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  1. Heater broke, tank crashed

    I've got a JBJ controller already hooked to two of those black heaters they sell at petco. That other glassless heater @ninkylou linked looks nice too!
  2. Heater broke, tank crashed

    @pdxmonkeyboy, how long have you been using those? Pretty cool and super cheap if they're reliable!
  3. New Red Sea display!

  4. Hello everyone! Well, my wife and I and our 3 children have officially outgrown our current home so we're selling it and buying a much larger one out in west Salem. We're hiring movers so the move shouldn't be too much of an issue. Obviously they are not moving the reef tanks. I've never moved while doing this hobby. I have a 75g and a 40b running off the same large sump and I'm going to have to move this all across town. They are both loaded up with livestock and I don't really want to have to repurchase it all if I get the fish store involved. Any advice you guys and gals have would be most welcome. Perhaps some personal stories of your own tank moves would be helpful! I know most of you are quite a ways away from Salem but I'd be more than happy to compensate some help come moving day! As it is it's going to just be the wife and I, it might be better to enlist some muscle. We will be moving in the next 1-3 months when we find the next house. Fish room here I coooooooooooome!
  5. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    No worries, thanks for the offer! A strong spine is a definite requirement. If mine was what it used to be I wouldn't be asking at all, haha.
  6. Buying a new house, need advice for moving tanks.

    Move starts tomorrow morning. Tanks are being moved saturday. Phew, getting nervous!
  7. RAP was AWESOME!!

    That goni is sick!
  8. New Red Sea display!

    Nice! That's the exact model I'm replacing my display with after the house move this week. Looks beautiful!
  9. Heater broke, tank crashed

  10. Heater broke, tank crashed

    I compulsively check my system with my multimeter to make sure I'm not leaking anything into the water. It'd be nice to have an automated alert for this, definitely!
  11. Heater broke, tank crashed

    Wow, really sorry to hear this. Can you be more specific on what broke with the heater? Did it actually physically break open?
  12. Back in the game: 125 Reef (re)build!

    Welp, sounds like you've identified that you need to take new pictures stat!
  13. Colorado Sunburst BTA!!

    Whoa! Congrats Cody!
  14. Need Id

    Picture is a little fuzzy but looks like majano's. Edit: that was just a guess and evidently I was incorrect. Disregard.
  15. Cool Coral Spawning / Hybrid Video

    Hey that's really cool. Thanks for sharing! This is definitely a new one to see on my part. I'd like to hear more about how they are intending to create hybrid coral species that are targeted towards surviving climate change. Fascinating prospects there!
  16. Torts growing real "stringy"

    Stray botanical knowledge floats around this hobby a lot. Your theory of low stress topping holds true with my own observations of sps that is placed sideways. I would very much like to see if their is some kind of hormonal equivalent to the auxins and cytokinens that cause this behavior in plants.
  17. Need some replacement lighting help.

    I'll jump on this and say I started with black boxes and they grow coral pretty well.
  18. 200 gallon deep dimension

    Crazy good deal. Someone is going to love this! GLWS!
  19. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    @Flashy Fins, still waiting to meet up with you to pick the USB one up.
  20. Couple of dt shots

    I picked up that tri-color from @Bicyclebill a while back. It's a good one! Clark, that RFA is super nice. If it ever has babies I want one!
  21. I've had good luck with these pumps, though I am not sure how well it would suit your needs: https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/brs-top-off-doser-50-ml-per-minute-1.html
  22. Salt sale this weekend!

    Good thing you checked off getting an MP40QD already!
  23. Ecotech Vectra M1

    Any L1's? GLWS.
  24. Help me decide!!!

    I'm about to be in a similar situation at the new house. I'm putting the display tanks upstairs and the fish room downstairs because I feel that is the ideal setup. Tough in my situation because I'm looking at 21+ feet in head room but not much horizontal travel. Going to be fun buying 2x Vectra - L1's for main/backup. Excited to see what you decide to do! I think in your boat I'd probably just opt to put it all downstairs so as to have more room for gear/fish room.
  25. Opae ula vase

    Jack that's awesome!!! I too went for the taller look. I anticipate breeding the little buggers though with the intention of creating gift giveaway shrimp bubbles like that. That vase is really awesome and I love the rocks. Is that two-three rocks? How did you attach them? I ordered some lengths of 1/4" acrylic dowels that I will drill/glue mine together with. Here's the tank I got: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00O8SZTKQ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1