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  1. I think I need to ask for forgiveness

    if you can't wait to give it to Bert I can hold on to it until then hate to see it thrown out
  2. To the Dump

    I'm working out here and could deliver it for a fee if anyone wanted it.
  3. To the Dump

    the dalles
  4. Fraggin' bored

    nice looking zoas!
  5. Happy Birthday BadxGillen!!!

    Happy Birthday Bert!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
  6. Can't raise magnesium

    My refractometer shows both ppt and specific gravity and it is easier to look at the ppt side for me.
  7. MACNA 2017 Recap

    Great write up thanks for sharing!
  8. Frag Tank Driveby September 2017

    Nice video! Lots of nice pieces!
  9. giant water tank

    I would guess a feed store or tractor supply would be a safe bet.
  10. Where can I buy these, locally?

    Radio shack or a hardware or hobby store should have these just take the old one with you hobby store would be the safest bet imo. If you have room for wire nuts you can also do that and yes reds together and blacks together.
  11. Live rock

    I sent you a message.

    Admins please close I ended up ordering it. Thank you.
  13. I hate photobucket!

    @Trailermann when you go to comment click here than you can search your files and upload the pictures you would Like! Hope this help I use the mobile web version but I believe it is the same on the computer.
  14. Like the title says I'm looking for 3/4" lockline and a bulkhead figued id ask here before I bought it elsewhere. Also the proper homes as for 3/4" bulkhead. Thanks for looking and I plan to be at the bbq so meeting there would be a bonus!
  15. Dry live rock

    I'd say Rainer is 45- 50 minutes from pdx on 30. I live in st. Helens and it takes me roughly 45 minutes to get to 181st for school. Rainer is about 15 minutes further so would be a balance.