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  1. Ball anemone. I had some years ago and they didnt seem to harm anything. Some people consider them a plague.
  2. I had turned my old ATO into a ATS. Its really easy, if you have a drill the diamond bits are going to cost you less to order then you will pay someone. I may have the drill bit I used laying around still, I believe it was for 1/2in bulkhead.
  3. Transfered everything this weekend. Old tank is officially dry and sitting in the backyard. Everything is going ok, no casualties coral wise. A few corals are a little upset but slowly settling in. My red coris wrasse went straight into the sand and I have not seen him in a few days now. Im assuming he came out when lights were off at least once because he darted into the sand near a rock my watchman goby and pistol shrimp have claimed as their home right where they decided to make their front door. Parameters are all a little low, alk 6.6, cal 375, nitrates .5, phos .01, and no sign of ammoni
  4. Just transferred livestock over to new build and have some leftover 4 year old live rock from the old tank. 1 big piece that filled about 3/4 of a 5 gallon bucket and another piece that filled it the rest of the way. There is also a piece of man made branch I broke in half to make fit in the bucket. One of the pieces of rock has some remnants of branching cyphastrea and the other some branching psamacora on it. There is also a rock flower nem in there somewhere that I couldn’t remove and noticed some rock flower nem babies as I was breaking the tank down. There is also a bunch of critters suc
  5. The tank is running and salty. Got the lights all hung, a Kessil AP9X and 2 Orphek OR3 blue plus strips. Moved over some seeded bio media out of current tank along with a few pieces of rock that had been cooking in the sump. Added some cheato thanks to @shaywood 😃. I had to mix 55 gallons of saltwater at a time so saltwater has been on sand for a 5 days but only circulating for 3 days now. Im surprised im already seeing a few diatoms on the sand, must be because of adding seeded media 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Anyone in NE or SE Portland have some chaeto they need to trim back?
  7. I was slightly nervous that I may have miscalculated 😂
  8. The check valve even new slowly let water past. If I were to really submerge the returns it probably would overflow. I will probably just stick with the wide fan returns the tank came with and keep them somewhat near the surface. That 3 inch buffer was with tank filled all the way to where it was tricking down the first emergency drain and the return nozzles about inch and half maybe 2 below water line. It seems to have better flow with the nozzles just at the surface pushing across. When shut down with nozzles at surface there was about 4 - 4.5 inches of room to spare in the sump.
  9. Made great progress this weekend, supported the floor under the tank and did a leak test. Sump doesn’t overflow when pump shuts off, has about 3 inches to spare. Best news no leaks!
  10. Got all the plumbing dry fit tonight, except for the return, need a few 45’s to direct it around the drain in its way. Super happy that I went with the purple pipe.
  11. I have about 40lbs has been in current tank for about 3.5 years. The plan is to use a little in the new tank, probably about 10lbs to help seed it but the main scape is new branch rock so going to keep it minimal. I can keep it live in a bucket with a heater for you if you want. Wont charge ya for the high end aptasia if you want it live 😂
  12. I will have some in about a month, once new reef is wet.
  13. Tank in place, floor trim done. Need to get plumbing done, and crawl under the house and support the floor before I can water test the tank. Also working on running wire from breaker box to give the tank a dedicated plug. So happy to have the tank in place, was starting to feel like I was never going to get it moved.
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