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  1. was wondering if anyone reseals tanks. i need the baffle redone, the return fitting stripped out and i need to take if out to access the bulkhead. >.<
  2. aquavitro balance

    anyone use it? i grabbed some the other day to try and it gelled up when i added it to my tank. was wondering if anyone had the same issue with it? took out a few gorgs, and maybe a hammer :c last night.
  3. Meeting Topic Ideas

    hacks and tricks of general up keep,
  4. Something Big!

    nice, cant wait to have it open. so i wont have that long of a drive over.
  5. 38 innovative mini start

    got my rock today now for the rest. more pics to come.
  6. 38 innovative mini start

    finally got it up and going. i think it came out ok. have to also cable manage after my new protein skimmer comes in. but now just waiting time to cycle it -dies-
  7. 38 innovative mini start

    mock set up, but i got her cleaned up and primed today.
  8. 38 innovative mini start

    ya, gonna aquascape it today :3 muagahahah, now i need to find some epoxy lol
  9. Hello, I thought id say high and introduce myself. just move back here from Kansas city, Mo. getting ready to set up a 38g innovative. had a few really nice Nanos. over the years and excited to get back in to the hobby.
  10. kc fishhead semi new to the area.

    thanks paratore, alos was nice visting and meeting you jeff. about ready to throw up my 38g :3
  11. kc fishhead semi new to the area.

    hey Emarald, thats was nice meet you and Jeff the other day. :3