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  1. GumdropDan

    Give me your ROCKS 0_o

    Thanks for the tip. Definetly not looking a handout. Was worded wrong lol
  2. GumdropDan

    Give me your ROCKS 0_o

    Im just about finished with rockscape in my tank but I think i need probably 30 lbs more to truly finish. I bought the ones I have online but im hoping someone has some extra rocks to sell. Keep on Reefing!
  3. Maintaining a reef tank comes down to the exact science, and good science is good observation! 

  4. GumdropDan

    The Next BIG Reefer

    Thanks for the welcome! I can't wait to start documenting my progress. Saltwater tanks is a living art. Maintaining this form of art is all science and great science is great observation!
  5. GumdropDan


    Need this gone!
  6. GumdropDan

    The Next BIG Reefer

    Hey there Reefers!This is my first post, and most importantly my first reef tank. As a kid, I would always try to convince my parents to let me get a saltwater tank, and for a moment there I had convinced them to get me one, that is until my mom got a swarm of advice to stay clear of saltwater because "it's too complicated for a kid".I was then given a freshwater tank, 1 UGLY fish, some plastic rocks and no proper equipment. It was a sad childhood indeed lol. Let me tell you my story, if you care to read on. I'm a bit of a story teller. Now I am 24, I have an amazing job, and more importantly my own tank. I started collecting all the necessary equipment about a year ago when I walked into Saltwater Obsessions in Gresham, located right here in the great PNW. They had a beautiful display tank and before I knew it, I was a kid again running around looking at all the fish. As soon as I saw the corals, man oh man, I was instantly hooked. Most people start off in the hobby because of the fish, but for me, it was always about the corals. That same day I bought a 90 gallon tank, it was pretty beat up, but I sure do love a project. Filled with excitement, I took the tank outside into the parking lot, a few moments later, I looked at my 4 door corolla and realized, this tank isn't going to fit in my car at all. As I stood there confused, the store owner's buddy offered to take the tank to my house, I couldn't have thanked him enough. I spent the next few weeks sanding, painting, resealing and updating all the hardware. Later on, I found out my apartment could not support the weight of a the 90 gallon reef tank, not including the sump I was going to add. About 9 months later I stumbled on a JBJ 45 Gallon Rimless tank for $150! These tanks are easily sold for around $700 and the only problem with it, was it needed to be resealed. I quickly jumped on it and drove about 2 hours to get there and another 2 to get back. I spent the weekend working on the tank, about 12 hours each day trying to get this tank ready. Now the tank is resealed, cleaned and ready for rocks. I just ordered some dry rocks and should be here in about a week. Thanks Bulk Reef Supply! I am so grateful that I will be able to start reefing, after a year of hard research I think Im ready to get started. Keep on Reefing!
  7. GumdropDan


    I have a 90 gallon that I'm ready to let go. Setting up a second tank, in need of a skimmer, lighting, contoller, live rock, etc. Make me a good offer. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk