zoa's. Zoa's don't seem to be too happy tho, maybe wasnt patient enough :p. My son wants to just add a bunch of mushrooms to it, all different. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  10. Kingfisher

    CNC Stock Update!!

    But.... My wallet.....
  11. Kingfisher

    RODI Garden Hose Adapter

    I could drop it in the mail probably
  12. Kingfisher

    RODI Garden Hose Adapter

    Like the ones that come with the BRS units? I have one but I'm out in the gorge 😛
  13. Kingfisher

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Well unfortunately not much to see here, tank isn't quite cycled. Should have got some rock from cuttlefish or something 😛.
  14. Kingfisher

    Face to the Name 2018

    Just me(Ben) and my wife near a tiny Waterfall.