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  1. Your light mount looks awesome Daniel! Apologies for the derail.
  2. We had to eradicate a bunch of hobo spiders in our new house. I got the big red bag of powdered spider killer and sprinkled it on the perimeter of the entire property a couple times in the spring. That helped a lot but the hobo's were still in the house The trick inside is sticky traps placed parallel along walls they travel. I put 5-10 of these traps around the garage walls because that's where they were living mainly. It took a couple months but they're all gone and haven't come back. Seriously be careful with these. I had a friend in college that I just graduated with that lost his dad to a hobo bite last year.
  3. Haha I was thinking the shrimp is probably stoked to have all that fresh substrate to burrow in. They do seem to delight in digging the most inconvenient tunnels after all!
  4. I'm glad to hear it, especially from you Sid! My wife and I have our three little kids with us but we also have grandma down here to take them while we go. We were hoping for the tour but we'll make sure we do now.
  5. Any suggestions for our first trip there? You should start a thread about that job for those of us that don't know. I'd love to hear more.
  6. This is the first time I've left the peninsula alone for any length of time but we needed to get out of town after my graduation. Some surfing tonight should hit the spot. We're going to the Monteray Bay aquarium tomorrow and I'm very excited about the open sea exhibit. Maybe we'll run in to Sigourney Weaver... 🤣 I'll post aquarium pictures here tomorrow. In all seriousness this aquarium had been on my list of things to do for many years. 😎
  7. I'm totally jealous of that Dragon's Breath algae you've got going there. I have a teal hammer too.
  8. Whoo! I was just thinking the other day that it'd been too long since we'd had a GB forum sale.
  9. Awesome video! When I took down my last tank I expected there to be a lot more things in the downpipe as well. Likewise I was surprised to discover it almost devoid of life.
  10. I've been using this for a couple years now. It's always done the trick and no, it hasn't ever caused a skimmer reaction.
  11. Happy World Ocean Day everyone!
  12. Compared to what? The mining and storage also involved in nuclear? The wastewater from fracking? Coal?
  13. We are very, very different people.
  14. What's the time frame for the whole trip? I'm pretty interested.
  15. @Exodus already said it about the parameters but I'd like to specify from my own experience that lighting can make or break your coralline production. Having an incorrect spectrum on my last light completely hampered all algae growth except the wrong kinds. Once I switched over to the Hydra's, coralline has quickly infested everything just like my old tank.
  16. I had one of those in my 75g for a few hours one time. 😋
  17. They're limpets and they're a good thing. My sump is overrun with them.
  18. I need to replenish mine one of these days too. I just wanted to say that macro shot is stunning. Good luck with the hunt!
  19. While pretty, it's worth pointing out that Majano's can be very destructive. @albertareef lost a tank to them iirc.
  20. Float valves are a lifesaver!
  21. Beautiful video. Guess I'm going to have to go back to the Philippines one of these days. This is you I take it? What are the circumstances that led you on that dive?
  22. 😂I'm surprised that wasn't taken already. Very nice pun!
  23. This is seriously one of the toughest pieces of SPS. I picked up a frag of this years ago and it's still growing away. Wild how blue it got under the halides Bill!
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