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  1. Hey Kim you still need volunteers? I can help in the morning. Thanks Kelly
  2. Clam sale weekend!

    Any clam left?
  3. Clam and sps order from Reef Corner

    Sorry about the heater I installed a temp switch which will cut the power if the temp gets to high. It also has a alarm if temp get to low. http://www.ink-bird.com/products-temperature-controller-itc308.html
  4. Clam and sps order from Reef Corner

    Hey Acanlord, have had clams before? I had a Maxima & Derasa but my Tang and Butterfly was pecking at them all the time and I put them under a glass ledge and hand feed them but a month later I found the shells empty. Ist went the Derasa then a couple of weeks later the Maxima disappeared as well. Thanks Kelly
  5. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Hi Kim, please take me off the list as well. Thanks Kelly
  6. Introduction and Question

    Hey TheClark, why did you pull off the SS cover? Thanks Kelly
  7. Clown Eggs

    Hi all, I notice my clowns are being very protective of this little nook under on of my large rocks. I mean they are being very protective, I hope they don't kill the Tang. Anyway I looked and there are many little orange dots. I assume these are eggs. Is there anything need to do? The cool thing is that my tank must be running right for them to breed. Thanks Kelly
  8. Hey Knuckledragger, I will take them. I live in Vancouver so let me know a good time to come over.

    However I am only setup to have softies will the be an issue the coral you have?

    Thanks Kelly

    1. Knuckledragger


      The birdsnest is pretty easy to keep and you will likely not even need to dose if you do periodic water changes. The lighting requirements on the mushrooms, birdsnest and green tree coral are not very high so if you are keeping softies already you should be O.K. Did you want the mushroom rock for $15? I will be available around noon tomorrow. Let me know if that works. 

    2. HenryLimpet


      Hello Knuckledragger, cannot make noon, would you be available later like after 3? Thanks Kelly

    3. Knuckledragger


      You can text me at 503-791-4506 for better communication. I will be around later this afternoon/early evening as well as tomorrow. We should be able to set a time.

  9. Guest speaker ideas?

    I wonder if Ryan from BRStv would do guest speaking. Their videos are informative once you get past the sale pitch.
  10. Update your fire protection - AFCI vs CAFCI

    Great Thread, I just built my home and it is loaded with smoke detectors (code requirements in Clark county). So I just purchased a Leeo smart alert. It plugs into a wall outlet and listens for detectors going off, then send a text.
  11. Clam Protection

    Movie suck?Are you kidding me, Don Knotts turning to a fish and killing Nazis, it don't get any better than that.
  12. NEW Par Meter Booking Thread

    Please add me to the list as well thanks
  13. Clam Protection

    Will do and thanks Stylaster
  14. Clam Protection

    Hello all, I recently acquired a Derasa & Maxima Clams and my Tang and Butterfly fish are harassing them. The Derasa has moved in to a small abalone shell and is doing ok. But anywhere I put the Maxima it is getting moved or tipped over. Anyone have any suggestion on protection them? Thanks Kelly
  15. Have you tried Medic?

    Hi Suzie, am very sorry about your out break. Please let us all know how your treatment goes and if that Medic works. By the way the butterfly I got from you is doing great except it and the Tang are harassing my clams. Good Luck Kelly