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  1. Looking for apex Wi-Fi base unit

    Got a Classic set up wifi using this wifi booster with a ethernet port on it. I was going to shell out for the new apex till this was suggested to me. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/netgear-universal-wi-fi-range-extender-with-ethernet-port-white/2733324.p?skuId=2733324&cmp=RMX&extStoreId=1454&ref=212&loc=1&ksid=f58b7a44-9a57-4961-a4d8-fda3e155dba1&ksprof_id=401&ksaffcode=pg264797&ksdevice=m&lsft=ref:212,loc:2&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtJbTBRDkARIsAIA0a5M0U8ncFLx6iplOsCsuGPdIqrizUXxt869hgQMDCnBF5nnES1xuTtsaApRvEALw_wcB
  2. Favorite Shops

    Definitely Cuttlefish and Coral.
  3. RODI filters

    I believe CJ’s on 181st and Burnside has everything. May want to call ahead.
  4. January Picture of the Month - Clams

    I don’t personally have a clam but im super excited to see the photos that show up for this!
  5. What do you do?

    Thats great, I would have loved to see that. His history is actually pretty interesting and very well hidden. He is the only body shop that I have ever heard of that hires a full time attorney
  6. What do you do?

    I manage an auto body shop that handles the collision repair side of things not restorations or custom projects. I basically babysit a bunch of adults and make sure they meet deadlines while maintaining quality. I also fight with insurance adjusters to ensure they pay for everything it takes to properly repair cars to pre-loss condition. Don’t listen to the big guy in town who spends tons of money on commercials to make it sound like he is the only shop who properly repairs vehicles, most reputable shops properly repair vehicles. In fact if you want a good laugh look up the reviews of his shop and see how satisfied people are who buy into the commercials.
  7. Please help identify

    I have to really search to find any. If I look hard enough I can usually find 2 or 3. When I first noticed them I would kill them off as I saw them using aptasia x, but stopped trying to kill them off several months ago and have not seen the population increase. Im assuming my fire shrimp picks them off but have never witnessed it guess it could be my wrasse too. I only say this because every time I notice one it is usually gone in a day or two. I have never noticed them bothering anything in my tank. Not sure what a large population would do to a tank, you could try adding a shrimp or fish that is known to eat small nems.
  8. Please help identify

    The ones in my tank are much smaller then in the video. The ones I have are about the size as small aptasia. They look more like this photo i found on google and have never got any bigger the half the size of a dime. Not sure if my shrimp eats them before they get larger or if they are a different type. From what I can tell yours look like the ones in my tank. They are small, for the most part colorless, and looks like dew drops on tips of tentacles.
  9. Please help identify

    Looks like ball nem to me, I have a few in my tank and they have never caused any issues.
  10. Happy Birthday Gil&Fin

    Happy birthday Holly
  11. Anyone have koi that can help identify disease?

    Yes outdoor pond. The owner tested the ph today and it was about 8 ppm so a little high in his pond at his house, ph at the smaller pond at my work is 7.6 so definitely better. He only has a ph test so i will bring my api tests to work with me tomorrow and test kh, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates here. I did run to rising sun koi today to pick up antibiotics but the owner of the store said that antibiotics will not work this time of year in the cold water. He recommended a salt bath once a day for 3-4 days so I picked up some pond salt while there. Thank you everyone who has chimed in and I will keep the status of the fish updated here
  12. Anyone have koi that can help identify disease?

    Cool will treat with antibiotics and cross fingers. Already looks a little better today, no more white fuzzy stuff on the top salt bath must have helped. Will treating the pond hurt the beneficial bacteria in the filter?
  13. Owner of the shop I manage told me today that he has a koi in his pond that has skin peeling off and wondered if I knew what to do. Knowing that he has many other large expensive koi in the same pond I told him the first thing we need to do was remove him from the pond in case it is contagious, especially since he told me he had lost one a few months ago that had a similar issue. We have small pond here at the shop that has 2 small cheap koi and 3-4 goldfish in it so I rushed up to his house to remove the fish and bring it to the more manageable pond here. I acclimated the fish and added a little salt to the cooler we transported him in and gave him a 10 min salt bath. I have been doing a little research online and it appears it could be related to PH or a bacterial issue. I told the owner he needs to test the water tonight or tomorrow and let me know the parameters, but was hoping in the meantime someone on here would have some experience with koi and could possibly point me in the right direction.
  14. New 33 gallon Aquamaxx

    This helped me get my setting dialed in. I was running a reduced version of the ab+ spectrum they show, but got my seneye yesterday and my par was a little less then what I thought. I will slowly ramp up closer to their intensities over the next month or so till I get the par up a little more.
  15. Flower anemone hitching free ride on hermit.

    They are loud, especially when running in reverse.