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  1. Oregonic

    ATS grow out contest?

    What are you using to light your ats?
  2. Oregonic

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    Im leaning towards dinos due to tank always lacking phosphates and having high nitrates. Always been off balance but since I started dosing phosphates nitrates have actually reduced on their own and all corals have coloed up and grown faster. I does seem weird how this outbreak has been so delayed and never started till ratios of nitrates and phosphates have gotten closer to being in balance 🤷‍♂️ I have been slowly siphoning out sand with every water change but dont want to loose anymore since i have a goby and shimp that need a home, less then 1” average depth of sand. I think ill keep doing 20% weekly water changes till issue resolved and I can go back to every 2 weeks. I think im going to order vibrant and give it a try.
  3. Oregonic

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    Maybe I should run a second dose of chemiclean.
  4. Oregonic

    Cyano? Dinos? Or something else?

    Cyano was my initial thought but chemiclean and siphoning it out has had zero effect. I had cyano once inthe past and had no problems getting rid of it with this method bit not this time.
  5. Dont think this is cyano, had it once before and chemiclean took care of it. Dosed chemiclean about a week ago and had no effect. Ive tried siphoning the sand the last few water changes and it comes right back within 24 hours. Ive been hitting it with turkey baster daily for about a week and still appears again next day. I have plenty of water flow 2 gyres on a red sea e170, plus the return pump from aio chamber and I have a sump with a separate return. Current parameters are alk 7.5, cal 450, mag 1500, salinity 34, nitrates 10, phosphates.02 (have to dose neo phos 2ml/day to keep detectable). I have a algae scrubber that has never produced lush hair algae but grows green, red and dark brown slime algae like a champ and has to be cleaned every 10-12 days. I do 10 gallon water changes every 2 weeks on average but have done it once a week for the last month to try to fight this. No changes or additions to tank in 3-4 months, other then loosing 2 hammers over the last 2 months not sure why everything else is doing great. Im stumped!
  6. Oregonic

    Hollywood Stunner growth

    Thinking of removing mine, the more I break pieces off the faster it grows.
  7. Oregonic

    Quarantine tank

    If you are concerned about copper absorbing in silicone, you could always run a new bead of reef safe silicone over the existing seams. Who cares if the seams dont look perfect its just a QT tank 😉.
  8. Oregonic

    Clowns and Hosting

  9. Oregonic

    Clowns and Hosting

    My clowns have BTA’s to host but have showed no interest in anything other then duncans. My colony of duncans has grown at about the same speed as the clowns have grown.
  10. I missed my favorite sale 😢.
  11. Oregonic

    Salt Creep Removal

    I would think a hard water stain remover would work. I believe Zep makes a product for such purposes, but have never personally tried it. I would test on a small area. Home Depot carries Zep products.
  12. Oregonic

    Help ID algae or seaweed!?!

    Here is a picture with more white light. Color still doent look exact but pretty close. It is a dark brownish green. I have been trying to keep my hands out of the tank all the time except for every other week when doing water change. This Friday is water change night should i just leave it till then or pull it out now? Im kind of interested to see what it does if I leave it but definitely dont want it to take over the tank. I have never really had much of an algae issue, tank is just over 2 years old. Dont want to start having an algae issue now but super curious at same time.
  13. Oregonic

    Help ID algae or seaweed!?!

    It is a dark green like kelp you would find here at the oregon coast. I will turn up the whites tonight when I get home and take another photo.
  14. Have a weird algae or seaweed that appeared sometime in last few days. I haven’t added anything to the tank for at least 5 months. Any ideas?
  15. Oregonic

    SPS Turning Purple

    I had same issue when I tried green slimer. Slowly turned purple till there was no green whatsoever. Following.