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  1. I’d be happy to help if you were closer. You should get the overflow box and return that you want first. Then measure the bulkheads that come with them and drill the appropriate holes. That’s the order you need to do this in.

    Protip on drilling glass, drill starting from the inside if possible. This way if you “chip-out” on the end of the hole, it’s on the bulkhead nut surface instead of the gasket surface inside the tank. It’s also way easier to keep the cut submerged with water during the drilling.

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  2. FWIW, I’m running a 4x24 ATI with two nanobox 13ups, the leds still shimmer real nice. That’s like a ratio of 2 watts t5 to 1 watt led. I think a radion runs like 170w, so you would need more than like 14 24w t5s to drown out the shimmer. 

  3. Cool stuff, have you thought of selling these on shapeways? I bought a printed viewfinder for one of my cameras from them. From my understanding the seller just uploads to shapeways and then they print it and ship it to the buyer. 

    This was news to me that people are doing this.