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  1. Awesome-- thanks Frank!
  2. I'll play again this year!
  3. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    The last bits left! I got one of the flower anemones to release from the rock, now it is hanging with my other one. Both anemones can be had for $40-- They are super bright. I have a small frag rock with three rhodactis mushrooms. The whole frag is about the size of a silver dollar $10 These are nice quality mushrooms Finally, I have an old shell with four small green ricordia on it-- mama was big and bright! $15 Buy all of this for $50! Sold!
  4. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    Still have the Clowns $40? Two red rock flower anemones, one alone on a rock $30 One on larger piece of Pukani with other mushrooms, lime-gree zoas, and a half-dead SPS from Rudy $40 A couple of small pieces of GSP & as much colt coral as you want come free with purchase!
  5. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    I have a few smaller tanks, too. Oceanic glass 20 gallon "cube". 16x16x18.5h --Not Drilled-- $20 Via Aqua 780 20 gallon 20x13x18.5 -- $20 Generic 15 gallon tall 20x10x18 --$10 Fluval evo 5 gallon with stock light -- $40 All are being cleaned right now with a vinegar soak. I also have a 60 gallon acrylic cube 23 x 23 x 26 from truview. Corner acrylic sheets are black, front is in good condition but can probably use a good buff as there are a few scratches, mostly on the outside. I drilled it to make a Herbie overflow and it is super quiet. It would include a nice glass sump, newer Jebao pump, SCA skimmer, and a couple of Jebao powerheads for $350
  6. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    Here are some better pictures of the clowns, great fish but mad I sold their homes! $50 for both Sold
  7. rdavis

    Moving sale-- Last of it!! SW Portland

    More stuff from my pico tank Two maxi-mini anemones, one is red with green fringe and one is blue-ish with green fringe. Comes with the rock. $30 Sold Rock with three small mushrooms (Rhodactis?) green with orange edges. $20 Rock with two small green mushrooms (Rhodactis too?) and a small bunch of zoas $30 I'm not sure where the orange ricordia went... Sold Two sexy shrimp $20 for both Sold Conch $10 Sold Frag of Sunny D with five polyps $30 Sold
  8. I'll take the first 2 listed (Rock w/frogspawn, torch & Flat rock w/2 hands covered zoas/BTA)

  9. Hi everyone-- I'm moving across the country and I need to get the tanks torn down. No pests in the tank other than colt coral and green zooanthids Here are some things I would like to sell, I'll add to the list as I get time and some better pictures. 1. Rock with a frogspawn and torch. Both green, probably between 6-9 heads each. Rock is about the size of a hand. $30.00 SOLD 2. Flat rock about the size of two hands covered with green zooanthids and two green bubble tip anemones. $30.00 Sold 3. Fist sized rock with green toadstool $15 Pending 4. Fist sized rock covered with green star polyps (bright) $25 Sold 5. large rock with three green bubble tip anemones $30.00 Sold 6. Rock with a bright red rock flower anemone, purple/blue mushrooms, green zoas $40.00 See Below 7. Pair of clownfish, one Picasso female and one oscellaris male-- great fish that love their anemones, very healthy never had signs of disease $50.00 for the pair Sold Sorry for the crummy pictures, but you get the idea. I can also sell rocks with colt coral & green zoas for $10 each-- they are very similar to Kenya trees. I live in the SW and can meet in Hillsdale.
  10. rdavis

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  11. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    I got mine in at 5:01 I would ask for a ruling by the judge but I think she has a conflict of interest in this case.
  12. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    Punchbowl is looking better this week. I stocked it up with some zoas and mushrooms last week, along with a flower nem from the group buy. I also got three sexy shrimp, one of which went to the big sexy in the sky. I've got some red algae on the sand bed again-- time for a water change!
  13. rdavis

    36" Coralife single t5 fixture

    I can use that-- pm on the way
  14. rdavis

    Tiny Tank, Tiny Budget Contest

    My update for the punchbowl: I fought the green hair algae and cyano bloom for the last two weeks-- It definitely got worse before it got better. I borrowed my conch and a turbo from my display tank and and changed water a few times to make it better. Now the tank is looking better, but really bare. Time to get stocking! Still loving my maxi-minis! I'll be picking up a flower anemone at the meeting tomorrow-- hoping to get some bright zoas to give the tank some color! I'm thinking some Rastas and SunnyDs on one rock and a couple of ricordia on the other.
  15. rdavis

    Wanted: Phosban 550 reactor

    pm sent!