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    Getting back in

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    Getting back in

    For flow: I'd like the tank to be viewed from 3 sides so I'd like to avoid having pumps on the side panes. Not sure how something like a MP40 would be on the back panel but I like the idea of no cords (or minimal cords) in the tank. this might move the sand around too much though. I was speaking with Oceans By Design about a custom eurobraced tank with a coast to coast overflow and was thinking I might be able to tuck a couple flow pumps underneath that - attached to the back wall but angled across the length of the tank.
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    Getting back in

    Hi All, I've been out of the hobby for about 10 years and looking at setting up another reef tank - mostly Fish, LPS and Softy to start. Tank size will be something in the 120 to 180 range. My current favorite is a 48" x 30" x 24" or maybe a 60" x 30" 24" - still looking at the space available in the house. The only pieces of equipment I have left are a Deltec AP851 skimmer and an RODI unit which will probably need all new filter cartridges since it's been sitting so long. I'm looking for equipment recommendations. here's what I'm thinking so far: Skimmer - use the existing Deltec - is this too over-sized for the tank? My previous tank was heavily stocked and I don't anticipate that changing this time around. Lighting - LED / T5 - I like a bit of shimmer. I was thinking maybe some Kessil's and T5 retro to fill in. Sump - 40G breeder w/ refugium - my skimmer is an external model that will be fed of the return pump so it can sit outside the sump. Return pump suggestions - it needs to be very quiet as the tank is in the living room with the TV and all equipment needs to be in the stand. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. RBT
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    New from Newberg, OR

    Hi All, I've been out of the hobby for about 10 years and looking to jump back in. Went in to buy our son a betta fish from The Premium Aquarium in Wilsonville and I think we might be starting up another reef. Our previous tank was a 180G mixed reef - the technology has changed a lot and I'm looking forward to learning more from you all. thank you. -tb