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  1. Soon to be Reefer in Albany

    40b with a 20l sump is an awesome setup. I've drilled a bunch of tanks, and I live in Albany. Hit me up if you need a hand drilling yours or if you are looking for anything for your tank. Welcome to PNWMAS, it's a great club with great people.
  2. Is my Skkye Lite 18 OK for SPS?

    If you're running 6 leds at 600ma, the most you are going to see is 3Vx0.6A, 1.8W per led, or around 10W for the whole fixture. Short answer is no, that light is not enough to grow healthy SPS in a 30 gallon. I would suggest an eBay blackbox D120 or an Ocean Revive for that tank if you want to keep SPS and you don't want to break the bank.
  3. March Picture of the Month - Zoanthids

    Rasta zoanthid, photo taken with a Moto X cell phone with a rubber band macro, exposure -2.0.
  4. Refractometer help

    Contrary to popular belief, you do not use RO, or distilled water to calibrate a refractometer. Here's more than you ever wanted to know about refractometers: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-12/rhf/index.php
  5. Glass Tank Construction

    Price out the glass first. I think you will find that for the price you are going to pay for the glass alone, a custom builder can build you a tank for less.
  6. Freshwater led

    Depends on the fixture quite a bit. If this light was intense enough to grow plants, it will grow lower light corals for sure. Most planted FW led fixtures use white leds. White leds of any color temp have huge blue peaks in their spectrums. The corals won't look pretty, but they will grow. One of the best MH coral growout bulbs ever is the Iwaski 6500K, which also grows plants like crazy too.
  7. Clicking in tank

    Do you have an Apex?
  8. afresh's biocube

    Nicest BC I have ever seen. It's awesome to see a mature tank that looks that good. Keep the photos coming!
  9. 20 Gallon sump or tank

    I have a dollar per gallon rain check for a 20 long from Petco you can have.
  10. Refractometer

    You can find them for pretty cheap on amazon/ebay. Just make sure to calibrate with calibration solution and NOT to zero with water.
  11. Sps problem.

    30g is a pretty big WC for a system that size. If your WC water is not balanced to the alk in your tank (I can tell you that it is not since you are not dosing) you are swinging the heck out of your alk with your WCs. SPS hate alk swings. What salt are you using? If it is something like RSCP that is going to be your problem right there.
  12. Spots on my mushrooms and torch

    Those are red planaria.
  13. Can't do that either, the whole EB8 has a max load of 15A,two 1000 watt heaters would be 18A @ 110VAC. Edit: If you need 2kW worth of heaters I would suggest you run four 500W titanium heaters with individual controllers. Set your Apex to notify you in case of a temp swing high or low and that should be good enough. If one heater goes wonky (stuck on or burns out) you still have 3 heaters working properly and any swing would be slow/minimal.
  14. Outlets 4 and 8 on an EB8 are rated at 10A max. All the others are 5A max. The whole EB8 is rated at 15A max. So, the max wattage heater you could run would be 1100w on either outlet 4 or 8.
  15. Cell phone pictures

    Try shooting through a pair of polarized sunglasses, makes a HUGE difference in the results.
  16. Welcome new sponsor Reefi-LED

    Welcome Daniel! Looking forward to seeing your lights in action someday. I'm looking towards Reefi-LED for my next tank upgrade.
  17. Apex alkalinity

    Wouldn't a properly set up CaRx pretty much negate the need for alk monitoring?
  18. Never heard of them. First thing that I think of when I hear PVC hybrid is: http://www.acrylicandglassexhibits.com/ I've heard nothing but good things about AGE. You do have to order through a dealer though.
  19. Anyone really good at aquascaping?

    1. Lay it all out on a piece of cardboard the same size as the bottom of your tank. 2. Spend a few hours/days perfecting the "ideal" aquascape. 3. Last step is to actually use only a third of the rock you intended on using in step 2.
  20. January 2017 Meeting at Holly's!

    It was nice to get out and put faces to names. Thank you Holly for hosting, that 300 is a work of art!
  21. Yeah, that 300g is really nice, one of the best tanks I've ever seen.
  22. WTB 20 long near Albany

    Looking for a clean 20 long near Albany.
  23. WTB 20 long near Albany

    Third time I've tried to get a 20l at the Albany Petco, they never have them! Got the last one from Corvallis though.
  24. WTB 20 long near Albany

    Sweet, thanks I didn't know it was still going on.