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  1. any intrest in a reefi led? with tank mount? how about 200?
  2. I have a reefi led maybe 2 with mounting brackets and conduit I'd be willing to let go of.
  3. I have a reefi led with mounting kit I would take 200 for.
  4. thank you I eneded up just buying a jebao 3 head today.
  5. Vance164

    SPS Issues

    sorry to hear this nick I do not have any insight but I do have some more tester frags for you if need be.
  6. Looking to buy a doser prefer jeboa but would also be interested in a neptune dos. Thanks for looking.
  7. not sure what it's worth so just let me know I can meet up anytime this weekend.
  8. a pest troy just let me dispose of that for you so you dont have to deal with it 🤣🤣🤣
  9. either or I don't live there but I do get down to Harrisburg to play paintball on occasion
  10. I am interested in the real hammer do you ever get near harrisburg
  11. I dont get home until 4:30 if you need to swing by earlier I'm sure my wife could bag them up for you. text me @5092502653
  12. I have a 2 different kinds I can spare free of charge I'm in banks oregon
  13. if randall passes this up I may be interested
  14. yes and from the 3 week storage video brs just posted the raised alk drops almost 2 points after 48 hours.
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