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  1. RBTAs FS Cheap!

    Can you ship?
  2. Chiller help

    I think that's a peltier style chiller, if the fan is not working it might automatically shut off. I'd like to tear into it if you plan on throwing it away, let me know. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermoelectric_cooling
  3. Ecoplus 1/4 HP Chiller - $150

    That's a screaming good deal for a 1/4hp chiller. I've paid almost double that for a used 1/10hp.
  4. WTB RODI (or Rent me your unit)

  5. 235gal rimless build

    Maybe your ATS was working TOO good. Zero PO4 is not good IME.
  6. Tank, fish, and coral.

    Interested in the rw8s.
  7. Chiller vs AC

    Get a clip on fan. I kept my 66g tank in a super hot garage under 82 degrees over the weekend with a 10 dollar fan.
  8. Looking for Pods

    I can give you some if you are just trying to start a colony.
  9. Magnetic Lab Spinner = Fun Testing

    I have a portable one that runs on a 9V battery. Best $50 I ever spent.
  10. Another Craigslist freebie!

    These tanks are great for cutting down into frag tanks. Cut it 5-6 inches tall with a 40 breeder underneath for a sump and you're good to go.
  11. Overnight bleaching !!!

    Ok, I'll play. Equipment failure (heater or pump) causing stray voltage?
  12. Marineland Tanks are a piece of CRAP!

    Steve, have you heard back from Marineland on this?
  13. 300 Gallon ML tank/stand/canopy

    I'd be all over this once we make the move to our new house. GLWS, these are sweet tanks.
  14. Pacific Island Aqua

    Fingers crossed the new open to the public location is local to Albany/Corvallis!
  15. Thermometers?

    I actually like those cheap floating ones. When I buy them I take all of them that they have on the floor and pick out the five that are all reading the closest temp and buy those ones.
  16. New to Saltwater, starting 90 gal

    If your ambient humidity is very high, the rate of evaporation from your tank will be lower than if you had lower ambient humidity.
  17. PO4 at .41

    I've been running it in a water filter housing (BRS reactor) on my 66g for about a year now. I use one cup of the regular capacity GFO. Flow through the reactor is set very slow, it's just barely "bubbling/churning" on the surface of the GFO in the reactor. Early on I would test weekly to see if I needed to change it out, now I just watch the glass and it lasts from 3-5 weeks. Don't go too fast with it, dropping po4 too fast is not good.
  18. Great deals here, John at AA makes the cleanest acrylic tanks in the business, hands down.
  19. Setting up Calcium Reactor - PH

    It should definitely be higher in the reactor if the co2 is not running. Calcium carbonate is a basic compound.
  20. WTB: 24" T5

    Ha, it's 18" wide.
  21. WTB: 24" T5

    I have an 8x24w Powermodule if you are interested. I may be open to a trade depending on what leds you have. PM for details.
  22. Busted Skimmer Pump - Need Suggestions

    Your may need a new impeller as well if it was run for any length of time with that busted shaft. The ID of the impeller will get all chewed up and it won't spin smoothly.
  23. WTR: Any light system for SPS

    I have a 8x24w Powermodule if you are interested. Also, if you could get your hands on a D120 or other "chinese black box", that should keep a tank that size doing fine until you get your normal lights back. Your might be wise to get a PAR meter and at least attempt to to match lighting intensity when you make the swap.
  24. Foam during new tank start up

    I would be more worried about the PVC that has jb weld on it. Depending on the location, I would not trust jb weld to seal PVC, especially if you have nice flooring in your house.