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  1. Jeremevans

    New here

    I thought Reef Crystals mixed up a lot higher than that. Any chance the test kit is off? Have you taken a sample in to the store to see if you can get the same reading they do? This site says 13 dkh. There is a good thread somewhere on Reef2Reef where people compare parameters of salt mix over time.
  2. Jeremevans

    New here

    Welcome! Stable alkalinity is something that is really beneficial to coral. Are you dosing 2 part solutions or just calcium in some form?
  3. Jeremevans

    how is salt water salt made?

    That video is interesting. They sort of gloss over the part about adding back in trace elements, but do say that it happens.
  4. Jeremevans

    PNWMAS Mailing Address?

    I think it has rotated over the years and usually been the treasurer or presidents address. For our bank accounts and the non profit filling I've listed my address this year. Do you need my address for something? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Jeremevans

    Majano Wand fs or trade $50

    @Higher Thinking maybe this one would eat your majanos.
  6. Jeremevans

    wow... very interesting!!

    It was interesting to see some of the variation. I'm not sold on higher dkh is always better. The coloration difference was interesting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Jeremevans

    Jason Fox Live Sale

    I’ve been looking periodically. Tried to buy a fox flame but I was too slow. How do people check out so fast? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Jeremevans

    Is there a fish trap around that I can borrow?

    Sounds like you need a laser...
  9. I bought a tank raised mandarin and put it in my tank months ago. I've seen it about once a month and it's growing. I had pretty much given up on it after the first month.
  10. Jeremevans

    Is there a fish trap around that I can borrow?

    I have a trap that you are welcome to use. I was given this trap and have never used it, but figured it might come in handy some day. I drive through Scappoose every day so I could drop it off. I don't live far if you want to swing be too. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Jeremevans

    what tongs are the best?

    I have a pair of 24" stainless tweezers that I think is made for feeding snakes (?). They are not the highest grade stainless (some rust over time), but the help me reach around a tank that is deeper and taller than arm length.
  12. That's a good deal on the Iwaki. I run one to return from the garage to the house (and up). Unfortunately, I have a backup already and fortunately I've never needed it.
  13. Not that this thread needs encouragement...but...The frags I got a while back have gone nuts and these are all very colorful and hardy corals
  14. Jeremevans

    ICP Analysis

    Update (2nd attempt): I did send in a second sample using my own container. The USPS tracking said it left Portland, but it still appears to be "in transit" since July 14th. So, I waited patiently, but it is still in limbo today. https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=9500100023398192000158 Update (3rd attempt): Part of my thinking on being careful with all of the coral and fish in the tank is to do regular ICP tests, so I got up the energy to try again. This time I started with a new test vial (official packaging) and shipped again by USPS. Success. https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction?tLabels=9500100023398227000122 The package arrived in 5 days (included a weekend) and results were available on the website the next day. Results: The results format is not as slick as Triton ICP test and there is not nearly the information about each element. The ICP-Analysis.com website simply has links to wikipedia which are not too helpful in a reef tank context. An example is the high sulfur level I am seeing. I had to go google that and think about what it means. In the end I referenced a Randy Holmes post where he says not much is known about the effects of different sulfate to chloride ratios. Okay... So, then I looked at my results a bit more and pondered until it hit me. On the webpage, but not the printout they show the salinity. My salinity is too high (41.27 vs. 35 expected). I immediately grabbed my digitial salinity meter and checked. The salinity was 1.026...hmmm. I then rummaged around and found that calibration solution I bought and promptly filed away behind the test kits in my cupboard. My calibration was way off... After re-calibrating I could see that my SG was 1.030. Well, crap. Or... thanks ICP testing for reminding me to be diligent and pay attention! I'm now lowering my SG 1 point per day. I'm not sure what effect this elevated level had or how long it has been going on. I do 10% water changes weekly, so it has probably been creeping up. Moral: ICP testing is another arsenal in our tool bag to stay on top of managing our tanks. I will definitely be testing again, at least as insurance against my own human error. PS: I knew my calcium had been running high and I was surprised that it wasn't "snowing" in my tank. The high levels of all major elements definitely seem to corroborate the high salinity reading. testResult_jeremyevans_20180822223521.pdf
  15. Jeremevans

    July POTM Winner - Crustaceans

    So did he eat the small hermit (or snail) that is under him?