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    Hello From Tigard/Portland!

    Thanks Guys!! Bigger is definitely always better... To be honest though at this stage I need to start off fairly small for my own sanity. The amount of time I used to spend making, mixing, and changing 20 gallons of water biweekly was quite a bit of effort, also the stress of keeping high end SPS while on vacation a lot was a lot at the time... I am certain in time I will upgrade, but will want to start reasonably small.
  2. iairj84

    Hello From Tigard/Portland!

    Thanks Kim!! Not sure if I can make it to Dec. Meeting with everything going on. Definitely will keep it on my radar though if plans change.
  3. Hello everyone, I figured I would introduce myself on the forum here before I get too comfortable.... My reef keeping hobby has been put on hold for the past 4 years (renting in places where an aquarium is not allowed) and my wife and I are finally purchasing our first home, which means I can get back into the hobby again!!! After having visited Mcmenamin's in Beaverton/Tigard (the one with the 150-300g aquarium) my wife was again sold on the reef tank for the new home. With all that being said I have done the reef tank thing before and like many went from small nano FW aquarium, to larger planted tanks, then cichlids, then onto a nano reef tank, and all the way up to a 90 gallon with 40g sump and Metal Halides (before LED's were reasonable.) This go around I think it's best to start off somewhere in the middle, and I am thinking something like a 40g breeder (or a cube) with small sump/refuge will be just the ticket. I have also been looking at the all in one cubes, and while I like that option, the initial cost outlay is much higher, and I feel I can build something more to my liking that I can buy.... Anyways, all that being said I am happy to join this group of like minded individuals locally (relatively) and to share and learn from you all!! I have been involved with local clubs in the past and this seems like a great one!! -Matt
  4. Awesome hack getting it to work with the Apex web display. I will say that the cheapy fire tablets while great for this purpose are beyond bad when it comes to getting any moisture on/near them... Don't ask me how I know