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  1. youcallmenny

    May Picture of the Month - Anemone

    Did you get that from Garrett? Very nice colors!
  2. youcallmenny

    Crazy's 350 Journal

    That's true. That was also my reaction though! 😅
  3. youcallmenny

    Encrusting... something question

    Agreed, lepto's are fast. They're also not good fighters which makes that a good combination. Monti's can be like a wave of death in some cases.
  4. youcallmenny

    Crazy's 350 Journal

    Whoa, what? Were those all red sea?
  5. youcallmenny

    Back at it... RSR 170

    It squished it a little, but no burrs. I would have used my hacksaw but it was still packed from the move.
  6. youcallmenny

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    Ah, thought it was that candelabra one. It is definitely bushier now that you mention it.
  7. youcallmenny

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    I guess a better question would be is that one you gave me? Looks like it! 😀😀
  8. youcallmenny

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Looks really good! I used a pvc cutter on mine. Worked pretty well. Mines a little wavy too but I'm not sure I'm going to make it better because it's just too big.
  9. youcallmenny

    Photosynthetic gorgonian fs

    What is it, specifically?
  10. youcallmenny

    Banana Rama

    And it's back! So when are we cutting this up for a growout?😂
  11. youcallmenny

    Sometimes you forget to check Alk for two weeks

    Jeff uses the same dosing system as me and I agree. Reactors seem like Pandora's box to me. Pumps on timers are just too easy.
  12. youcallmenny

    Sometimes you forget to check Alk for two weeks

    Haha I have this too but mine is a bucket in which I keep my shame...
  13. youcallmenny

    What is your favorite encrusting montipora

    Yea apparently you're right! That's weird. I have the JF sunset stylo and the way the burning banana encrusts has looked more like a monti to me. Thanks for pointing it out. 😋 Ha! I picked up both of them from you iirc so... I have never heard of citrus mistress and google isn't yielding anything. Pic?
  14. youcallmenny

    Update on Red Sea Reefer 450

    And that's where my Pink Lemonade came from! Really, really beautiful reef.
  15. youcallmenny

    What is your favorite encrusting montipora

    Poker Star and Rainbow are my favorites so far. JF Burning Banana is my all time favorite but I've never come across a frag of it. Going to snap that up in a hurry when the day comes though!
  16. youcallmenny

    Back at it... RSR 170

    Loving that rockwork. Very nice use of space.
  17. youcallmenny

    Build Thread Link Added To Profile

    Sigs are very web 1.0. I'm just doing my part to prevent another geocities or angelfire from happening! 😊
  18. youcallmenny

    Build Thread Link Added To Profile

    Sure did! I was thinking it would be a nice way to encourage more traffic in those threads. They're an enormous wealth of experience and information and things just get buried. Now if you see someone post some cool pictures or some sage advice, you can easily click through to their tank thread and maybe glean some useful information for yourself. Thanks a lot for the help @TheClark!
  19. youcallmenny

    Coral Giveaway!

    Share the love!
  20. youcallmenny

    May Meeting Food!

    Well thank you again to both of them! It really hit the spot.
  21. youcallmenny

    May Meeting Food!

    I have just gotta say, those taco's were SUPER yummy!
  22. youcallmenny

    We got some killer fish in!

    We are so happy with our Pintail. Really great fish. The wrasse selection has been incredible lately, glad to see more of them.
  23. youcallmenny

    New FB Auctions!

  24. youcallmenny

    May meeting Frag Swap

    I'll take a stellata Scott if you can spare it. Frag rack is low but I can reimburse if you'd like.
  25. youcallmenny

    May meeting raffle items !!

    That monti pack... Wow!