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  1. White Growth on Arabian Dottyback

    Not sure if these pictures are any better. And thanks again
  2. White Growth on Arabian Dottyback

    Hello all, my arabian dottyback has a white growth on its head. It seem to be doing ok and eating. Anyone see this before? Thanks Kelly
  3. WTB 125g tank

    I have a 110 gal, I think is 48x19x30 but I would have to check. Its got a big scratch in the front glass and the back has 3 drilled holes. I paid $50 for it (did see the scratch until I cleaned it). Your welcome to it for $30. I also have a acrylic 100 gal (its a longer tank). It might be 5' but I would have check the measurements. Kelly
  4. Club Meeting Topic Poll

    Not so much a topic but has the club ever done or thought about throwing an aquarium garage sale? I know a lot of us have a lots of extra stuff that would nice to get rid of. Plus score browning point with the spouse. Another idea that would cool is have a panel of experts (like the ones at the Christmas party that was able to complete those advanced trivia sheets). Then allow us to ask them specific questions about our own systems. We could limit the # of questions per person on the # of folks attending.
  5. What salt do you use

    Kent at 1.025
  6. Algae bloom

    I had a vicious attack and nothing I did work until I used this stuff called Vibrant. Some say it did not work for them but man it sure worked for me. Its was only $30 and I still have 1/2 a bottle left as I stopped using after 2 months because my algae is gone.
  7. Any custom tank/sump makers in pdx?

    Hey check out Multi-Craft Plastics in Tigard. They have a large area of scrap acrylic and you pay by the pound. I made 40 gal sump out of 40 gal aquarium, then built my own chambers. It works great and was cheap. .spell{font-size:18px}.spell_orig{font-size:15px}#mss p{margin:0;padding-top:5px}
  8. Anyone look at this new pump from Coral Box? It has a nice price.
  9. ato suggestions

    I have the JBJ A.T.O and the float is crap. It is constantly sticking! I am going to look at the Hydor for sure. I fill my reservoir (which is part of my sump) by hand because but I am scared of what happen to PDXmonkeyboy. I don't have basement so it would very bad.
  10. December 2017 Holiday Meeting Pics

    Thanks to all who put the party on. Very well done and it was a lot of fun with good food. Nice job Bret for the nice write up and pictures. Kennedy center was great location. Thanks again everyone.
  11. Hey Kim you still need volunteers? I can help in the morning. Thanks Kelly
  12. Clam sale weekend!

    Any clam left?
  13. Clam and sps order from Reef Corner

    Sorry about the heater I installed a temp switch which will cut the power if the temp gets to high. It also has a alarm if temp get to low. http://www.ink-bird.com/products-temperature-controller-itc308.html
  14. Clam and sps order from Reef Corner

    Hey Acanlord, have had clams before? I had a Maxima & Derasa but my Tang and Butterfly was pecking at them all the time and I put them under a glass ledge and hand feed them but a month later I found the shells empty. Ist went the Derasa then a couple of weeks later the Maxima disappeared as well. Thanks Kelly
  15. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Hi Kim, please take me off the list as well. Thanks Kelly