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  1. v4vendetta

    WTB Sunburst Anemone

    please keep me updated. What's the lineage?
  2. v4vendetta

    WTB Sunburst Anemone

    Would like to buy a Colorado Sunburst anemone or flame tip or inferno if anyone has one available?
  3. v4vendetta

    Pest zoas

    so if the zoas are shaped like an umbrella, it's a bad sign??? wondered why some of mine did the same thing
  4. v4vendetta

    any lfs around me?

    and is there a local reef club ?
  5. v4vendetta

    any lfs around me?

    kinda new this area, can someone recommend a lfs around belleuve?
  6. v4vendetta

    Marineland Tanks are a piece of CRAP!

    had the same thing happen to me few years ago. never buy anything associated with that brand anymore. garbage
  7. v4vendetta

    Another Craigslist freebie!

    wish i was close
  8. v4vendetta

    crazy worm growth

    are those bad for the tank or no?
  9. v4vendetta


    Would you guys recommend it over coral rx?
  10. v4vendetta


    how much are you supposed to use?
  11. v4vendetta

    WTB Jawbreaker mushroom

    WTB Jawbreaker mushroom let me know what u have.
  12. v4vendetta

    January 2017 Meeting Frag Swap

    thanks you very much for the advice
  13. v4vendetta

    newbie reefer from Renton

    Hello, everyone newbie reefer from Renton here. Hope to meet some of you guys and learn something about reefing.
  14. v4vendetta

    January 2017 Meeting Frag Swap

    Hi, I'm new to reefing so don't have any frags that I can trade but do members take cash for their frags? It's just cost too much to buy online or store and every reefing forum tells me the local frag swap is the way to go to get started in reefing without paying the retail $$$ and having to sell my kidney to the black market. Any advice or info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.