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  1. Luke.Fraizer

    New and secluded!

    Awesome. It will be quite a change in tank sizes. I have done several "small" tanks. This will be my smallest. The wife says we should do a 60 cube again in the bedroom upstairs. I can't find a single reason why that would be a bad idea instead of the nano downstairs. I will be probably setting one up in the next few months, Just wanted to get involved in a community here!
  2. Luke.Fraizer

    New and secluded!

    Greeting everyone! My name is Luke! I moved to Alsea from Fort Collins about 6 months ago and finally got into our new house! Sadly there is. It room again for my last 210 sps reef tank! When we get the addition done I'll be setting up a biocube with 250hqi! Gotta have those sps. I have yet to see any LFS around but I'm always looking for fun places!