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  1. PM sent on the $30 light/mount.
  2. Mine has not opened much at all either. My other Goni is doing great. Not sure what is up with this one.
  3. Can I get on the USB list? Thank you.
  4. I will be in and looking forward to what you have to offer! Good luck and much support!
  5. I will get mine in soon. Have been swamped with a sudden move to a new position at work........
  6. This was so cool! Thank you so much Holly! You had some awesome pieces. I appreciate all you do for the club. I am humbled.
  7. Great job and thank you so much for all the hard work! My hat is off to you and everyone who helped out! You rock!
  8. I will give up my spot as I am not sure my system is stable enough to support such a cool piece. I want to make sure this awesome piece survives.
  9. I just started up my refugium and I am looking for some clean starter chaeto to get it going. May be interested in other macro algae as well. Let me know what you have! Thank you.
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