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  1. I got this setup on here over a year ago for free so would like to donate it back to someone on the forum. I just broke down since I moved all of my coral to a frag tank. feel free to ask for more pictures these just a quick few I took. I'm located in St. Helens. tank has no issues just moved into a garage frag tank
  2. tank is gone please close!! and the zoas are awesome thank you so much! and thank you for the tips! @TheClark
  3. What do you do?

    I am a journeyman electrician and while work is super busy currently. I am willing to share knowledge and if I can lend a hand I am more then willing.
  4. Merry Christmas PNWMAS Fam!

    my cousins suprised me with this gem!!
  5. Equipment Sale

    interested in the reactor. I am curious though do you have to run gfo for it to work properly? or can you use gfo only as needed.
  6. Happy Birthday Jeff!!

    Happy birthday Jeff. hope you have an amazing day!
  7. yea hope someone scoops it up soon the wife wants it gone.
  8. legitimate Nemo!!

    So my wife picked up some clowns for me on black friday. I just noticed today one is missing one of its fins! Not funny but a funny coincidendence I've been busy and hadn't really had a chance to inspect them. he seems to be doing just fine though!
  9. 5th annual anniversary sale 12-16 and 12-17!

    I am pretty sure they are dated for after the sale.
  10. 5th annual anniversary sale 12-16 and 12-17!

    Congratulations on the 5 years Jeff!
  11. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Excited to see this come together! the aquascape your planning sounds awesome!
  12. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    nice can't wait to see this up and running enjoying the build as it progresses! if you need any extra hands moving that let me know but assuming you have it handled!
  13. Have a few questions?

    So I am preparing to move all my coralcorals to a frag tank I've been building and have a few questions. #1. I have vertmid snails on some of my live rock which I planned to stick in the sump I plan to kill all that I can see. Will it be safe to use or is there something else I should do? #2. I have a Synergey reef shadow over flow with bean animal plumbing I just started running to water through the system to leak test tonight and can' seem to get it dialed in perfectly. Tips would be greatly appreciated. #3. Some of my frags have hair alage that i have been battling should I peroxide dip all corals before moving over when the time comes or should I just manually remove? well I think that covers it for now thanks for looking. here are a few pics of the new setup please excuse the messy garage and lack of cable manageent it will be getting cleaned up in the next few days
  14. Have a few questions?

    I am currently just running ro/di water through everything but after messing with it for the last 20 minutes I think I figured it out I extended the open channel in the sump about 3 inches then opened the gate fully up and slowly closed it. and finally the open channel stoped sucking air! will running saltwater need to be tuned differently? I'm getting ready to mix some salt up.
  15. Have a few questions?

    Thank you! I'm hoping to have it super clean looking once I have everything running I just kind of slammed somethings together last night.
  16. Have a few questions?

    Thank you Kim! its defiently hair algae I got a sea hare a few months back that had mowed down the problem and seems to be in check. I was working out of town so it kind of got out of hand. I just have some on a few corals. Thank you for the tip on the snails. I figured it would be quite the adventure for them to make it all the way back to the display!
  17. Free top down viewer

    if the two people ahead of me pass on it is love to take it off your hands would be great for the frag tank I'm setting up.
  18. Generator Sizing

    haha we'e bee haha we have been very fortunate in our area for our longest outage being 4 hours in the past few years. knock on wood and I am not all knowing in electrical and am always willing to discuss I was just curious I could see a.c. circuits defintly having issues as lighting surging or motor loads so I suppose your return if ran straight from a receptacle or pumps could be suseptable.
  19. Generator Sizing

    I am curious wouldn't the power supplies on most of our electronic device clean the power since must sensitive equipment is transformed down to 12 or 24v? mine does have an act but am just curious. I know I've done some jobs where they transformer power to the same voltage just to clean it as well.
  20. Generator Sizing

    Is your system running off of one circuit. my guess is yes most likely a 15 amp circuit so pretty much any generator can handle that load. I went with around a 5000w but I am setup to back feed my panel and run lighting and my freezer as well in the house.
  21. Live Rock $2lb

    off-opic of post but nice to see another st. Helens reefer in here I think that makes 4 of us!
  22. WTB sump

    pm sent
  23. Basement/Garage Sumps and Construction

    yea we've had over 100 calls unfilled for months a lot of jobs are paying incentive to get people to work and lots of overtime.