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  1. +1 for cuttlefish, Woodys Seahorse is really good to.
  2. I would be more then happy to donate a frogspawn and hammer frag.
  3. Sorry to hear, I loved your shop and every time I came in it was better then before.
  4. I would love to have that guy for a while. I have a frogspawn and hammer frags I could trade if you are interested.
  5. You could add a little alk to your ATO to slowly bring up the alk in your tank. If your not dosing daily yet, and your tank is consuming alk you may want to add 2 dosing pumps and start dosing alk and cal. The kamoer dosing pumps are cheap and people seem to be liking them. Reef Builders actually just said they are in top 10 reefing products of 2019.
  6. I use finnex heaters with digital controller built into them, but my apex is what actually controls the temp. If the apex were to ever fail on, the built in thermometer in the heater should control the temp. My tank stays steady 77.6 - 77.8, usually just bounces between 77.7 and 77.8. I will have to say the finnex built in controller temp is way off, I have them set to 83 to keep temp at 78 if I were to not rely on the apex.
  7. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Well if it pulls thru and grows to a point where I can frag it, the first frag has your name on it 😉
  8. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Im not ruling out it could be something else but it sure would be a weird coincidence of events. This morning I looked at the garf bonsai and possibly it may survive, polyps still green, just the skin around them has bleached. Got my fingers crossed.
  9. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Im pretty sure rust is what did it. Especially since it was just flaking small chunks/dust off the treads of the clamp as I loosened it. I would have been more doubtful if it were just a chunk of rust, but I think it ended up being a fine dust it just entered the water column instantly. I wonder how long it will take to get enough out of the system to be acro safe again. Im also nervous it may end up in the sand bed and laying dormant till something stirs it up.
  10. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    What do you think it is? It is the only thing that changed in the tank. The only other thing I could think of would be I had something from work on my hands. I manage an auto body shop, but I am usually in the office. I always wash my hands after spending anytime in the shop or handling any dirty parts. I had tested water two days before this happened. Tested day it happened same stable parameters alk 8.1 - 8.4, cal 410-425, nitrates 2-5, phosphate .02 - .05. O guess there could have been a slight change in salinity but I only lost about a gallon of water to the floor. My ATO has actually been down since I moved so I have been daily topping off, about 1/3 of a gallon a day on a 50ish gallon system.
  11. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Shop vac, great idea. It would be a good excuse to do a complete clean on the sump anyway.
  12. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Floor seems ok, I cleaned up as much as I could, mopped a few times and ran a fan for 2 days. The stylo was a purple/yellowish with green polyps. A few of the very tips look ok but Im sure they will be dead by tomorrow. Maybe I will get lucky and a small piece will survive. heres a pic from September.
  13. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Awesome, if I cant find it tomorrow I will have to 2 day ship some. Thank you
  14. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Flooded the floor club 🤣. I never flooded the rental home we lived in for over 3 years. Buy a home with hardwood floors and in less then 3 months flood the living room 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣
  15. Oregonic

    Defeated by SPS

    Also I need to remove all 3 stainless hose clamps and replace with the barbed plastic type. Thinking of covering the sump with cling wrap before removing, any other ideas?
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