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  1. I would like to get in line for the USB meter. Thank you!
  2. Great selection! Thank you so much! It was nice to see you, your tanks and the fish room. Very cool! I need a bigger tank.......
  3. Might be interested in some parts. Not many people using this anymore.but I keep limping my system along with it. I do not have much coral of interest beyond the regular easy offerings. What are you looking for? frogspawn, photosynthetic gorgonians? That is about as adventurous as I have.
  4. I have been using the blue box for a mixed reef for six months or so. Seems to be fine but I am not checking each mixed batch. No negative effects noted. I am very concerned with the snub for the club though. I got mine from C and C. I trust them but not sure how they feel about the snub........
  5. Knuckledragger

    Clown fry

    Cool. I may try this some day. My clowns are egg laying machines!
  6. I Will be a regular! I wish all the best and hope to make the grand opening!
  7. These have been picked up. Nice to meet you Jeff and thank you for the frag! Mods please close.
  8. That will work. Some frogspawn would be great if you can spare some. I will PM with contact info.
  9. I have four smaller RBTAs that I would like to give away. They are maybe 3-4 inches across when open. One may have been damaged during removal but, hey, it is free. If you would like to kick me a frag or something that would be cool - but not necessary. I am in Battle Ground, WA. Pick up sooner than later or they will go to the LFS. PM if interested.
  10. I am in Battle Ground. Would be interested to talk tanks and see what your setup is. Not sure how much I can help but have had a mixed reef for several years now. Welcome to the forum!
  11. PM sent on the $30 light/mount.
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