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  1. 2 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

    thanks for the advice everyone. i think Im goinh to spend some time this weekend in the crawlspace and drilling peep holes in some drywall. i think there may be a way to plumb a basemeny sump. then i can buy a reeflo barracuda and finally become a real man :)

    oh yeah.. the 8' hap/peacock tank..6fae8382fbba1026c0d6093d87d19148.jpg

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    so whats up? you wanna adopt the haps? just want a good home for them and they came from a 240 like yours so that would be perfect. yours free if you want them. 

  2. im in the same predicament but I think im leaning more towards the basement ( garage for me) because of all the pros you mentioned and I was always paranoid of kids messing or scratching my tank when I was not there lol...... We have no kids and babysit a lot.. My current tank has a ton of scratches because of crazy kids. On a side note,,, your peacock/ hap tank is lookin awesome! come pick up the bucco and exo from me since im tired of people trying to buy them and throw them in a 20 gallon :happy:

  3. yeah it looked like he definitely demo'd one of the super low quality black boxes. Im sure the ocean revives , photons, sb's, etc have much better build quality and par distribution. He should definitely demo against these upgraded versions also since i feel thats what the majority of the reefing community are using 

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  4. me too! im currently deciding between sca, cad, and crystal dynamics..... sca gets awesome customer service reviews. I think Im gonna decide based on who makes the better stands. the wood versions and not the mdf options. any input would help greatly. Like xmas_one, im also looking in that 120-150 gallon range.

  5. I moved a 90 all the way from Los Angeles. Just get a couple 30 gallon totes from Home Depot and a couple of battery powered air pumps with air stones.  Good thing u won't need a heater on the transport since it's still hot. Reuse the 50 or so gallons in the totes and have water being made at your new house already to add in. I would also use this time to fully clean your substrate. You should still have enough BB from your live rock. 

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  6. Nice, and welcome! I too am in Tigard and also started with cichlids. Wait, could this be my evil twin?

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    Lol when I moved here last year all my cichlids died because escrow took an extra 3 weeks. I had 50+ full grown African cichlids sitting in Rubbermaids for 1 month..,.,... sad thing is , they all died 3 days before escrow closed. Prolly 1 fish died and ammonia poisoning got all of them

  7. Longtime cichlid hobbyist first time reefer! Well I kind of stumbled onto this. My sis is a realtor and she tells me she's selling a house and the previous owner asked her to get rid of the tank that was there. I go there expecting a small 10 gal but was surprised to see a nice 90 cube reef. It looked abandoned for about a month but still had the powerheads going and the lights on timers. The tank was a mess but I could still see life. So I salvaged the tank, got everything cleaned up and set it up at home. I'm new to saltwater so I'm learning a lot right now. Here's the tank all cleaned up and from what I was able to save. If anyone can help IDing anything would be helpful. From my research looks like green tip/ purple tip frogspawn, hammer coral, candy cane coral, brain coral, some mushrooms I guess? Any input appreciated.

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