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  1. fmorris

    Proten skimmer

    I have a hydor slim skim nano good to 35gallons
  2. fmorris

    Nano without a skimmer?

    i ran a nano for years w/o one. just did bi-weekly water changes and kent a-b, trace emelements. if you looking for a nano size one i have a hyrda laying around im not useing if intrested.
  3. was seening if anyone had a bucket of oolite sand laying around i could take off someones hands. setting up a 40gal breeder and looking for some.
  4. i got a 5/6" frag if ya got some of that pink hammer ;3
  5. fmorris


    i'll take the other
  6. fmorris

    FS: Green and Gold Torches 10% Goes to PNWMAS

    i have a soft ball sized golden i won at c-c
  7. fmorris

    FS: Green and Gold Torches 10% Goes to PNWMAS

    its ok, i know where some mother colonies are now.
  8. fmorris

    FS: Green and Gold Torches 10% Goes to PNWMAS

    awwwww man i wanted a gold torch frag :c
  9. fmorris

    Purple and green hammer 10 bucks a head

    i can swing over sat or sunday let me know a good time and addy
  10. fmorris

    Purple and green hammer 10 bucks a head

    put me down for 2 heads.
  11. let me know if you get any more pink hammer frag :3
  12. fmorris

    Anyone on here Bonsai?

    nice projects^^ what kind of pots they going in?
  13. fmorris

    frag egg crate

    looking for a small piece of egg crate shelf. my dragon goby keeps trying to cover up my frags >.< so i need a piece to get them out of the sand bed thanks frank.
  14. fmorris

    frag egg crate

    ya, i'll live down in beaverton, or. thanks though^^ cost the same to buy a whole sheet as it would take in gas.
  15. fmorris

    frag egg crate

    just a 16"x3" peice
  16. fmorris

    January 2017 Meeting at Holly's!

    see everyone in a few hours. havent forgot about you holly :3
  17. dam my other favorite thing in the world -hides wallet from self-
  18. fmorris

    Where to buy 14k DE MH bulbs

    might try hydrophonic garding places? but they may only have 10-14k
  19. fmorris


    gorilla crab hiding out?
  20. fmorris

    Wanting To Buy 24x24 Cube

    i have a 24" cube that will come avilable once i swaped it out for a 40 breeder.
  21. dont have much myself to trade cept a small peice of devils hand. how much would you want from some octopus/pompom and a purple green mushroom and a few yellow button polyps? i can run and get you a small heater aswell.
  22. fmorris

    WTT for nuvo

    i got a novu 39 some upgrades if intrested? just needs a plumbing y on the return.
  23. fmorris

    Feeding Anemones

    i give both mine small chunks of silver sides soaked in reef frenzy.and they get whats floats into them when feeding the rest of the tank.