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  1. Taste your water!

    I thought I was the only one that tasted my water! I have always tasted my fresh top off water just to make sure.
  2. Tank Controller

    I started with a Reefkeeper lite plus and now have the Elite. I agree with programming frustration but finally wrapped my head around most of it. DA was actually very helpful even though I was upfront about buying my units used. They were more than willing to walk me through issues. I also spent a few hours on the interwebs to supliment my knowledge. I now have mine controlling everything during feeding, water changes, heater off/on, PH reading, temp, wave maker alternating off/on with two power heads, three dosing pumps that are dosing at various preset times, etc. The controller really simplified many things, but yes, it was a bit rough to get going/programmed. Once set up though - I am happy and would not go back to no controller.
  3. Share the Love: Random Euphyllia

    Share the love! #3
  4. Equipment and live stock for sale.. Breakdown.

    Seconds on the MP10 if the deal falls through.
  5. Corals for Sale (WTS)

    Is the magnetic monti still available? Would be interested and could pick up on Friday.
  6. I will take the gyre as per PM. I can pick up on Saturday.
  7. Interested in the gyre. PM sent.
  8. 40 Gallon Breeder Tear Down

    PM sent for address/pickup information.
  9. 40 Gallon Breeder Tear Down

    I'll take the blood red shrimp. PM to follow.
  10. Free Green Birdsnest frags and Green Tree Coral frag

    Well, neither interested party has completed a pickup so these are still up for grabs. Will be around later this afternoon if someone wants them.
  11. I am going to build a new sump and need to source some glass. Any ideas? I have looked at Craig's List but most of the time you do not know if what you are getting is tempered or not. I am building the entire thing and not using good an existing aquarium and adding baffling.
  12. Free Green Birdsnest frags and Green Tree Coral frag

    I believe these are all spoken for pending pickup. Thank you.
  13. Hey Knuckledragger, I will take them. I live in Vancouver so let me know a good time to come over.

    However I am only setup to have softies will the be an issue the coral you have?

    Thanks Kelly

    1. Knuckledragger


      The birdsnest is pretty easy to keep and you will likely not even need to dose if you do periodic water changes. The lighting requirements on the mushrooms, birdsnest and green tree coral are not very high so if you are keeping softies already you should be O.K. Did you want the mushroom rock for $15? I will be available around noon tomorrow. Let me know if that works. 

    2. HenryLimpet


      Hello Knuckledragger, cannot make noon, would you be available later like after 3? Thanks Kelly

    3. Knuckledragger


      You can text me at 503-791-4506 for better communication. I will be around later this afternoon/early evening as well as tomorrow. We should be able to set a time.

  14. Free Green Birdsnest frags and Green Tree Coral frag

    To the top!
  15. I am in Battle Ground and will likely be around this weekend. The frags are small, maybe a couple of inches. They are leftovers from rearranging my corals yesterday. The birdsnest was getting stung by my torch so there are some dead spots. If you like frags though there should be plenty of live pieces you could use. The green tree is a couple of inches tall. I also have a small fist size piece of rock with about six or eight orange and purple mushrooms that I would like to sell. How does $15 sound? PM for text info and time to pickup.