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  1. HenryLimpet

    super ultra HUGE garage sale!!!

    Thanks PDX, count me in. Do we need to bring our own table?
  2. HenryLimpet

    2018 Fragfest Survey

    Hi everyone, I thought it was a great show. Frag vendors were great. I just wish Mr. Saltwater would have talk a little more on aquariums than his vacation photos. For next year maybe we can get a couple food trucks to attend. Thanks Kelly
  3. HenryLimpet

    Fragfest Oct 27th Raffle Prizes

    I would like to see a give certificate for a free tank cleaning from a tank cleaning service.
  4. HenryLimpet

    Point Defiance Zoo/Pacific Seas Aquarium

    Outstanding, I was there several years ago and they had a 6 foot mako. The Zoo had two large walruses and pilot whales. The aquarium was pretty dated but it sounds like they updated it. I would recommend to everyone if you are passing through Tacoma to stop and see Point Defiance. It well worth it. I will definitely be making a trip to check out the new aquarium. Thanks for the info & links.
  5. HenryLimpet

    Algae everywhere

    I 2nd on vibrant, I had Dino issues and now it gone. Kelly
  6. HenryLimpet

    RIP Bucket - "best cat ever"

    Very sorry Sean, I have a couple of Persian and there getting of age I just wish they would live longer. "Life is just a series of Cats" or dogs as George Carlin said one time
  7. How about something from a tank cleaning service? Like a one time tank cleaning or tank vacuum.
  8. HenryLimpet

    White Growth on Arabian Dottyback

    Yep you are right as it is now gone thanks for looking.
  9. HenryLimpet

    Group buy time!!

    Another vote for a Gold Torch
  10. HenryLimpet

    White Growth on Arabian Dottyback

    Not sure if these pictures are any better. And thanks again
  11. HenryLimpet

    White Growth on Arabian Dottyback

    Hello all, my arabian dottyback has a white growth on its head. It seem to be doing ok and eating. Anyone see this before? Thanks Kelly
  12. HenryLimpet

    WTB 125g tank

    I have a 110 gal, I think is 48x19x30 but I would have to check. Its got a big scratch in the front glass and the back has 3 drilled holes. I paid $50 for it (did see the scratch until I cleaned it). Your welcome to it for $30. I also have a acrylic 100 gal (its a longer tank). It might be 5' but I would have check the measurements. Kelly
  13. HenryLimpet

    Club Meeting Topic Poll

    Not so much a topic but has the club ever done or thought about throwing an aquarium garage sale? I know a lot of us have a lots of extra stuff that would nice to get rid of. Plus score browning point with the spouse. Another idea that would cool is have a panel of experts (like the ones at the Christmas party that was able to complete those advanced trivia sheets). Then allow us to ask them specific questions about our own systems. We could limit the # of questions per person on the # of folks attending.
  14. HenryLimpet

    What salt do you use

    Kent at 1.025
  15. HenryLimpet

    Algae bloom

    I had a vicious attack and nothing I did work until I used this stuff called Vibrant. Some say it did not work for them but man it sure worked for me. Its was only $30 and I still have 1/2 a bottle left as I stopped using after 2 months because my algae is gone.