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  1. WTB: Achilles Tang or other baby powder

    Opps, I forgot to add the silly smiley face to establish that this was a joke. I am still new to "forum-speak".
  2. WTB: Achilles Tang or other baby powder

    If you open your own shop, you can then buy wholesale. Good luck.
  3. Clear netting?

    I have plenty as well.
  4. Reusing carbon

    Easy question: Can you reuse granulated carbon? Of course, it has a limited life, but I am talking about putting it in the sump for a few days, removing it for a week or so, then dropping it back in. Does it need to be kept wet, or should it be rinsed out with RO water between uses?
  5. For Sale: Metal Halide bulbs

    Barely used, 175 watt bulbs, mogul size bases and single ends. $50 OBO. I have shifted to LED and don't want to trash items that someone might be able to use.
  6. For Sale: Metal Halide bulbs

    I hate packing, but for a little upcharge on the shipping fee, I will gladly help. Do you have recommendation for shipping method? UPS overnight? 5 day? Pony Express?
  7. For Sale: Metal Halide bulbs

    No one wants to pay for old light bulbs. So these are free. No charge. Complimentary.
  8. WTS Bubble Magus Curve 7

    This skimmer, in perfect shape, is still available.
  9. WTS Bubble Magus Curve 7

    Excellent condition skimmer, handles up to 240 gallons. Only used for about 6 weeks while breaking in new tank. Asking $235, retails for $299.
  10. Reusing carbon

    Still wondering if the carbon can be reused several times before it is depleted. Am I the only one so cheap that he does not want to throw away potentially useful media?
  11. January 2018 Meet at The Premium Aquarium

    Rats. I'll be on Grand Cayman that week.
  12. Why is the reef tank not depleting calcium?

    That you all for the support. I am exploring your suggestions, and know I will figure it out.
  13. I am adding alkalinity solution every day in my 30 gallon mixed reef. The rocks and sand are very well established. Yet the calcium is staying high. I keep waiting for the calcium to start dropping in tandem with alkalinity so I can start up my calcium reactor. What gives?
  14. What do you do?

    Wow, am I the only retired far*. Most of the jobs mentioned here did not exist when I got our of college back in the previous century.
  15. What do you do?

    You are right. I wish someone would shut this guy down, or at least shut him up.
  16. Reusing carbon

    Of course it cannot be reused after it is exhausted. If the carbon has a usable life of two weeks and I just use it for three days, can it be stored and used again?
  17. WTB Nano skimmer

    sorry for not updating. No longer need skimmer
  18. WTB Nano skimmer

    My Hydor slim skim went bye bye. Needed a skimmer for 30 gallon all in one. JBJ rimmless, but probably many models will work. You name the fair price. Even better, used Hydor that still works. Can also use a hang-on back for other 30 gallon tank.
  19. Does tank lighting affect skimmer foaming?

    I am using a cheap shimmer powered by airstone. I asked the question since thought it was working more at night. N ow I am watching it more closely, and have tuned it a bit. Night action no longer an issue. Thanks for the responses.
  20. My skimmer does not seem to be working well during the day, but in the morning, it has spit up some foam into the cup. Is that normal, and does feeding affect it?
  21. Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers

    this series continues to be interesting, and a bit intriguing. Should we be wondering which types of algae reactors/scrubbers grow hair algae?
  22. Stock Update From Santa Monica Filtration®

    Thanks Exodus. Now it makes sense. But I think you meant to say Drop rather than Rain
  23. WTB Nano skimmer

    Bump-itis Last chance to unload excess gear from your closet. If there are no takers, I will have to give my children's Christmas present money to a cold impersonal retailer.
  24. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    From what my earlier research showed me, SPS numbers can be from 250 to 450. But I am an SPS newbie and have no actual results to back this up.
  25. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Yes, I went through this issue early this year. It could be informative for Manny to review my thread "MQ 520 is not a PAR meter, right" started on April 7th. Bottom line is that the numbers that the meter is reading are, for all intents and purposes, equivalent to PAR. It took me several hours and dozens of reading to finally get the hang of the meter. It ends up being quite easy to use. You will see that moving the meter just a couple of inches can change the PAR significantly.