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  1. 11 minutes ago, River City Corals said:

    It’s yours must be picked up tomorrow. Just moved into new house we built. Wife says take it back to Jeremy(the Clark)  Jeremy says you want it. I say ‘no’ wife will kill me. Jeremy says give it out. So that’s the deal!  I’m in vancouver

    Haha ok I’m free all day. Lemme know what times good. I think you still have my number. We were gonna trade tanks earlier. Just text me. If not I’ll dm you 

  2. 9 hours ago, pdxmonkeyboy said:

    i believe you can visit quality marine wholesalers.

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    2 hours ago, Krux said:

    Ive never been there, but i think Tong's in Fountain Valley is supposed to be a big place to visit.

    I’ll check em out. Just excited to check that 800 gallon reef at vivid and unique corals is one of the main westcoast triton retailers also. So I wanna check there systems out also. 

  3. Visiting family back in Los Angeles tomorrow and stopping by vivid aquariums and unique corals. Any other “ must visits” you guys know of when I’m down there? When I lived there I was only doing freshwater so excited to check reef stores 

  4. Awww beautiful dog! I always wanted a bull terrier. I have 2 American bullies. Only been up here 2 years. All my trainers back in Cali or else I would’ve been more than happy to help! These are my 2 bad kids! 


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  5. Not one speck of hair algae in the tank except for one trochus snail that’s always covered in it lol. He looks cool, it looks like he has real hair and super long. 


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  6. 5 hours ago, ChrisQ said:

    I noticed that you didn't list your magnesium level, From the very little i understand, as far as i know if your Mg. levels are off/low this will make it extra hard maintaining a stable alk,ca level as the Mg. helps keep them in check and utilize each other.

    This is kind of how i understood it, i maybe wrong, i hope someone will help me understand too if that's the case. :)

    From the article,

    "Additionally, magnesium impacts how effectively calcium and carbonate that are "trying" to precipitate are able to do so. It does this by altering the growing calcium carbonate solid so that it no longer looks as inviting for additional calcium and carbonate ions to stick to it."

    From the conclusion here.




    Found something else that sparked my interest and would like to learn more about, keep in mind, i can't quite wrap my head around this yet so i don't know if we are talking the same things.

    From the article, 

    "How big is this effect? In terms of magnesium, it is hard to say exactly how big the effect will be because the amount of magnesium deposited depends on the species involved, and ranges from less than 1% magnesium by weight in the skeleton, to more than 4%. Consequently, the magnesium demand in one aquarium may be very different from the magnesium demand in a second aquarium whose calcium demand is exactly the same."

    "Nevertheless, we can roughly calculate the magnitude of the effect. Depositing pure calcium carbonate requires 20 ppm of calcium for every 1 meq/L of alkalinity. Substituting magnesium to the extent of 1% by weight in the skeleton decreases the calcium content by 4.1%. So the demand is then 19.2 ppm calcium for every 1 meq/L of alkalinity. Substituting magnesium to the extent of 4% by weight in the skeleton decreases the calcium content by 16.5%. So the demand is then 16.7 ppm calcium for every 1 meq/L of alkalinity. The change in the balance of the demand caused by magnesium incorporation into corals will depend on the exact species driving the demand, but can be larger than the other causes described in this article."


    Article here:




    Yes, Exodus, i will def. give that a read as well. Looks like i can learn a lot from that one.


    My mag is actually higher than usual in the 40 breeder. It’s testing 1500. Brought my alk up to 7.0 yesterday, gonna bring up to 8.0 today. Ca still at 520. Then I’ll see how much depletes daily and dose both accordingly. 

  7. Since my 90 gal sprung a leak and I had to move everything to a temporary 40 breeder, I’m trying to get my parameters stable. My Alk has been low at 6.0 and Ca high at 520. I’m setting up my dosers but not sure how to dose since only ALK is high. All the research I did says I should be dosing both at equal amounts till stable. Wouldn’t my Ca just keep climbing? Or should I bring the Alk up over a couple days to ~8.0 then dose equally from there to keep stable. Thanks in advance!