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  1. Huge turnout! I missed out on the pink goni’s but got a few nice frags anyway. I wanted to thank Holly personally for such a great event but she was tied up when my turn came. Thank you Holly!!! I so appreciate all the time and work on this. Also, thank you Jeff and everyone that was bagging, tagging and collecting the money. You are all appreciated!!!!
  2. Sample done tonight and will mail tomorrow! Sorry for the delay. I appreciate all you are doing. Very cool and interesting!
  3. Will try to get mine in ASAP. Tied up with work and life. Thank you for the reminder.
  4. Can I get in line again for the USB meter? Thank you!
  5. Wanted to drop by but got out of work too late. Will look for the next opportunity!
  6. I would be interested in five or six; maybe more depending on size.
  7. Bump! Shoot me an offer if prices are unreasonable. The worst that could happen is I say no.....
  8. I am so sorry.....I feel your pain and wish you and your creatures the best.
  9. Hey Brian, I think I have one and I am up near you.
  10. I mix BRS solution as prescribed and my outlet drips into the sump from about four inches off the water. I have never had it clog but I do have to knock the crust off as it creeps up the tube periodically.
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