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  1. Torts growing real "stringy"

    Here is a pic of one of my tanks, it may be hard to see, where the coral seems to be stunted by the powerhead flow.
  2. Torts growing real "stringy"

    Yeah, that's one of the reasons it took me so long to do the build. I wasn't sure if we would be moving anytime in the near future. A couple would be nice, but unless I throw them in a hallway (which I wouldn't mind doing) I'm not sure it would be worth the extra strain on my marriage.
  3. Joined the Ocean Revive Club... Finally!

    Yeah, I agree $60 was a smokin deal. I've seen them all over the web for about $175 for the one without a timer, $200 for one with. I was just asking you to see if you found a better deal somewhere else. I'll keep looking around for sales.
  4. Joined the Ocean Revive Club... Finally!

    Where did you get them? The price has gone up since I last looked. I just snagged a couple on CL for $60 ea, but wouldn't mind getting more. They're a lot cheaper than my ecorays and they seem to have a better spectrum. I'm not sure how they compare to the ecorays PAR though. That was the main reason I first bought ecorays, the PAR per watt seemed to be the best at the time.
  5. Torts growing real "stringy"

    Yeah, i wanted it to look perfect when she got home, to ease her frustration. At least from the living room. The spare bedroom the tank is sitting in is a little less impressive. She was pissed anyway. We're pretty much out of room at this point, if she were to leave for any period of time there is not much left i can do. I have a couple Wyland paintings I'm going to put around it just to add to the ambiance, but nothing that requires permission or forgiveness.
  6. Gyre Pump Considerations

    I have a really coarse black sand bed and it had no problem turning it into dunes.
  7. Torts growing real "stringy"

    No thread. It was a quick build. My wife went to Georgia for training for 4 days, and i put a tank in the wall while she was gone. It's the old expression... It's better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission. I'm slowly (painfully slow) seeding it with frags. The thought was if i start with a frag it will look totally natural as it grows out, like it belongs there and wasn't just placed. Well, it looks the same either way, so i might just start throwing colonies in there.
  8. Torts growing real "stringy"

    Alright here's the full tank shot. It looks better with the lights on...
  9. Gyre Pump Considerations

    I have 2 130's in my 180. I started with a 150 and it was hard on my sand bed, that and my tank is apparently a snail farm. The snails would get in and destroy the 150s propellers. I upgraded to the new harder props (which i believe they all come with now) and the size between the props is the same size as the slots the water flows through so the snails would jam up the 150, where with the 130 the props are further apart so of a snail gets in, it just eventually gets launched back out. I haven't seen any new ones other than the 130 and 150.
  10. Torts growing real "stringy"

    I have one tank where you can actually see the water flow by the way the corals have grown around the flow. I'll post a pic soon.
  11. Torts growing real "stringy"

    I'll have to check this out when i get to a computer.
  12. Coral ?

    How long has your tank been up and running?
  13. April Meeting Store Tour 3 Meetings in One!

    This sounds like it was freaking awesome!!! I wish I could have made it. I work every other Saturday, so I guess I have a 50/50 shot on the next one...Or just take vacation. Anyway sounds pretty fun and I hope to make the next one.
  14. Torts growing real "stringy"

    Thank you, I bought it as a juvenile, didn't even have the orange teardrop yet. My display is 180, but as you will see, it's pretty empty. I'm at work right now I will post picks tomorrow.
  15. Torts growing real "stringy"

    Thanks, it's a real prick though. Won't allow ANY other fish in the tank, not just tangs, but most any other fish.