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  1. February 10th Meeting @ Roy's!

    I hope to make it up there. Sounds like a good time!
  2. RO/DI Unit - How Many Stages? 4,5,6?

    I was there the other day and they were emptying Ocean in a Box out. They took tanks and all. It has been closed every since........😢 Thank you for the RO/DI info! I appreciate the help and will check out Neptune’s Coral.
  3. RO/DI Unit - How Many Stages? 4,5,6?

    Thanks for the heads up! I may still pick up a RO/DI unit to save trips back and forth. This would also allow me to really keep track of exactly what is in the water I am using. Do you know how well Neptune’s Coral keeps up in water quality/filter changes - DI resin, RO membranes, etc?
  4. RO/DI Unit - How Many Stages? 4,5,6?

    I have always bought RO/DI water at the lfs but now Ocean in a Box is closed (maybe for good). I am considering setting up my own RO/DI unit but have never run one of my own. I am in Battle Ground, WA. and not sure what the TDS of the city water is or how many “stages” I would need for the unit. I don’t think they use Chloramine in the city water but I could be wrong. Help me out with your experience and knowledge!
  5. Used RO/DI Unit - Good or Bad?

    Thank you for the quick reply! Do I need to worry about seals wearing out or other parts that may be replaced?
  6. Used RO/DI Unit - Good or Bad?

    I see used RO/DI units for sale periodically. Should I stay away from them or could this be a good way to save some money? Is there anything I should watch out for or check if purchasing a used setup?

    There are a couple on Craigslist right now. One in Salem and the other in Seattle.
  8. Taste your water!

    I thought I was the only one that tasted my water! I have always tasted my fresh top off water just to make sure.
  9. Tank Controller

    I started with a Reefkeeper lite plus and now have the Elite. I agree with programming frustration but finally wrapped my head around most of it. DA was actually very helpful even though I was upfront about buying my units used. They were more than willing to walk me through issues. I also spent a few hours on the interwebs to supliment my knowledge. I now have mine controlling everything during feeding, water changes, heater off/on, PH reading, temp, wave maker alternating off/on with two power heads, three dosing pumps that are dosing at various preset times, etc. The controller really simplified many things, but yes, it was a bit rough to get going/programmed. Once set up though - I am happy and would not go back to no controller.
  10. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Share the love! #3
  11. Equipment and live stock for sale.. Breakdown.

    Seconds on the MP10 if the deal falls through.
  12. Corals for Sale (WTS)

    Is the magnetic monti still available? Would be interested and could pick up on Friday.
  13. I will take the gyre as per PM. I can pick up on Saturday.
  14. Interested in the gyre. PM sent.
  15. 40 Gallon Breeder Tear Down

    PM sent for address/pickup information.