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  1. One Supporting Member ticket and 5 for $20 = 6 tickets on the MP40. Thank you!
  2. I would do two or three weeks. I did one week in a ten-to-one bleach soak and wished after that I had done at least another week.
  3. I have heard that they have a lifespan and if this is the case then that must be a factor. For example, if they last ten years but it would take twenty years to gain back the cost in savings then it makes no sense. I have also heard that they decrease in efficiency as they age. Maybe technology has progressed and these things are no longer an issue.
  4. Should be able to get to CC tomorrow. Thank you!
  5. I would like to pick up the handheld meter for LEDs if possible. Will it be at CC? I could swing in tomorrow or Saturday.
  6. I did the bleach bath on some old rock that had been outside for months in someone’s yard. Came out great and stripped everything off. I have it cooking in the garage after dechlorination for the last couple of months and change the water weekly using the water I drain from my display tank during water changes. Probably overkill on the additional soak/cure time but I am in no big rush. May add it to the DT this weekend.
  7. I would like to get in line for the newer handheld when available. I am redoing my rock work and will need to evaluate when that is done. Thank you.
  8. Where are you located? Interested in #3 if the location is right. Please send a PM with info. Thank you.
  9. Wow. I appreciated our discussions and all your reef advice. I hope everything is okay. Hopefully the current social unrest/climate did not impact too much. Stay safe and know you are on the side of right.
  10. I would probably be interested in one or two.
  11. I would like to get in line for the USB meter. Have new tank and new lights!
  12. Thank you! Picked some up and the project is moving forward!
  13. That was my first thought but apparently they are not open on the weekend.
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