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    Still good?

    Yeah my expired test kits read innacurately
  2. mrk13p


    Sorry to hear 😢😢 Prolly one thing died and u got an ammonia spike. In a 20, that would be my guess with so much livestock.
  3. mrk13p

    Happy Birthday Jorge!

    Happy bday brotha
  4. Visiting family back in Los Angeles tomorrow and stopping by vivid aquariums and unique corals. Any other “ must visits” you guys know of when I’m down there? When I lived there I was only doing freshwater so excited to check reef stores
  5. mrk13p

    Los Angeles fish stores

    This pic doesn’t do the 800 at vivid justice. I could literally stare at this tank all day . Wish I had pics of their floating aquascape
  6. mrk13p

    Los Angeles fish stores

    I’ll check em out. Just excited to check that 800 gallon reef at vivid and unique corals is one of the main westcoast triton retailers also. So I wanna check there systems out also.
  7. mrk13p

    Hair algae

    Not one speck of hair algae in the tank except for one trochus snail that’s always covered in it lol. He looks cool, it looks like he has real hair and super long.
  8. mrk13p

    Hair algae

    I know usually I have snails cleaning snails lol
  9. mrk13p

    Dog trainer recommendations

    Awww beautiful dog! I always wanted a bull terrier. I have 2 American bullies. Only been up here 2 years. All my trainers back in Cali or else I would’ve been more than happy to help! These are my 2 bad kids!
  10. mrk13p

    Hannah alk reagent

    Any stores carry locally? No rush just need some eventually.
  11. mrk13p


    C0CDB40D-A544-48C1-80CC-4CD8473AEF38.MOV The length of these sweeper tentacles always amaze me! Where do they hide them lol. Looks like I need to do some moving around
  12. mrk13p

    40 gallon sump

    Cool I see we have another bowler on here 👍🏽👍🏽
  13. mrk13p

    Dosing 2 part

    Since my 90 gal sprung a leak and I had to move everything to a temporary 40 breeder, I’m trying to get my parameters stable. My Alk has been low at 6.0 and Ca high at 520. I’m setting up my dosers but not sure how to dose since only ALK is high. All the research I did says I should be dosing both at equal amounts till stable. Wouldn’t my Ca just keep climbing? Or should I bring the Alk up over a couple days to ~8.0 then dose equally from there to keep stable. Thanks in advance!
  14. mrk13p

    Dosing 2 part

    My mag is actually higher than usual in the 40 breeder. It’s testing 1500. Brought my alk up to 7.0 yesterday, gonna bring up to 8.0 today. Ca still at 520. Then I’ll see how much depletes daily and dose both accordingly.
  15. mrk13p

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  16. mrk13p

    Dosing 2 part

    Thanks good read!
  17. mrk13p


    Yup. Female just turned 5 last month. She’s a big baby lol.
  18. mrk13p


    Glass sump 19.5x 16.5 x 13..... about 18 gallons. $20 obo. Was used on my 90 reef
  19. mrk13p


    I’m in Tigard.
  20. mrk13p

    Free cracked 90 cube

    The front does have a few scratches seen when full
  21. mrk13p

    Free cracked 90 cube

    Anybody want this to House reptiles? If not, going in the dumpster tomorrow. Would make a cool lizard, snake, or frog habitat. Measures 30x 30x 24
  22. mrk13p

    80 gal Acrylic tank

    1 overflow box with 3 drains
  23. mrk13p

    80 gal Acrylic tank

    Bean animal with ghost overflow is prolly gonna take the least amount of real estate
  24. mrk13p

    Cracked tank!

    Was transfering my 90 cube to the garage cause we’re moving in a couple months and noticed somewhere during the move, the bottom cracked!!! Now everyone’s sittin sad in a 40 breeder smh...... end rant ....
  25. mrk13p

    Cracked tank!

    No prob. The 90 was just gonna be holding tank till the move anyways. Just cramped in the 40. Main drawbacks no sump so no skimmer, ATO into main, etc...