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  1. If the OP is not interested I would probably be. I am in Battle Ground, so not far from Vancouver.
  2. I will be there but will be late. Stupid traffic!
  3. I would be interested in the Pukani. I could do cash if we can come to an agreement on price but have no coral to trade.
  4. Interested I the rw8’s. Is it $60 for the two? Let me know. Post is unclear..
  5. I miss OIAB even though they had some issues........I am all for warehouse for flexibility, space, parking and perhaps lower overhead. Warehouse can be more difficult and costly to heat and cool though I would think. I know OIAB battled those concerns at times. Also they had issues with neighbors producing heavy chemical smells, pot smoking smells and noise. Just my observations. I agree that cleanliness and well maintained/designed systems make me feel more comfortable buying at a shop. Selection and prices also weigh heavily on my interest in coming in.
  6. Glad others have had some positive experiences lately. Mine was a big fail with so many missed customer service opportunities. I got a “sorry” for all the trouble.......
  7. A few months ago I ordered a six stage “Plus” RODI unit with triple TDS meter. They sent the regular six stage without the upgrades. Called and got a return slip and sent only the four stage section as the two DI resin sections would not need replaced. They did not offer to speed up shipping, so I waited and finally received the replacement. I opened the package and discovered that they sent the wrong one again. I got ahold of them and they apologized and shipped a replacement and again did not upgrade shipping or offer anything else to make it right. By now my project was weeks behind and I expressed my frustration with their customer support. They said sorry and offered nothing - no reward points or anything. So I made another trip to ship the incorrect item back. I received notice they had shipped a replacement but saw that it appeared they may be shipping a full unit including the DI chambers even though I had made it VERY clear that I already had that section. I did not want to have to make another trip to ship another part back. I emailed and called and left a message. No response. Sure enough, they sent the entire unit - although what I received was a downgraded “upgraded” “new model” unit with dual TDS on the DI section and no chlorine test strips as was supposed to be part of the original package I paid for. I called again and told them I was very disappointed with this whole scenario and was frustrated that I would now need to make yet another trip for a return. I also told them I would be keeping the triple TDS meter because that is what I had paid for. I also pointed out that I did not receive chlorine test strips which were part of the original upgraded package I had purchased. They said “sorry”, keep the extra DI section and we will send the test strips. No offer of reward points or anything else to compensate for this redicilous transaction. Sure I have another DI section, but I do not need it. I will probably sell it at some point. My project ended up more than a month behind. I did another order weeks later because BRS was the only place I could find what I needed. Sure enough, items were missing, and as noted by the original poster, items were poorly packed and had banged around against each other. They sent the missing items with a “sorry” but no upgraded shipping or anything else. Not sure why the sudden decline in performance but seems something is is up. They are not the BRS I have always ordered from. Sad and I hope they can turn it around.
  8. Isn’t there something about packing electronics in dry rice after they get wet to draw out and absorb all moisture? Thought I heard that somewhere...........
  9. My clowns host in my green tree coral. They could care less about my two RBT, two Duncans, torch, frog spawn, octospawn or anything else.
  10. Thank you! Obviously did not look at the date of your last post. Glad to hear you got it worked out and hope I have similar success.........
  11. Beautiful tank and specimens! I am interested to see how the Chemi-Clean does on the cyano. I have been battling cyano for several months now. Feeding minimal every other day, siphoning with 50% water changes every two weeks......it just keeps coming back even stronger......I just ordered some Chemi-Clean.
  12. Dang it! Too slow. I may need to get a piece from you at some point Jeff if you frag it. Let me know. Nice piece!
  13. Hmmm. Well normally it is who ever replies in the thread to claim an item, but I will respect if you are doing it differently. Let me know. Thank you.
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