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  1. Live rock

    I sent you a message.

    Admins please close I ended up ordering it. Thank you.
  3. I hate photobucket!

    @Trailermann when you go to comment click here than you can search your files and upload the pictures you would Like! Hope this help I use the mobile web version but I believe it is the same on the computer.
  4. Like the title says I'm looking for 3/4" lockline and a bulkhead figued id ask here before I bought it elsewhere. Also the proper homes as for 3/4" bulkhead. Thanks for looking and I plan to be at the bbq so meeting there would be a bonus!
  5. Dry live rock

    I'd say Rainer is 45- 50 minutes from pdx on 30. I live in st. Helens and it takes me roughly 45 minutes to get to 181st for school. Rainer is about 15 minutes further so would be a balance.
  6. I hate photobucket!

    You can directly upload images to your posts now no photo bucket needed
  7. WTB Styrene "egg crate"

    I think it's just about 15 bucks for a 4x2 sheet I just bought some a week ago.
  8. Reefkeeper lite 80 obo

    I have a reefkeeper lite that I purchased used and never used it. It powers on and probe reads temps. I am wanting 80 obo possibly interested in trades. Thanks for looking. Text works best 509-250-2653
  9. Gas versus Diesel Looking for car advice

    I haven't ready many reviews on the new diesel in the Colorado's but typical you will pull much easier with a diesel the torque makes a big difference. And typically diesels get much better fuel mileage I average around 20 on the road with my full size and 14 towing just under 8000 lbs.
  10. Equipment for sale

    Does the piranha work on acrylic. If so I will take it.
  11. 240g Shark tank for sale

    where do you live, now?
  12. secret, not so secret monster tank build

    Awesome to get your kid welding! And huge tank looking forward to this build.
  13. Cichlids for sale

    curious on prices and what you have my stepdad keeps africans.
  14. Sps growout is OFFICIALLY done!

    Mine never really colored up or grew but still has a little polyp extension and is kicking. Thanks for hosting this
  15. OFFICIAL: sps grow out thread

    No changes for me