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  1. Reeftastic

    Naso Pet Rock

    So cute!
  2. Reeftastic

    PNWMAS December Meeting!

    So excited we got the days off so we could come! Thank you everyone who worked hard to make it happen!
  3. Reeftastic

    Clown tang!!

    I think that might be the key with these fish just having bigger fish in your aquarium to keep them in line
  4. Reeftastic

    Clown tang!!

    Thank you! I sure do love him he's not aggressive yet but he's also one of the smaller fish in the tank ! The picture was worth 30 mins and 50+pictures!
  5. Reeftastic

    Clown tang!!

    Thanks for posting the picture for me ! Thanks guys!
  6. Reeftastic

    Clown tang!!

    Darn thought I posted it up sorry I'm new must have done it wrong lol
  7. Reeftastic

    Clown tang!!

    It took my 50 pictures because he is such a busy body but I finally got a picture of my clown tang and I think I'm in love! Thought you guys would enjoy!