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  1. I will take one if still available - HenryLimpet
  2. Wow very cool. Maybe we can have a laser demonstration at one of our meetings.
  3. This is great news, finally a local dealer. Cant wait to see the store. Plus maybe we can get the club to have a 2nd meeting in Vancouver🙏.
  4. Have anyone seen this before? My bubble magus curve 7 was overheating & raised my tank to 81 Degrees. I got the tank temp down and cleaned the skimmer and that seemed to help. The thing is the skimmer was not that dirty and is only a couple of years old. I contacted Bubble Magus but have not heard anything back from them. It seems to be stable for how but wonder if I should replace the pump. Thank god I have a temp warning alarm. Thanks Kelly
  5. HenryLimpet


    Hello all, which heaters do you all prefer? I have a 600 W titanium with controller (don't know the brand) for my 90 gal. I want to buy a backup and want to see what you folks likes. Thanks Kelly
  6. Its not 120 but I got a 100 gal acrylic (will need some buffing) and a 20 gal acrylic sump with external skimmer (not high quality but does work). I don't know $40 for all? Let me know if you want any pictures Thanks Kelly
  7. Thanks PDX, count me in. Do we need to bring our own table?
  8. Hi everyone, I thought it was a great show. Frag vendors were great. I just wish Mr. Saltwater would have talk a little more on aquariums than his vacation photos. For next year maybe we can get a couple food trucks to attend. Thanks Kelly
  9. I would like to see a give certificate for a free tank cleaning from a tank cleaning service.
  10. Outstanding, I was there several years ago and they had a 6 foot mako. The Zoo had two large walruses and pilot whales. The aquarium was pretty dated but it sounds like they updated it. I would recommend to everyone if you are passing through Tacoma to stop and see Point Defiance. It well worth it. I will definitely be making a trip to check out the new aquarium. Thanks for the info & links.
  11. I 2nd on vibrant, I had Dino issues and now it gone. Kelly
  12. Very sorry Sean, I have a couple of Persian and there getting of age I just wish they would live longer. "Life is just a series of Cats" or dogs as George Carlin said one time
  13. How about something from a tank cleaning service? Like a one time tank cleaning or tank vacuum.
  14. Yep you are right as it is now gone thanks for looking.
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