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  1. Well 4 days into getting the alk and cal back inline and Im up to 7.0. Today is the first day I have seen any visible stress to any of the coral. My duncans are partially closed up but they are cry babies. Im shocked they were fine until today they normally are the first coral to alert me when something is out of whack even in the slightest bit. My plating red monti has lost it white ring so its not growing. I had a jump from 6.4 to 7.0 in about a 20 hour window so I backed off the dosing a little. Probably because the monti has decided to stop growing due to the swing. Got my fingers crossed everything stays healthy and readjusts to normal chemistry quickly when I get it back there. It sucks I am usually very good at testing alk every few days, I slip up for about a week and a half and thats when the alk drops. I guess thats this hobby for ya everything goes well till you slip for a few days or go out of town lol.
  2. Well 21 hours later and Im up to 5.9 dkh. Seems to be a decent pace for raising back to tanks stable level.
  3. Thanks, hopefully this bump in the road doesn’t hurt anything.
  4. That was my initial thought too, that continuing dosing the sam amount would just hold it steady, but I thought I had read at one point that is not quite how it works. Im going to up the dosing from 4 daily doses of each component of 12.5ml to 4 daily doses of 13.5 ml and see what happens.
  5. Here is a photo I took last night for instagram, I cant believe my levels are so low and everything looks pretty happy.
  6. Oh boy, just checked my ALK level and got a reading of 5.5, checked again same reading. I dose Aquaforest 123 and had run the jug bone dry. Swapped it out with a fresh one immediately and primed the dosing line. Since the ALK was so low I knew Cal would be as well, 295ppm. Everything in the tank looks super happy. My ALK usually hovers right around 7.8 - 8.2. My tank is a Red Sea e170 with a sump so about 48ish gallons of water and I was dosing 50ml a day of each part of the Aquaforest 123 to keep tank stable. Should I just continue to dose this same amount, will it slowly bring levels back to where they should be? Or should I increase the dosing for a few days? If I should increase the dosing by what percentage?
  7. I love my space invader. It didnt grow for almost a year always looked healthy just next to no growth. That said the last few months it has taken off and doubled in size.
  8. Had to return the 26hd that came with my Red Sea E170 wouldn’t connect wifi. Customer service was great and they had a light to me within a few days of me contacting them.
  9. I started dosing phosphates because I had undetectable amount and my nitrates would never drop just hover around 15-25ppm. I could do a 20% water change and within 24hrs nitrates would be back up. I also had very little growth from corals and seemed to get cyano once every few months. Got phosphates detectable and nitrates started to drop on their own pretty fast. I am now at a point where nitrates are almost not decidable so I have started to dose them as well. Coral growth and coloration are better then ever and I find it easy to keep nitrates between 2-5ppm and phosphates between .05-.1. My algae scrubber also grows so fast now and pod population is insane. I am a firm believer in having balanced nitrates and phosphates after seeing the benefits first hand.
  10. I use neo phos dose 1 cap to my 5 gallon ATO every time I fill it. Fill once every 5-7 days on a red sea 170.
  11. You could try pulling out the drain tube that you trun to adjust the water height. Then put the cup on kind of sideways so some of the water overflows and just the upper neck just starts to skim a little. Photo attached of what I mean by tipping the cup. Over a few days slowly straighten the cup as needed to keep skimming. Should pull what ever it is out slowly over a few days. Thats what I do after running chemi clean.
  12. Didn’t notice the hole in the first pic. Probably residue from somthing. Mine only acts up like that for first hour or two after swapping filter pads or when running chemi clean.
  13. Is the top of the silencer a bottle cap? My curve 5 cap.
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