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  1. Joestotz

    Zoanthid Frag Pack for TFT

    Just to get it started I'll go 100.00
  2. Joestotz

    Meeting Topic Ideas

    Kalkwasser dosing and photography using your smart phones
  3. Joestotz

    Chiller recalibration aqua euro usa

    Great info thanks for sharing!
  4. Joestotz

    More Corals for Sale / Live Rock

    Where are you located? I might pick up the flower pot
  5. Joestotz

    Something Big!

    Kind of a rustic floor it's going to get awfully muddy with all the saltwater ????????
  6. Joestotz

    Anyone use CerMedia Marine Pure Bio-Filter?

    Carbon and gfo will help
  7. Joestotz

    IM 30L

  8. I'm reading this as I just came in from setting up my r/o system and water barrels in my garage. At least I have carpet fans and commercial dehumidifier if something goes wrong! Crossing my fingers. Ps if any of you get in a pinch and need to dry out floors come and get them I would be more than happy to loan them to members.
  9. Joestotz

    Bristleworm problem in tank

    Everybody on here is going to have a different opinion on bristle worms. they are good for your tank and sand bed. they feed on all the dead stuff. If they get to big you can get them out with tweezers. It's best to wait until about an hour after the lights go out. They come out to feed at night.
  10. Joestotz

    Sump Design

    They make skimmer stands that look nice you can order. I made mine from egg crate with pvc legs. I've seen people use bricks I'm not sure I would put them in my sump but they didn't seem to have any problems.
  11. Joestotz

    Custom Canopy

    I forgot to ask How long is your tank?
  12. Joestotz

    Custom Canopy

    I'm doing the same thing right now and I'm running everything exposed it's going to look professional I'm making brackets to hold the t-5's I'm using sun blaster single bulb fixtures. (2) on each side of my (3) kessils. I can show you pictures when I'm done. The sun blaster a are 25.00 each and you only need two sets of reflectors which are 13.00 a set. I'm making my brackets out of 1/2 inch electrical conduit I'm going to powder coat them myself.
  13. Joestotz

    Son's 250 gallon SPS dominant tank!

    Wow looks great!
  14. Joestotz

    Looking for

    Whoops Mike Lee is the plumber
  15. Joestotz

    Looking for

    Water cents plumbing 360-975-8575 Paul blaze get current electric 360-281-7800 Both do work in Oregon great guys I use them at least once a week!
  16. Joestotz

    Egg Crate

    I have some for you. Text me and I'll give you my address
  17. Joestotz

    Sun blaster t5's

    Sun blaster t'5s They are 25.00 without the bulbs Not sure which bulb combo I wanna use blue, atinic, magenta etc.. Has anyone used these? I have a 36" tank with 2) kessil 160w and 1) kessil 360we on a controller still has a lot of shadowing. I'm thinking of putting 2 on each side of the kessils. I have so much money wrapped up in the kessils I would like to keep them.
  18. Joestotz

    Sun blaster t5's

    Thanks for the feedback!
  19. Joestotz

    What cleaning crew should I start off with?

    I would get a tiger conch for the sand maintenance they work there butts off. Some people put a snail a gallon in the tank i think it's a little much. I have a 40 gallon I have a mixture of 20 snails and two big Mexican turbos which are bulldozers. (They knock everything over that's not glued down) I have around 12 blue leg hermits which is to many but I feed them to my octopus. I would do 5 per 40 gallons. That's all I have I might get an emerald crab but I don't have hair algae so it hasn't been a priority. They keep my tank pretty clean. everyone is going to have a different amount and opinion this works for my setup and water quality it may or may not work for you. Good luck!
  20. Hey potato salad is really good.????
  21. Joestotz

    Sad day for my saltwater

    Wow sorry to hear that! Let me know when your back up and running I will donate a couple of frags
  22. I live in Vancouver they only use chlorine and not chloramines which is easier on your carbon block. I have a hydrologic r/o system that does a hundred gallons a day i got a good deal on it and it works well. It gets about 98% of the stuff out of the water. I have 189 parts per million TDS on the tap water side after it goes through the R/o system it has 7-12 ppm depending on the condition of my filters. I have been running a tank with this water for a few months and have had no issues. With that said I am adding two more stages both filled with di resin. When the ppm goes from zero to 3 or more I will change the di resin in the first canister and move the last canister to where the first canister was. This way I'm not wasting any resin. You can get di resin on eBay cheaper than you can get it locally I believe the long term cost of the di resin will out weigh the potential tank crash you could have avoided by using the best quality of water for your tank. With all that said just think of all the crap we put in to our own bodies and the health benefits you can have by drinking r/o di water so that should also help justify the cost of the system.
  23. Joestotz

    Cutting holes in glass

    Where are you located?
  24. Joestotz

    Sump Design

    I have seen spectras sump and it is very effective it keeps his water crystal clear. And assuming how happy his corals are doing and he has a lot of them packed in that tank I would say it's working great. With that said I run an acrylic sump custom made from soutas (no longer in the biz) it has a 7" filter sock chamber a skimmer chamber and a built in refugium/return area. I chose not to use the refugium area for macro so it didn't get sucked into my return pump. Also I don't want it causing havoc on my ATO. So I made a baffle out of egg crate to house all the macro and it's working out great. So it's possible to have success with either type and it depends on what you really want. Good luck!