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  1. xmas_one

    Well I guess I'm back... Again haha

    Very nice!
  2. xmas_one

    Current USA eFlux Wave Pump

    Looks like Chinese garbage to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chinese garbage, just frustrating when it goes fubar in 9 mos.
  3. xmas_one

    Acan, goni, and bubble $60

    You ever make it further south, I like the acan but not enough for a 150 mile drive.
  4. xmas_one

    Acan, goni, and bubble $60

    That’s a badass acan.
  5. xmas_one

    Exodus Versa 42 Upgrade

    That rating is for 30” of head (vertical distance) not a 30” length. I have a brand new one you are welcome to test out if you’re interested.
  6. xmas_one

    Ricordea ID?

    Anybody know what these are? I got them in a trade years ago, they just now started going nuts in my nano.
  7. xmas_one

    Ricordea ID?

    I think you are right. I’m going to let them grow out a bit and then I’ll hook you guys up if you are interested.
  8. xmas_one

    Exodus Versa 42 Upgrade

    Have you tried an aqualifter for your ATO?
  9. xmas_one

    Happy Birthday Gil&Fin

    Happy Birthday, I remember when I turned 21, don’t get too crazy!
  10. xmas_one

    Matty is the man!

    Just wanted post real quick, worked a deal out with matty, he was super easy to deal with and a great communicator. Thanks man!
  11. xmas_one

    400 gallon Envision Acrylic Aquarium

    Give MFK a shot, I’ve sold some big things on there for more than a fair price.
  12. xmas_one

    WTB Apex PM1

    Looking for a PM1. Thanks
  13. xmas_one

    Gyre 130 Propellers/Bushings A or B

    Pretty sure it has the extras in the box, let me dig it all out of the garage and get back to you.
  14. xmas_one

    Gyre 130 Propellers/Bushings A or B

    PM me your address, I have one with a bad wire, you can have it for the cost of shipping or pickup in Albany for free.
  15. xmas_one

    Complete system parting out!

    I’m game, shoot me a PM.
  16. xmas_one

    Wtb aqua controller screen

    I got one you can borrow if you just need it for the setup.
  17. xmas_one

    Breaking down 120 gallon tank

    I’ll take the ATI if you part things out.
  18. xmas_one

    280g Barrel of monkeys build

    I may be wrong, but I’m fairly certain you don’t want to add a crapload of salt to your mix. Once your ca and alk are elevated to certain level it’s going to start precipitating into an insoluble carbonate.
  19. xmas_one

    Need Nano-Cube custom lid

    Any glass shop worth their salt should be able to cut you one.
  20. xmas_one

    can i use some 9m old unused sand?

    No sand is best sand.
  21. xmas_one

    (SEATTLE) WTB 36x18 Stand

    They have decent metal ones at Petco if you’re ok with an open stand.
  22. xmas_one

    Ryan’s 150G DD Marineland Build

    Looking good, super hard to scape cubes. Looks like a little atoll.
  23. xmas_one

    FS: Equipment! Cool stuff! 😎Good deals!

    Can you ship the dosing pumps?
  24. xmas_one

    Home for Sale!

    Good luck with the sale, that MCM fireplace is too cool.
  25. xmas_one

    Low calcium

    Sounds like you are dosing too much alk and not enough calcium. I’m assuming you balanced your levels before you started your 2 part dosing regimen? Do you have a doser or are you dosing manual? 12 dkh is way high IMO, you should be shooting for around 8. http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-02/rhf/index.php