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  1. Hello everyone! Like the title asks, I'd like to discuss our personal disease/pest prevention. A few months back I finally paid for my own lack of QT and got an ich/velvet outbreak and went from 15 fish to 4 inside of a couple of days. The reason I say it may have been ich when it seems more like a velvet timeline is because I had been throwing fish and livestock in willy-nilly since the start and kind of suspect that I finally tipped some scale and the ich went nuts. Either way, I about wiped out my fishstock due to my own laziness. Bummer. After some consideration I decided that if I'm sticking with this hobby for the long haul, and I am, I ought to get serious about all aspects of reefkeeping. I had already been aware that skipping quarantine was a bad choice and this seemed like a good time to finally get this figured out. I salvaged the last 4 (clowns, pajamafish and a lawnmower) by setting up a 20g QT with some 4" pvc tubes and appropriate gear. My fledgling QT procedure was born and here we are. Fast forward to now and those four were treated with copper and prazi and allowed to chill in the QT for 76 days to wait out the ich cysts. Essentially I fallowed my DT and now the 4 are back, healthy and ready to go. I currently have 2 medium Swallowtail Angels (Thanks Jeff!) in QT beginning their copper. There will be no exceptions to this rule in my system. I ignored these procedures for the first 3 years and paid dearly for it, so I no longer believe that to be a responsible or successful way to introduce fishstock. I hope we can help some folk out with this discussion. What I want to discuss for my own sake is everything else. I know a lot of people don't see this as necessary but for the sake of the conversation, let's pretend it is. There has been enough reports of pest eggs hiding inside of coral skeletons to warrant at least a look at what the hypothetical cleanest procedure would be. Obviously inverts are going to have to sit and stare at the wall for 76 days if we can agree that cysts can live on their shell. There isn't much to be done. How do I keep them alive for 76 days in an unmedicated QT? Any experience here? Then there's the million-dollar question: How do I safely QT coral? I tend to get mostly SPS with a smattering of LPS/Softies if they're really nice. I want to know the most foolproof methodology here. Bayer is on the agenda, but I need the most bulletproof procedures here for using it. Things like AEFW and red/black bugs terrify me worse than the fish diseases. Currently the only thing I have working knowledge of is to do a thorough inspection of the coral before ever considering purchase. I am completely new to dips for coral other than brief Seachem Reef Dip baths. I'd like to hear about these types of products that have the most proven track record. Also I am definitely aware of the problem with being unable to kill eggs this way. Is this going to require dosing or regular coral QT WC's? Let's hear it!
  2. GB Krakatoa Fire

    Ouch... That'd officially be the most expensive frag in history! Truly beautiful though Rudy.
  3. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    Thanks for being a part of it! It made a huge impact being able to see the exact tank we were looking at already set up in your shop. The whole family is really excited for this. The wife and kids all really love the hobby and have been very supportive of me pursuing it. I'm obviously beside myself with excitement at this point.
  4. Hi everybody and thanks for checking out my thread! First step, tear down to the subfloor and put hardy board down. I'm going to place and level the tank and tile around it. No need to ask for problems putting it directly on the tile. For those wondering about the weight and joist questions in a previous thread, the tank will mostly evenly straddle two engineered joists so no worries. Big thanks again to @spectra for helping to solve that issue. Gear: Return - Vectra M1 Skimmer - Reef Octopus Classic 200 Internal 8" Flow - Unsure, will start with what I have on hand but probably a Gyre XF-270 and whatever else if that's not enough. I am trying to avoid putting any pumps on the far wall. We'll see if that's realistic. Water Mixing/Changing - I have a closet under the stairs down in the garage where the reservoirs will go. RO/DI and top-off peristaltic pumps will also be down there. These will be hard plumbed up through the floor of the office and be a permanent fixture in the stand. There is a utility sink that is being installed in about two weeks right outside this closet where the drain for water changes will empty into as well as the waste line on the RO/DI. What this means is that hopefully I can turn on a small pump upstairs for a few seconds to start the drain siphon, empty the sump and then turn on the pump downstairs to refill it with new saltwater. How this is going to work is largely dependent on how the sump is configured etc. The main gist is that water changes are going to be soooooo much easier.
  5. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    It's starting to sink in at this point. I'm super excited by the encroaching reality of my dream tank. I actually matched the tank to the room and decided a peninsula would be best. Since that decision and subsequent research and reading I've really come to love the aesthetic. Two giant viewable sides is great. Jeff at C&C definitely pushed me over the edge when I saw his. After he offered me a deal I couldn't refuse we took the plunge and bought it. Rock shipment (100 lbs) from reefrocks.net is on the way. Really excited to build and have some cool aquascape ideas to work with. My main idea is one big arch with a little built up around the bases. Hopefully 1/4"-1/2" acrylic rods in drilled holes filled with IC-Gel will make this possible. Reefrocks is cutting three large rocks in half for me so the base of the arch will sit completely flat on the bottom.
  6. Greg's Red Sea Peninsula 650 Build Thread

