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  1. Here are some pics. Its is the BRS retrofit kit. I will be down in portland for work in about 4 to 5 weeks if you dont want to drive up to belfair.
  2. There are 2 and are 60 inches long, it does have reflectors. Non dimmable ballast. I will get a pic tomorrow. 50$ for the pair and you can have the bulbs in them
  3. Asking a firm 250$. I just reduced it from 300... it works great, I've run it both internal and external.
  4. Yes, it is. It works great, just missing the little plug for the collection cup drain. I had it draining to a remote container...
  5. Lowered the prices on the equipment and will somebody please buy this rock! Take all the rock for 100$
  6. Tank, stand and manifold are sold! Still have some good stuff left, let's make a deal!
  7. Lots of stuff still available. Somebody make an offer on this tank! I will take $200 for the tank, stand and overflow! (The pic has the tank backwards on the stand)
  8. Most everything still available, I get home from work this Tuesday.
  9. Prices are not firm! Most is listed more than half of what it costs new. I'm happy to help reefers on a buget. Make me an offer!! I want this stuff out of my garage
  10. Radion and dosing pumps are sold! I can ship some equipment if needed
  11. Time to give this a BUMP! Im getting home tomorrow. It looks like the radion and dosing pumps will be sold tomorrow.
  12. Hi everybody So I found out after posting this that i will be stuck at work till June 5th. My girlfriend will be home and we will be able to arrange pickup for most things on the list. Please be patient if you request pics
  13. I believe they are the v1 photon. I bought the 48inch unit new in 2015 and the 24inch unit used last year. There is a little rust on the metal but they both work great. The 24inch wont be available till mid June though...
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