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  1. Chasing Coral

    The part when the entire reef turned intense fluorescent colors right before bleaching made me think of some of the colors I’ve seen in ULNS systems. Anyone else think of that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. New Red Sea 160 gallon tank.

    Sweet tank! I have been thinking of getting a red sea reefer for awhile now. You have any thoughts on the res sea route vs a traditional DIY? Personally iv learned im not as a handy is I’d like to think I am as my current tank looks like a science experiment in our living room and my wife is reaching a breaking point with it. Thanks!
  3. Back in the game: 125 Reef (re)build!

    Sweet tank. I'm very impressed by the clown tang. They have always been my favorite tang but I have been to scared to pull the trigger. Have you had any aggression issues?
  4. Rimless VS Euro-braced?

    My mom has a rimless. Its really pretty when everything is clean but fish keep jumping out so where adding a mess and top kinda ruining the rimless look. Go euro brace
  5. Reef humor

    Literally made me Lough outloud in an inappropriate setting. Thanks for sharing!
  6. Fish for Biocube?

    Id honestly get rid damsel before adding anything new. Im assuming the damsel is a juvi right now but once he matures he could really create some havoc. Also i would not recomoned adding a yellow tang an algea grazer with a lawnmower blenny also an algea grazer in a small tank. The tang would stess over the feeing competition and it would not end well. Id add a midas blenny to get some activity towards the middle and top of the tank. They are beautiful swimmers. Alot of the fish being discussed here are jumpers and the biocubs dont come with lids
  7. Westside Tim Acro growout

    Wow what a beauty!
  8. Koran Angel with fin deterioration and lumps

    Recently went through this with an juvi emperor angelfish. Unfortunately I lost him and think is was mainly because I kept trying different treatments and finally found one that killed him. Based on the pics I agree is looks like lymphocytes. In which case you just want to make sure the fish is not stressed. A slightly larger quarantine with some rock to feel secure and lowering the salinity could do wonders. I would not panic unless the fishes appetite is decreasing
  9. SALT

    Is that something they sell in bulk?
  10. March POTM Winner

    beautiful! amazing shot
  11. ATI worth the money?

    ​ I was running leds and switched to a 6 bulb ati with the exact bulb combo your thinking. Overall iv been happy with the switch. Creates a nice ice blue look. Way better growth than I ever got with the leds. However, as some who enjoys my tanks on the bluer side, the beauty of the led blue with the shimmer can't be replicated with T5s. I missed it so much I now run blue leds with my T5s. Also, helps with dawn/dusk. One thing I did not consider before I made the switch is that T5s give out way more heat than the LEDs. Way less than MH but significantly more than LEDs. Their heat has created some issues I never dealt with the LEDs.