    I think we have enough hands but here's hoping. We're going to pick it up on Saturday. So excited!!!
  7. Really good input and discourse here! @albertareef - I completely agree with the 'boy in a bubble' argument and have seen and heard several anecdotal cases of pristine QT gone wrong when one pest finally slipped through and annihilated everything. From a biology perspective this sort of lack of immunity response is obviously a bad thing and I appreciate your insight here. Things that make sense in science don't always come off as intuitive to the layman so it's helpful to the community hopefully to expose some of these more cryptic insights. @Flashy Fins - Wonderful write-up! Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. Tank transfer method is something that interests me more than the typical QT/HT setup but despite reading the process about a hundred times, I still am not clear enough to feel comfortable doing it. I suspect it's because I am primarily a tactile learner and someday I need someone in my face, saying words and gesticulating at me to do the right thing. That said, I've read more success stories out of this approach than any other, especially when it comes to our water-filled friend the Anemone. I know you posted a comprehensive link but for the sake of locality in the thread, would you mind posting a few pictures of your bucket process and QT? If you don't have any perhaps I've at worst given you an excuse for a new piece of livestock?
  8. Red Planet Frag - Large

  9. Great scores at Paradise corals!

    Let's see them pictures!
  10. Hey everyone! I'll be starting my fish room hopefully at the beginning of the year but wanted to tap this community for advice. Anyone have a basement sump? @albertareef I'm sure you'll have some contributions here. Next question is what would you guys and gals advise I do for the construction end? I'm sort of handy and have tools but am not any kind of carpenter. The plan is to find a reputable GC and plan it out with them but my main concern is that they will likely have no experience with fish rooms. I'd be willing to hire someone off here if they want work in Salem and are bonded/insured. I need to clear the space out a little but I'll post pictures of the area. Basically it'd be converting a Harry Potter understair room. Knock the main wall out and extend it 3-4 feet, add a door, ventilation, wash tub, floor drain, reroute a cable run, add a socket or two etc. I plan on heavy ventilation but don't trust my own lack of know-how around shutting up that much water in a closed area. The sump is a 150g stock tank that will live down there full of rock. Moisture barriers and such are beyond me. A big concern is that the garage has tall ceilings (~16') and I could use ideas for what kind of pump I'm going to need to get the water upstairs, be it internal or external but definitely not interested in DC controllable types. Luckily the fish room should be more or less right under the tank. Anyways, this is coming and I'd like to start my conversation with you all! It's either this or a slightly less extreme compromise of putting water barrels in the room and a sink and just using it for water making/changes and pumping RO/DI water into the reservoir. This would mean I'd just be using the sump that comes with the tank for filtration which isn't a bad choice either. Certainly the cheaper one.
  11. December 2017 Holiday Meeting Pics

    Thanks for taking pictures Bert! We all had a great time hanging out and catching up. Lunch at the courtyard resteraunt was delicious.
  12. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    I guess the mixing station wasn't the part you wanted to talk about?
  13. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    Thank you! That is indeed a wonderfully simple design that I will probably steal wholesale from you. Offhand question, do the bulkhead pipes that enter the top of each reservoir reach the bottom?
  14. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    I know where they came from lol. Can you explain how they're built and how they function?
  15. 280g Barrel of monkeys build

    Super cool! Can you go into elaborate detail about that mixing station? Looks super slick and since I'm about to build one, may as well model success!
  16. Blue face angel

    Bill, can you post a picture of that beauty so my wife can see?
  17. @CuttleFishandCoral Thanks Jeff! Got a screaming good deal and always happy to spend money at a great store. The picture shows where the tank is going to go. The desks will be pushed several feet further apart. It's all carpeted and the plan is to rip that out down the the wood and tile it with 12x12. Any suggestions for another kind of floor that isn't linoleum? Any suggestions specifically for tiling a floor that's going to hold a large aquarium? At the old place I tiled both bathrooms and the kitchen so I have a little bit of experience doing it and most importantly a decent wet-wheel tile cutter. I've not done tile to carpet transitions though. Should I use hardy board under and is there a specific transition strip for this? This is on the second floor (technically the main floor) over the garage. Am I insane for putting this large (~170g total volume) of a tank upstairs? There is definitely a floor joist directly center between those two windows, centered right where the tank is going. Is that enough? I'm doing a happy dance; internally. (Ignore the cables, still setting up and haven't gotten to the wife's desk yet.
  18. Scott I gotta talk to Brian too but all jokes aside, a powder coated and proofed platform that is indestructible weight-wise actually might be super cool...
  19. Are you volunteering to help me build this platform?
  20. Brian I literally came home with all the tiling supplies from the hardware store this evening. Are you coming tomorrow? Would love to chat about it! I think the biggest concern currently is if the floor can support it. My step-father suggested that I build a frame for it to sit on that would disperse the weight out directly on to the next two joists. I think this idea has merit. Any ideas why that would or wouldn't work?
  21. Scott - Not sure on the decking but about to pull the carpet up anyways. I can get back to you on that. According to my deep stud finder, the joists are 16". The tank is 26" wide. If it's centered on the middle one, the edges would only be 4" away from the next joist on either end. Also the one narrow end would be up against the wall. Thoughts? What's the easiest way to check the thickness? Chewie - Perpendicular supports are a great idea and I think feasible for me. Vertical supports would be a no-go. The only issue is the garage is right under and it has an almost 20' ceiling, not to mention it would put a post right inside the garage door which wouldn't be good. Do the things I said above change your thoughts at all? Is adding those kind of supports difficult? I'm going to have the floorboard exposed anyway. Any suggestions on how best to accomplish this? Just cut holes in the floorboard and screw some crossways 2x6's in?
  22. @chewie Interesting. Let's say I want to make that spot work. Do I have options to correct this?
  23. Free top down viewer

    Edit: pass.
  24. APEX Flow Meter Alarm Went Off and I Found Surprise

    Holy crap, yuck. I appreciate bristle worms but they're still disgusting to my human sensibilities.
  25. Black Friday/Small Business Saturday Specials!!!

    Post pics of your winnings so I can drool vicariously.