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  1.  going to pull my tank down and  parting ways with it. so i'll start with the  fish and go from there. i can get pics on request. all fat and healthy. any questions just ask, in beaverto/hillsboro area

      what i got ..

     yellow tang 4-5" 20$

    hippo tang 6-7" 40$

    pair of Darwin clowns 3-4", hosting nems.75$ for the pair.

    toby puffer 4" 20" doesn't bother coral at all

    longfin cardinalfish 15$ 2"

    snowflake eel 15-18" long 30$ doesn't bother fish at all unless it feeding time.

    3 damsels(1 shap,blue/yellow tail/ greyish yellow one) 10$.

    1 big serpent star,  brown one not green.  5$ need a huge tank.