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  1. I’d love to get the blue throat and the purple tang if either fall through.
  2. I highly recommend soaking any rock you get in sodium hydroxide solution (unless you reallllly want to keep some rock alive, thought you can bet you’d get the same bacteria again through your macroalgae and pods). Pretty sure you can find a good ration to use online but it wouldn’t be capable of causing damage to the rock, while completely removing all deposited organics, leftover algae, and deposited phosphates. Doing an even better job than bleach could, while leaving no residue like bleach. I buy Essential Depot lye/sodium hydroxide off of Amazon. It works like a charm. Also useful for some other things in the hobby. Just be careful not to get it on your hands and you’ll be golden. Also soak it in some water, rodi water preferably, afterwards to get all the residue and remaining unreacted sodium hydroxide off, and you’ll have the cleanest dry rock you possibly can with no real effort involved besides pulling on gloves, mixing the solution, and putting the rocks in.
  3. I’ve heard of some anecdotal experience (that most worked in my experience too) with nems that might just help. Feeding the nem when it’s in a spot you want it to be seems to make most nems (except one suicidal one I’ve had, grrrr) stick to their spot for the most part. I’ve had it work spectacularly well. My rose tip anemone even does this whole stretching display when it’s feeding time.
  4. Beautiful, with the trade off being it’s a devourer of worl— err everything potentially. Glws, truly a centerpiece, but would likely need something built around it.
  5. Dimensions on the 150? Might be interested. Might also be interested in the 48” t5 fixtures depending on their state. Edit: Oh lord. Cottage Grove. That’s far. South of even Eugene. I will need to think twice on a trip like that. A 4 hour round trip will be hard to schedule. Nonetheless, still might be interested in the things I mentioned, but will need a better shopping list before I make the trip.
  6. I think I’ll take the hannah if reefrun won’t. Might also be interested in the water change stuff, but not 100% sure on the latter bit.
  7. I tried to get a xenia frag into my tag. I was going to attempt a xenia refugium, but temporarily put it into my display. It was demolished by something, and while I am not a hundred percent sure, my suspicion is it was my Longhorn Cowfish. Despite the name, he’s such a pig 😡 🤣 All the xenia variants and the cespitularia I got disappeared almost overnight. Rip. Might have to relocate him, a regal tang, and an indian trigger when I get over my bout of LRS (lazy reefer syndrome, or maybe busy reefer syndrome in this case?).
  8. I don’t really see the need to close threads the majority of the time. If we must be OCD about it, a “close thread request” button could be available. Alternatively just give the thread creator the power to close their own threads. Nonetheless, unless there’s some weird memory leak issue or something serverside that actually requires you to close threads (due to some unspeakable spaghetti code), I don’t see the point.
  9. If it isn’t already spoken for I am also in Tigard and would be willing to pick it up. Have been meaning to set up a small anemone display/growout tank for a while.
  10. That makes a lot of sense. Goodness, if they eat 1 every 1-2 days sustaining something like 10s to hundreds of them would take a lot of aiptasia. Though I guess similarly aiptasia can multiply like crazy, something to the order of 1 polyp to 5000 per year given the right conditions. I guess if I think about it in another way I’m basically converting the food I otherwise would have fed to a culture into aiptasia which acts as food for the berghia. Now I just need to source my berghias.
  11. Yeah I realized that my tank wouldn’t have nearly enough aiptasia to support a culture long term. Plus, I wouldn’t even want to rely on my tank as an aiptasia farm. The plan is to find some that I have not killed yet and then just plant a ton of them in a 5 gallon tank or so. Maybe chop them up a few times for said tank. The tiles idea is pretty good, I’ll try to see if I can find any tiles lying around from a while back. Alternatively I might just consider going barebottom with those and just tear out some aiptasia using some forceps. Culturing them might actually end up being a lot of fun. Any idea how much aiptasia they actually need to eat on a dailly/weekly basis?
  12. So I realized I have accidentally introduced aiptasia to my tank despite quarantining. Interested in purchasing a few berghia nudibranches to firstly culture then to then begin to eradicate my own aiptasia (since my copepods would likely kill them off if I introduced them too young, and I run the risk of my fish eating them if I don’t have enough). Would prefer to buy locally and support some local breeder/culturer rather than shelling out for some online retailer.
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