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    I did some major electrical and other contracting to make my man cave "safe" for the reef. Changed out the wood flooring for ceramic tiles, and re-routed many electrical circuits and upgraded and moved the panels in the garage. Then I added a cut off to switch critical circuits over to a generator when the power goes off. This was one big step short of a whole house set up. This hobby is way more expensive than I expected. Yes, you all warned me, but I did not listen.
  2. Trailermann


    Gee, if you can pull this off for less the 10K, I will be envious.
  3. Trailermann

    Apex & Alexa integration

    Wow, now if only this feature is available in the older Apex Gold. I doubt it.
  4. Trailermann

    Quarantine tank

    Any plans to also do a QT for corals?
  5. Trailermann

    any fishermen here

    Hmmm, 30 outings for one fish. Boy can I relate. That is why I am now an avid trout flyfisherman.
  6. Trailermann

    Algae everywhere

    What is this greenish brown stuff? Grows very fast, and has attached to new frags within two days. How do I get rid of it? Sorry about the photo. I misplaced the filter gel I had.
  7. Trailermann

    NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Kindly place me in line, either model will work. btw, what is the approx wait time?
  8. Trailermann

    FS Melanaris Wrasse 5”

    Hmmm, realized that your big fish would be way to large for my small tanks.
  9. Trailermann

    FS Melanaris Wrasse 5”

    Just curious since I am an imbecile with computers, and even forums. Why can you not receive messages? How does that work?
  10. Trailermann

    FS Melanaris Wrasse 5”

    Maybe interested.
  11. Trailermann

    Where to buy Python type tubing?

    Uhh, who/what/where is the bloom you refer to?
  12. Trailermann

    Algae everywhere

    Update on the dino issue. The H2O2 knocked out the algae, but it came back a week later. Now dosing again. But I read that the likely cause in the first place was zero phosphates and nitrates. To address this, I have been dosing Brightwell Aquatics Neophos. The phosphate does go up, but drops down to zero overnight. Puzzling since there was no visible algae in the tank when I was using the Neophos.
  13. I am bringing a bag of unopened Kalness media to the meeting. You name your price. Free if you want. I will be leaving early so look me up when you arrive. Light brown Tee, and jeans. Paul
  14. Trailermann

    WTB well used band saw

    Hoping to help you off load your back up diamond blade band saw, or one that is nearly worn out and you need an excuse to replace it.
  15. The following three would be happy in my house. Can pick up Saturday Citrus Mistress encrusting Montipora. Branching Apple Berry Monti. Superman encrusting Montipora.
  16. Trailermann

    Few high end equipment for sale

    Too bad you are not selling the N18. I understand it is better to have a algae reactor slightly smaller than needed, rather than slightly larger.
  17. Interested in Ruby 30 sump if still available.
  18. Trailermann

    Algae everywhere

    yes, i am interested in your kind offer. see pm.
  19. Trailermann

    Algae everywhere

    I am starting to attach the dino without using a black out. First step of filtering the water through a filter sock did not work very well. Obviously I will need a much finer sock because 80% of the crap went right through. Starting the 2 week H2O2 regimen.
  20. Trailermann

    Algae everywhere

    Many thanks to all of you. Great club we are in.
  21. Trailermann

    BRS Reactor

    I have an unused BRS single reactor that I do not plan on using. Interested?
  22. Trailermann

    Bio Balls

    I have a bag of Kaldnes media. Should work well. Google it and see if that can work for you.
  23. Trailermann

    May Meeting May 12

    Oh no, I will be away fishing (catch and release of course).
  24. I went blank today at the meeting.  The phosphate test system is Hanna Phosphate Checker, a manufacturer that is often recommended by on-line retailers.



  25. Trailermann

    Can't lower nitrate

    Even after multiple 25% water changes of my 30 gallon JBJ rimless, the nitrate remains at 10 using Red Sea Pro test kit (and repeated testing). I get higher readings in my live rock holding tank, and lower results in my other 30 gallon LPS tank. On top of that mystery, the nitrate level does not go up from 10 after a fortnight of regular feedings and no water changes. I am puzzled. If my readings are accurate, what can cause the nitrates to hold at a rock solid ten?