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  1. If it isn’t already spoken for I am also in Tigard and would be willing to pick it up. Have been meaning to set up a small anemone display/growout tank for a while.
  2. That makes a lot of sense. Goodness, if they eat 1 every 1-2 days sustaining something like 10s to hundreds of them would take a lot of aiptasia. Though I guess similarly aiptasia can multiply like crazy, something to the order of 1 polyp to 5000 per year given the right conditions. I guess if I think about it in another way I’m basically converting the food I otherwise would have fed to a culture into aiptasia which acts as food for the berghia. Now I just need to source my berghias.
  3. Yeah I realized that my tank wouldn’t have nearly enough aiptasia to support a culture long term. Plus, I wouldn’t even want to rely on my tank as an aiptasia farm. The plan is to find some that I have not killed yet and then just plant a ton of them in a 5 gallon tank or so. Maybe chop them up a few times for said tank. The tiles idea is pretty good, I’ll try to see if I can find any tiles lying around from a while back. Alternatively I might just consider going barebottom with those and just tear out some aiptasia using some forceps. Culturing them might actually end up being a lot of fun. Any idea how much aiptasia they actually need to eat on a dailly/weekly basis?
  4. So I realized I have accidentally introduced aiptasia to my tank despite quarantining. Interested in purchasing a few berghia nudibranches to firstly culture then to then begin to eradicate my own aiptasia (since my copepods would likely kill them off if I introduced them too young, and I run the risk of my fish eating them if I don’t have enough). Would prefer to buy locally and support some local breeder/culturer rather than shelling out for some online retailer.
  5. I’m interested depending on how far out you are, pm sent.
  6. I’d like the GSP, Xenia, and Cespitularia (which works out great since the only thing I wasn’t particularly interested in were the clove polyps.)
  7. I think I’d like to have it, but I can’t find info on how big of a tank it’s rated for?
  8. That’s the opposite of a problem in my book. My trigger eats all of them too fast, I need snails that either can’t be bitten through or reproduce fast enough. I would love to have a ton of stomatellas. I tried getting some from some other folks on here but I think a few were not enough to take hold in my tank.
  9. Love to have another urchin. Pm sent.
  10. I’d love to have the torch. Also somewhat interested in the grape plate and perhaps the duncan and/or hammers depending on their size. I’m also in tigard so I can come check out the rest of the corals too when grabbing the torch if that’s ok. My main interest is just the torch though 😜
  11. I already have one, a second would be great. You’re in Albany, Oregon right? Will you ever be passing through Portland soon? If so I’d love to have it. If not, I don’t think I can get him 😞 as I’ve been super busy lately.
  12. Sounds like a fun alternative to a mobile game 😜
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