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  1. I'm going to be gone for like a month in september due to some unexpected circumstances. I haven't been able to get anyone I know (and trust to take care of fish) to look after my tanks. 1 10 Gallon freshwater with bettas, several tetras, 1 otto catfish, 2 small plecos, 1 rainbow shark, 1 kuhli loach (it's literally covered in plants, and I plan to upgrade soon) 1 5 gallon tank with 2 green spot puffers and a purple shore crab (got it to feed my puffers from the coast, it's been alive for a couple months and puffers refuse to eat it, didn't have heart to kill it). (Was in a 20, put them in a 5 for convenience, they'll do fine for a month in it). Luckily I haven't stocked my 120 that just finished cycling yet. I had gotten it fully setup but after a breakout of brown slime I had to start it over. Would really appreciate the help, and could help return the favor in the future.
  2. LadAShark

    Need some macroalgae

    Might want to check with some of the New Jersey Aquarium clubs. We here in the west coast would have a pretty hard time getting it to you on the east coast lol
  3. LadAShark

    Need some macroalgae

    Oh my, I missed it by far cause I was waiting for the weekend. If you still have some I can pick it up tomorrow. Do let me know what you're planning.
  4. LadAShark

    Need some macroalgae

    Sounds good. Thanks.
  5. LadAShark

    Need some macroalgae

    I'm in Beaverton, OR, sorry for the late reply.
  6. LadAShark

    Need some macroalgae

    In need of some macro algae as I am starting up some new tanks with refugiums. Anybody have some they can give me? Would love any type (especially the more brightly colored ones though). Anything from chaeto to the purples, reds, and bright greens.
  7. LadAShark

    Chaeto/Macro share

    In need of some macro algae. Anybody still have clippings?
  8. LadAShark

    Used Saltwater

    Bleach would also work perfectly fine to kill plants. A combination of pouring bleach then pouring vinegar or vice versa could also neutralize (if measured properly) the pH change so you won't have to worry about planting in acidic/basic soil). As for reusing tank water, I'm pretty sure there'd be an easy way to separate the organics, the salt, and the water if I think back to O chem. Edit: hmm if I could find a semi-permeable membrane than only lets through water? Hmmm. Wait, silly me, that's RODI. Now if only there was a cheaper wayyyyy.
  9. I have access to tropical oysters for rather cheap ($43 for 50 of them) and was wondering what you guys think about using them for filtration?
  10. LadAShark

    Helpful Links for the Hobby

    https://www.petcha.com/gavage-tubes/ Although the thread talks about sharks, you can use gavage tubes to force feed fish that refuse to eat. Especially useful for some of the rarer/more expensive fishies. http://z8.invisionfree.com/Sharks_and_Rays/index.php?showtopic=616 In case anyone wants to make their own salt. From my experience and from what I hear it works well. There is a link in that thread to even more precise values. and how to make kalkwasser:
  11. LadAShark

    Fish back up for grabs! They need to go ASAP

    I can take it, but I won't be back till Thursday as I mentioned before in text x.x
  12. LadAShark

    IM 10

    Looks nice. doesn't help that everytime I read the title "I am 10" pops up into my head and I skip the post haha
  13. LadAShark

    Saddleback toby puffer

    Well if you still have it in a week I'm working on a puffer tank.
  14. I'll take them all. buut realized I'll also need someone to hold them because I will be gone for a week...