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  1. Looks like most are spoken for but its unclear whether fmorris can arrange to get them before I go out of town and the opportunity is over.
    I see youre in Portland too, Omoluabi, maybe one of you would like to drive down to Corvallis sometime in the next couple days? I leave town Aug 9 and I expect theyll hatch just before I return ~Aug 25.
    Edit and update: I took apart the rocks so I could get the eggs and count them. Turns out I have 9, happily bubbling in my incubator now. So that makes the current tally
    2 for badxgillen
    3 for fmorris
    want to take the rest?

    My birthday the 24 of August I'm free the whole weekend maybe I could drive down Sunday the 27th to get one

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  2. I have tried a lot of different power heads and for the money Hydor Koralia are hard to beat in my opinion. Unless you have some money to spend then go for a Vortech.

    No vortech money over here lol thanks for your input I was looking at those



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  3. I swore all this rock was super dead except one small one from the LFS... Please help Id, only a yellow goby and hermits in here now.



    Hard to get a good picture, hurt I'm pretty sure I saw 2 different ones a moment ago...


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    Looks like a bristle worm




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  4. How long do you think that would last? Box only says 35 minutes and I'm thinking it wasn't anticipating pumps, but rather something like a computer. I'm curious to know how much power it holds. Thirty minutes is definitely better than no minutes :)

    I think it would run the pumps for hours due to the low wattage of the pumps

  5. I keep my power head, and a backup heater connected to my batteries. That way if I lose power, the vital stay on until I make it home. With just one power head, and a heater, the backup will last a lot longer.

    Yeah the guy at Best Buy said the same thing



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