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  1. I have come to the conclusion it is relatively cheap insurance. Yes they look expensive but the cost of an apex is substantially less then a tank crash. Its nice to have control of the tank when you are not at home.
  2. Kind of a mix. Here is a few in process pics.
  3. Hey everyone just wanted to share a project that my wife and I just did for my mother in law. She just purchased a new house so we decided to handle her new dining room table. It came out so well that I think I am going to redo the door for my tank stand. Here are a few before and after photos.
  4. I will let you know when I can get them removed. I have 4 rainbows and 3 rose.
  5. Not in a huge hurry, want to remove all 7 of them but if it takes a week to gather them so be it. Ideally I would like to preserve my scape but if I will break the rock up if necessary. I will never put BTA’s in my display again lol. 2 small ones turned into 7 large ones over the last 3 years and they just take up to much space. Whats the beat way to house them as I remove them, a plastic strainer? Hoping to sale or trade them in all at once not one at a time as I remove them.
  6. Im going to try something I read on Reef2reef. Supposedly if you cove them with a terra cotta pot they will usually walk up the inside towards the drain hole where the light enters. Ill let you guys know how it works thanks for the advice everyone.
  7. Yea held the rock outside the tank till I couldn’t hold it anymore probably 15 -20 min. The feet are to deep for the ice cube trick.
  8. That actually a gives me a good idea, maybe I can cover them with a dark plastic container and get them to walk.
  9. Trying to get rid of the BTA’s from my tank, cant seem to get them to let go. Tried power head pointed at them, tried holding rock upside down outside the tank till I could no longer hold it. Most the feet are deep inside cracks in the rock so can’t really get to the feet. Don’t particularly want to start breaking apart the rock but if thats the only option I guess I will have no choice. Leaving them is not an option as I am trying to move on to growing some more SPS.
  10. I have had great luck with it too.
  11. Myth: Oh dont worry you can set up a budget tank. Reality: Take the money you plan on spending and burn it for fun. Then take what you planed on spending double it, add another 50% and you may be ready to add corals.
  12. Interested in any trades?
  13. Yea I am guilty of doing it in heavy traffic especially when its hot af. Nothing worse then sitting in the hot sun not moving, heat stroke is real especially when you have no roof to provide shade. I may not always be the most responsible rider, my bike identifies as a unicycle sometimes, but when I lane split I do it responsibly and try to be considerate to other motorist.
  14. The bill will only allow lane splitting on the freeway and the motorcyclist can not exceed 15mph. It would only be relevant in stop and go traffic. The most dangerous thing for a motorcyclist in stop and go traffic is getting rear ended and pinched between 2 cars. A side swipe is substantially less dangerous and causes less bodily harm on average. Responsible lane splitting saves lives and has been proven to do so world wide. Irresponsible lane splitting is stupid.
  15. Thank god we may get legal lane splitting here, HB2314.
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