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  1. Jeremevans

    July POTM Winner - Crustaceans

    So did he eat the small hermit (or snail) that is under him?
  2. I picked up the frag kit yesterday--Thanks!
  3. It should work out perfect since there is no hope that I will leave work before 1pm. Thanks!
  4. @Emerald525 That could work. When are you planning to go by CnC tomorrow? I was thinking of dropping by there late afternoon-ish anyway.
  5. Maybe white light is the key--I haven't heard of too many people running that much white. More likely these buggers like lower flow. My tank is high flow and they high PAR so they seem to close up shop mid-day.
  6. Do you run 40% on whites and blues?
  7. The frag kit sounds useful. As soon as I figure out @kev311 's secrets I'm going to need it.
  8. Jeremevans

    Anybody have superman monti?

    I told my wife I was going to frag the superman monti and she said it isn't big enough yet...I better leave it alone for now since she likes it. So...maybe check back with me in a few months or give Upscales a call and see if they have a piece.
  9. Jeremevans

    Anybody have superman monti?

    What do you have for trade? I'll get a piece fragged and mounted on a plug so it can heal.
  10. So... @kev311 what's the magic to get explosive growth like that?
  11. Jeremevans

    Anybody have superman monti?

    I have an encrusting colony. I picked up a frag from Upscales a while back. They have a huge colony in the display. If you are looking for a frag I could probably cut / break off a piece. It is a pretty decent grower.
  12. Jeremevans

    Berghia Nudibranch

    Also @MrsBret are you still thinking about getting some ordered in? It looks like there is definitely interest.
  13. Jeremevans

    Berghia Nudibranch

    @ocboat Where did you order from?
  14. Started with 6 and it looks like I'm up to 12 now.
  15. Jeremevans

    Berghia Nudibranch

    I'm ready to pull the trigger on getting some Berghia's. Any recommendations / experiences? @spectra (or anyone else) let me know if you are interested and we could combine on a shipment.