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  1. 51.5x14(maybe 13 7/8), had a 55g tank on top, and there is some discoloration from water around the edge. The top is a solid piece of wood, so could be sanded if you want to use it for something other than a tank stand.


    Wife wants it gone and told me to take it with the old carpet I'm taking to the dump tomorrow, so if you want it, let me know quick and I'll throw it in the garage until you can get it.


    I'm in Vancouver, near the Costco by 205/padden. 8bf734bac974988e9d3793ac614c9ca6.jpg732c24bd62964f2c78b1928abfc02a2e.jpg


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  2. I have been going a little crazy not having a tank so I bought a fusion 30 not long ago. 
    Last night Kori came by and helped me get the new light hangers mounted so now I can start to aquascape the tank. The equipment will be pretty basic and nothing out of the ordinary on this one. 
    Nuvo Fusion 30l
    Mp10 if I decide it needs more flow
    ATI 4 bulb 36 inch sunpower 
    Dc return
    Marine pure blocks in overflow sections
    Red devil nano skimmer
    As for livestock I'm going with a clown or 2 and whatever my daughter picks out at the store
    Corals will be mainly higher end mushrooms, high end rock flowers, and some Lps. 
    It's more of a holding tank right now as I'm selling some corals but once those are sold I'll be able to aquascape it how I like! 
    Is your "stand" from ikea?

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  3. I certainly am not trying to say that water changes are bad, but if I can add the trace elements in the right amounts, that seems like a better approach for my situation. 

    Obviously do whatever is working for you. I may very well be making a mistake and learning 😁

  4. I understand that water changes can restore some balance, but math suggests that they're not as effective as people make them out to be. I'm certainly not opposed to doing them as a means of solving a problem, but at this point it seems like the only problem they would solve is adding minerals. 

    Also, my main parameters are currently flawless, and have been for some time with no water change. Everything is happy and healthy... 


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  5. I have the Smart ATO.  I had some turbulence when I used it in my 55g, but just normal surface breaking from pumps.  It worked well.  It false alarms a lot though with regard to it's logic to determine if it took too long to fill or it has been too long since it was filled.  I am looking for something else due to spousal complaints about the beeping... (but I will be selling it when I do, if you're interested)

  6. What kinds of things should I be dosing if I am going to do no/minimal water changes?  I have little coral now, mostly LPS and a few encrusting SPS.  

    My water parameters are good, as far as I can tell, and water changes suck, so I'm going to try to avoid water changes unless something appears to be a problem, but I know I need to replenish some of the elements that the corals use.