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    freshwater dip vs copper dip

    was wondering peoples ideas on both.. recent got a fish and it came with a bout of ich was wondering what would be best for the tang.
  2. fmorris

    live stock for sale

    yes, sorry
  3. fmorris

    live stock for sale

    going to pull my tank down and parting ways with it. so i'll start with the fish and go from there. i can get pics on request. all fat and healthy. any questions just ask, in beaverto/hillsboro area what i got .. yellow tang 4-5" 20$ hippo tang 6-7" 40$ pair of Darwin clowns 3-4", hosting nems.75$ for the pair. toby puffer 4" 20" doesn't bother coral at all longfin cardinalfish 15$ 2" snowflake eel 15-18" long 30$ doesn't bother fish at all unless it feeding time. 3 damsels(1 shap,blue/yellow tail/ greyish yellow one) 10$. 1 big serpent star, brown one not green. 5$ need a huge tank.
  4. fmorris

    Maxspect Razor 160w LED Lighting Fixture

    16k , here is the list of the led's used 12 - Cool-White 8000K LED 6 - Warm-White 3000K LED 9 - Blue 465nm-485nm LED 6 - Royal-Blue 450nm-465nm LED 6 - Super-Actinic 410nm-420nm LED
  5. Just replaced the LEDs and lenses 3 months ago, so there pretty new. nice bright light. has all the bells and whistled. fully programmable and has the 2 presets. asking 275$ obo Effective Coverage: 40in x 20in | Maximum Coverage: 48in x 24inDimensions: 27" long x 10" wide x .9" thick
  6. fmorris

    Looking for Corals

    i have 2 baseball rbta's im looking to get rid of. along with 2 large rose bta
  7. fmorris

    live stock for sale

    still have the darwin clowns, damsels, eel. going to be posting corals probably this weekend
  8. fmorris

    live stock for sale

    beaverton/aloha area 185/tv-baseline
  9. fmorris

    live stock for sale

    ok, there is probably 60-65 pounds total 40-50 live, 15-20 dry. some tonga and south seas. alot has zoas and polyps and anemomes. kenya trees
  10. fmorris

    Help sick fish

    need a bit more info on the situation
  11. I don't have much time for my tank anymore due to work. would it be best to part it out or sale/trade it out right?
  12. fmorris

    parting/saling a complete tank set up

    what i was thinking, soo much to list though >.< i wish, its a 40gallon breeder rr with a 20 gallon long sump stand.
  13. fmorris

    WTT cuttlefish and eggs

    I'll take 3 eggs.
  14. fmorris

    Does this mean my tank is happy?!?!

    I don't know, I'd just worrie if you wake up one day and side was tagged in gang signs.
  15. title says it all, looking for a small pump to run my uv sterl. called around and couldn't find one to buy. so i thought id ask here. thanks frank
  16. fmorris


    I'll grab it from ya.
  17. fmorris

    Brittle star love festival

    That's the ruler of the roost. He is the size of a basketball. He will take food out of your hand.
  18. fmorris

    A Few Fish For Sale

    i'll take the Engineer Goby
  19. fmorris

    Last of the live stock updated

    i'll grab #3 joker zoas i think there called
  20. fmorris

    Harlequin shrimp $20

    I'll take it
  21. fmorris

    Maxspect Razor and Tunze ATO

    I'll speak up for the light
  22. fmorris

    Maxspect Razor and Tunze ATO

    Is the light the 27" 420r?
  23. fmorris

    Deals of a lifetime

    Can I get a address I'll come down afterwork around 4am if you still have the ocean revives.
  24. fmorris

    Free cheato

    pm sent
  25. fmorris

    Full 75 gallon system, PARTING OUT

    I'm interested in the lights and the sump