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  1. 92g Oregon Reef

    How do you like the OHMAX light? I was thinking about getting one to replace my cheapo e27 light. Does it seem to be working alright? How did you hang it?
  2. Thanks Jeff!!

    I saw that green nem the other day-- super bright!
  3. WTB 75 to 110g complete setup

    You can get a new 75 gallon for $75 at Petco if you can find a store with one in stock.
  4. Rainbows are taking ova my sump!

    Very cool-- what is your sump like? Lots of rock? lights? Always interesting when the bubble tips just start dividing-- I have one that has never split, and others that split too much.
  5. Wow-- what an awesome tank! This is one of the best nanos I have ever seen, I love all the colors. Are you feeding the nems? Have they reproduced yet?
  6. I'm in again this year, just paid up
  7. 2016 Fantasy Football

    I'll keep my team if we go again
  8. Picked up the Forest Fire today from Paradise Corals who was nice enough to hold it for me. I got it home in no fewer than three pieces, though. It reminds me of that old "want more chips" joke. I got them mounted on some plugs and will return the love when they heal up. This was my first trip to Paradise Corals-- they have some sweet stock, I would be broke if I wasn't so poor!
  9. Whoo hoo-- Thanks Spectra, you rock!
  10. Share the love #1 -- Bring on the fire!
  11. My BC-29

    Thanks for the update-- I love this tank! How did the filefish work?
  12. Got aiptasia :(

    Lol-- I can't believe they won't sell syringes in Oregon. Like that is the limiting factor of being a heroin addict or something. You can buy syringes and needles on Amazon and get them mailed here. Just don't throw them in the trash after use, it is against the law here. Put them in a container and take them to the Walgreens for disposal.
  13. Has anyone ever successfully kept a nudibranch tank?

    I think it would make an awesome pico tank, small critters stand out more in 3 gallons of water.
  14. Feedback on 10g sump refugium

    Are you going to add a skimmer to the first compartment? If so, you want the weir from the first compartment a little taller than the second weir so the water level doesn't change where the skimmer is located.
  15. Crab - friend or foe?

    That's a pest crab. He'll eat your cuc and can even munch on corals.