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  1. Looking to buy a 90-125g tank. The closer to Vancouver, WA the better. Let me know what you got.
  2. HyphyMike

    Selling Coral.

    Thank you
  3. HyphyMike

    Selling Coral.

    Located in Vancouver, WA. Got lots of goodies, mostly softies. Have a few small colonies of Acans, Some Galaxia, Lots of heads of Duncan, Lots of zoas, some pretty awesome ones, lots of pom pom xenia and green star polyps, A small frag of a pagoda coral, and some others Prices (May vary) Come make me an offer Acans $10-75 (Depends on the colony) Duncan $10 per head The Pagoda coral frag is $20? Galaxia - $20 per frag Pom Pom Xenia (Very Active waving motion) - $10 per frag Green Star Polyps - $5-15 per frag (Depending on the piece) Zoas $1-$10 per polyp
  4. HyphyMike

    Walking xenia?

    Thats pretty cool. I just found a baby xenia on one of my main rocks :/
  5. HyphyMike

    Color enhancing fish food

    Following. After accidently thawing all my food, I'm looking to switch it up. My fish all have excellent colors...for now. Trying to keep it that way. Currently Feeding Pellets (floating & sinking) soaked in garlic. I feed frozen PE mysis and brine when I dont leave them on the counter. I'm looking into adding more supplements for overall health as well. I like the look of Rod's blends but I have yet to try it.
  6. HyphyMike

    Walking xenia?

    Thats pretty funny! My question is, was this intentionally done or did it make its way onto the shell somehow?
  7. Such an awesome setup! Im jealous
  8. HyphyMike

    Selling Kessil A150W Sky Blue

    Price Drop $160
  9. HyphyMike

    Selling Kessil A150W Sky Blue

    Bump? Too much? Or just no interest?
  10. HyphyMike

    New to hobby and new to forum, from Vancouver

    Totally feel you there. If you go T5/MH make sure she doesnt see the electricity bill My electricity bill just doubled due to my new tank. Oops.
  11. HyphyMike

    New to hobby and new to forum, from Vancouver

    Welcome. Always happy to see people from the same town. A couvie huh, Blue Z Reef? I kinda like that. My preferred lighting is T5 with LED. I like LED only as well, because the flexibility and things you can do with them are exceptional.
  12. I bought the wrong light. Selling a lightly used A150W Sky Blue by Kessil. Or if you have an ocean blue or one of the blue-er spectrum lights and want to trade, that works too. No gooseneck or hanging kit included, but with the 2 hangers its very easy to diy a cable or chain to hang them. $175?
  13. HyphyMike

    Has anyone ever successfully kept a nudibranch tank?

    I'm very against getting the type of nudibranchs that eat unknown sponge or have an unknown diet. I'm not trying to build a slug graveyard. I would only choose the types with known diets that I could feed reasonably. Such as the ones I just listed. There are many very cool looking nudibranchs that trump the looks of everything on my list, but their diets are unknown and they cannot be sustainably kept I almost wish I had a flatworm problem so I could get a blue velvet nudibranch. Is that bad?
  14. HyphyMike

    Has anyone ever successfully kept a nudibranch tank?

    Hahaha I wouldnt complain about that. But I really dont think they eat them all that fast. I have many zoanthids and I've found a few nudis before but they havent really made a mark that I noticed. I've done a little more reasearch. I think I could collect some zoanthids from my frag tank, for maybe like 2 zoa eating nudis. Find a nice chunk of aptasia and start raising it in epic proportions on the other side of the tank for a berghia? Fabricate a turf algae scrubber and throw the mesh material in for a lettuce nudibranch/blue dot sea hare. Rotate the material. When they eat it all, grab whats growing in the prop tank and rotate them. Found out about a really cool nudibranch that mimics and eats xenia. The pom pom type I believe. I got a ton of that. Looks like a giant bush taking over the corner of my 10g It would mostly be a bare tank. So maybe do a reverse lighting type thing where its daylights during the night, and atinics during the day to trick them to come out during peak viewing times. I have multiple tanks I could use to cultivate the xenia/aptasia so they dont clear it all, if they end up eating it faster than expected. I really think this could be a really interesting experiment, so far I havent heard any really convincing arguements not to, but I'm still listening if someone thinks of something.
  15. HyphyMike

    Has anyone ever successfully kept a nudibranch tank?

    This is a very good point. If anything it would be a barebottom 10g with a small frag rack (2" x 2") of zoanthids, but you're probably right, they wouldnt stray far from the frags would they? I'd be worried about stability in a 3g, although it would probably perfect for viewing them.