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  1. i got a 5/6" frag if ya got some of that pink hammer ;3
  2. Gone

    i'll take the other
  3. FS: Green and Gold Torches 10% Goes to PNWMAS

    i have a soft ball sized golden i won at c-c
  4. FS: Green and Gold Torches 10% Goes to PNWMAS

    its ok, i know where some mother colonies are now.
  5. FS: Green and Gold Torches 10% Goes to PNWMAS

    awwwww man i wanted a gold torch frag :c
  6. Purple and green hammer 10 bucks a head

    i can swing over sat or sunday let me know a good time and addy
  7. Purple and green hammer 10 bucks a head

    put me down for 2 heads.
  8. let me know if you get any more pink hammer frag :3
  9. Anyone on here Bonsai?

    nice projects^^ what kind of pots they going in?
  10. frag egg crate

    looking for a small piece of egg crate shelf. my dragon goby keeps trying to cover up my frags >.< so i need a piece to get them out of the sand bed thanks frank.
  11. frag egg crate

    ya, i'll live down in beaverton, or. thanks though^^ cost the same to buy a whole sheet as it would take in gas.
  12. frag egg crate

    just a 16"x3" peice
  13. January 2017 Meeting at Holly's!

    see everyone in a few hours. havent forgot about you holly :3
  14. dam my other favorite thing in the world -hides wallet from self-
  15. Where to buy 14k DE MH bulbs

    might try hydrophonic garding places? but they may only have 10-14k

    gorilla crab hiding out?
  17. Wanting To Buy 24x24 Cube

    i have a 24" cube that will come avilable once i swaped it out for a 40 breeder.
  18. dont have much myself to trade cept a small peice of devils hand. how much would you want from some octopus/pompom and a purple green mushroom and a few yellow button polyps? i can run and get you a small heater aswell.
  19. WTT for nuvo

    i got a novu 39 some upgrades if intrested? just needs a plumbing y on the return.
  20. Feeding Anemones

    i give both mine small chunks of silver sides soaked in reef frenzy.and they get whats floats into them when feeding the rest of the tank.
  21. Looking for a better light then im currently running. so im seeing whats out there. i have a 250hqi/t5s set up with 15k,20k bulb both fairly new and low hours to trade and-or a current orbit pro led. also have some cash to toss in or buy it out right if the deal is right. thanks for looking cheers frank
  22. Hi

    Hello and welcome to the forum.Hope to seee you at the meet up's :3
  23. anyone selling an IM Nuvo or Fuson tank

    you know you want one kim. my 38 would look sexy in your house. ;3
  24. anyone selling an IM Nuvo or Fuson tank

    i have a nuvo mini 38 sitting around. if intrested
  25. Looking for Nuvo 20 or 30L

    I got a im 38 all in one.if intrested? Tank only.