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  1. Vance164

    What are you using to blast rockwork?

    Thank you everyone for your input the pump idea seems neat. Julian's thing had my attention but seems pricey for what it is. I guess I'll just head in down to the Honda shop and pick up a pressure washer per pdxmonkeyboy's reccomendation I've been needing one anyhow 🤣🤣🤣
  2. anymore updates on this?
  3. I am curious what everyone is using to remove detritus from their rock work. I've used a Turkey baster but it wasn't very strong. I am thinking maybe a large syringe would be better.
  4. Vance164

    Best reef salt?

    this is exactly how I am currently doing it except I am using fritz salt and a power head while mixing. I use a food scale to weigh salt mix amount.
  5. Vance164


    just a water fan sorry I dont use it so was hoping to help you out.
  6. Vance164

    Whole Setup Must Go ASAP!

    what modules do you have for the apex and would you be willing to part any of the apex I'm interested in the dos
  7. Vance164


    what are you using it for? I have a very small korila(sp?) power head if that's what your using it for
  8. Vance164

    The St. Helens 200g Reef Box

    pictures do this no justice!!! I saw it just a few weeks ago and it looked amazing!
  9. Vance164

    Dr. Tim's

    I saw some at paradise coral I believe brett keeps it on hand there were at least 3 bottle last week
  10. Vance164

    50% off All clowns!

    Darn I guess I bought my clown pair a week early!! I hope people get a chance to take up this great deal!
  11. Vance164

    BRS group buy..????

    I believe it's part of the sponsorship with them and I recall maybe a year ago there was one?
  12. Vance164

    ideas for february meeting

    I also vote aquascaping.
  13. Vance164

    Hi reefers

    welcome to the forum looks like you know what your doing look forward to seeing your future build I just setup a 25 lagoon not too long ago
  14. if you have not met up with Jeremy I will be in St. Helen's tomorrow and can pick up your frag from him. I live in banks so could save you some drive time unfortunately I have no frags to offer since I'm just restarting a tank.