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  1. Awesome-- thanks Frank!
  2. I'll play again this year!
  3. Hi everyone-- I'm moving across the country and I need to get the tanks torn down. No pests in the tank other than colt coral and green zooanthids Here are some things I would like to sell, I'll add to the list as I get time and some better pictures. 1. Rock with a frogspawn and torch. Both green, probably between 6-9 heads each. Rock is about the size of a hand. $30.00 SOLD 2. Flat rock about the size of two hands covered with green zooanthids and two green bubble tip anemones. $30.00 Sold 3. Fist sized rock with green toadstool $15 Pending 4. Fist sized rock covered with green star polyps (bright) $25 Sold 5. large rock with three green bubble tip anemones $30.00 Sold 6. Rock with a bright red rock flower anemone, purple/blue mushrooms, green zoas $40.00 See Below 7. Pair of clownfish, one Picasso female and one oscellaris male-- great fish that love their anemones, very healthy never had signs of disease $50.00 for the pair Sold Sorry for the crummy pictures, but you get the idea. I can also sell rocks with colt coral & green zoas for $10 each-- they are very similar to Kenya trees. I live in the SW and can meet in Hillsdale.
  4. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    The last bits left! I got one of the flower anemones to release from the rock, now it is hanging with my other one. Both anemones can be had for $40-- They are super bright. I have a small frag rock with three rhodactis mushrooms. The whole frag is about the size of a silver dollar $10 These are nice quality mushrooms Finally, I have an old shell with four small green ricordia on it-- mama was big and bright! $15 Buy all of this for $50! Sold!
  5. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    Still have the Clowns $40? Two red rock flower anemones, one alone on a rock $30 One on larger piece of Pukani with other mushrooms, lime-gree zoas, and a half-dead SPS from Rudy $40 A couple of small pieces of GSP & as much colt coral as you want come free with purchase!
  6. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    I have a few smaller tanks, too. Oceanic glass 20 gallon "cube". 16x16x18.5h --Not Drilled-- $20 Via Aqua 780 20 gallon 20x13x18.5 -- $20 Generic 15 gallon tall 20x10x18 --$10 Fluval evo 5 gallon with stock light -- $40 All are being cleaned right now with a vinegar soak. I also have a 60 gallon acrylic cube 23 x 23 x 26 from truview. Corner acrylic sheets are black, front is in good condition but can probably use a good buff as there are a few scratches, mostly on the outside. I drilled it to make a Herbie overflow and it is super quiet. It would include a nice glass sump, newer Jebao pump, SCA skimmer, and a couple of Jebao powerheads for $350
  7. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    Here are some better pictures of the clowns, great fish but mad I sold their homes! $50 for both Sold
  8. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    More stuff from my pico tank Two maxi-mini anemones, one is red with green fringe and one is blue-ish with green fringe. Comes with the rock. $30 Sold Rock with three small mushrooms (Rhodactis?) green with orange edges. $20 Rock with two small green mushrooms (Rhodactis too?) and a small bunch of zoas $30 I'm not sure where the orange ricordia went... Sold Two sexy shrimp $20 for both Sold Conch $10 Sold Frag of Sunny D with five polyps $30 Sold
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    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  10. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    I got mine in at 5:01 I would ask for a ruling by the judge but I think she has a conflict of interest in this case.
  11. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Punchbowl is looking better this week. I stocked it up with some zoas and mushrooms last week, along with a flower nem from the group buy. I also got three sexy shrimp, one of which went to the big sexy in the sky. I've got some red algae on the sand bed again-- time for a water change!
  12. rdavis

    36" Coralife single t5 fixture

    I can use that-- pm on the way
  13. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    My update for the punchbowl: I fought the green hair algae and cyano bloom for the last two weeks-- It definitely got worse before it got better. I borrowed my conch and a turbo from my display tank and and changed water a few times to make it better. Now the tank is looking better, but really bare. Time to get stocking! Still loving my maxi-minis! I'll be picking up a flower anemone at the meeting tomorrow-- hoping to get some bright zoas to give the tank some color! I'm thinking some Rastas and SunnyDs on one rock and a couple of ricordia on the other.
  14. Seeing if someone has this reactor or something like it (similar size) they would like to sell. Thanks!
  15. rdavis

    Wanted: Phosban 550 reactor

    pm sent!
  16. rdavis

    CNC Auction 9

  17. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    My tank got a case of the ugliness this week. Green hair algae and cyano took over the tank after the cycle. I took out a couple of the rocks and gave them a peroxide shower and a toothbrushing and they look a lot better. I got a clean-up crew in there and hopefully everything is going to get better with some water changes by the end of the week. I got a couple of maxi-mini anemones last week that are awesome. I have four rocks total, so I'm thinking rock flowers on one, zoas on another, and some mushrooms on the third. Hopefully I'll be able to stock up on some of these later in the week and get them growing!
  18. I'll take 1 cleaner shrimp and 5 snails
  19. rdavis

    CNC Auction # 2-8 Green Eclectus

  20. rdavis

    CNC Auction # 2-8 Green Eclectus

  21. rdavis

    CNC Auction # 1 CNC Multi Color Zoas

  22. rdavis

    CNC Auction # 4 Multi Color Yuma

  23. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    My punchbowl nano entry: I thought it would be cool to have a shallow tank with mini anemones and ricordia. I thought a punchbowl would be cool and set out to find one that was big and shallow. I looked at the local Goodwill stores in the area ("home of the small, tall punchbowl") with no luck and found one on Craigslist that was what I was looking for. It was a little pricey, but it included a glass ladle to help with the waterchanges! My list: 1) 4 gallon punchbowl $30 2) Hydor 180 pico powerhead $20.99 3) Rock from an old tank and sand I had laying around 4) Tetra 25w heater I had laying around 5) Maxspect Razor Nano I already had Total cost so far: $50.99 It took about 2.5 gallons of water to fill it up & now I just need to wait for the sand to settle. I'm hoping for some nice colors from maxi-minis and rock flower anemones (anyone have some to sell?). I love how it looks-- I just wish I could hide the heater better.
  24. rdavis

    Budget pico contest. Who's in?

    Sounds like fun-- count me in!