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  1. I did this also and I will say it's a pain especially since you can just buy the black sheet.
  2. thank you yes I was confusing the hobo with the recluse.
  3. may be giant house spider they look very similar. I though I had brown recluse at my old place but after research I found they were just giant house spiders.
  4. I do have a small colony I can see if I can frag a branch off of tonight when I get home.
  5. I have no personal experience but these just hit the market a very short time ago so I would say it's hard to know other than red sea's testers.
  6. mods please close this Its over a year old and it's been brought up a few times lately. @albertareef
  7. I have a few frags left I'd love to offlaod
  8. no need to bring a frag but will gladly give you some blue digi! what time Saturday I will be around most of the day but we have baseball. feel free to text me @5092502653 and we can set it up
  9. willing to sell a frag of the pink mili or strawberry shortcake? if so PM me
  10. here's another picture I just came across!
  11. very kind of you! unfortunately I wont be in the sandy area anytime soon or i would snag this!
  12. I've been curious about this same thing I tried to do some research but it's all conflicting seems alot of people were claiming allowing a 3-4 degree swing throughout the day was ok since in the ocean that is natural. it also will make your coral hardier. but I feel most people try to keep it in the +-1* range which is what I do. hopefully some of the more experienced people will chime in here.
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