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  1. My magnets are leaking and swollen so need to be replaced. Anyone have any new replacements or used in good shape? Let me know! I figure it is worth a shot since these have been out for a long while. Thank you.
  2. PM sent. Thank you for checking up on the list.
  3. Dual DI/Reactor sold to Saltwater newbie (Thank you!) Wave controller pending to Gumby. Still have the light for sale.......
  4. I am so sad for you. I saw how hard you worked and how the store got better every time I came in. It was nice to talk shop and reef. I wish you all the best.
  5. I have the same issue with lower bio diversity - nearing the yellow on the graphs. My tank has been up nearly four years and started with dry rock and live sand. Later I purchased some Pukani dry rock and added some other rock from an established tank. I have added multiple corals/frags over the years from many sources in addition to countless cleanup crews and multiple fish. It would seem that each of the items added to the tank would bring bio diversity....... I am not sure how to increase the bio diversity without risking unwanted hitchhikers or bad pathogens.
  6. Huge turnout! I missed out on the pink goni’s but got a few nice frags anyway. I wanted to thank Holly personally for such a great event but she was tied up when my turn came. Thank you Holly!!! I so appreciate all the time and work on this. Also, thank you Jeff and everyone that was bagging, tagging and collecting the money. You are all appreciated!!!!
  7. Sample done tonight and will mail tomorrow! Sorry for the delay. I appreciate all you are doing. Very cool and interesting!
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